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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 4

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were given a tour of the Academy and the Angel Grade School the next day after breakfast. They were surprised to learn that the students took fencing, as they called it, from the Avalian Elves. At assembly later that day at the Academy the students asked questions about their earth and the Federation – which the Admiral and Father Desmond happily answered. The following day they spent time with the Avalian Elves and inquired about their culture and home world.


The Slayer Compound - Two Days Later

What struck Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond during their visit to the Slayer Compound was the age of the slayers; and they knew most of these girls would be dead before they turned 20 – and very few would reach the age of 30 – which saddened them greatly. They were happy to learn the girls are being educated and a few are in college. They were surprised to see the swords, axes, etc. when they walked past the armory and Father Desmond inquired about the weapons. Buffy answered that those are the weapons the slayers use and the reasons why. Father Desmond and the Admiral were astonished to see a young girl, no more than 6 by their estimation, with a toy in one hand and a dagger in another and noticed no one thought it odd.

During lunch the Admiral and Father Desmond observed how much the slayers ate. After lunch they returned to the Academy.

“They’re so young Admiral,” Father Desmond said.

“Yes they are,” she replied sadly.


Federation Space - Bajor - Admiral Benjamin Sisko’s Office

“Quark told me his cousin Gaila visited him recently and told him a fascinating story about a space station outside Federation space called the Pleasure Palace. That station was constructed years before the war with the Dominion and has lush quarters, restaurants, bars and a large gambling casino. Whoever runs that station deals in the sex and drug trade, and they’re also arms merchants. Quark told me he heard rumors about the Pleasure Palace from a few of his sources before Starfleet arrived at Deep Space 9 and its well out of Federation space. The Orion Syndicate is in an uproar because many of their customers and clients are now doing business with the owners of the Pleasure Palace. The Ferengi are also upset because they’re stealing business from their casino ships. The Ferengi and Syndicate sent out feelers to the owners of the Pleasure Palace and neither got a reply. The Syndicate sent in a team of Nausicann’s to talk to the owners – and they were promptly thrown out of one of air locks. The Syndicate then sent others in as spies, and they too were thrown out of the air locks. It seems whoever’s running that station has moved in and taken over most of the illicit trade from others. They also sent a warning to the Syndicate and told them if they ever tried that again, they’ll kill them. Quark said rumor has it that the Dominion and Breen stayed cleared of the Pleasure Palace during the war,” Kira told Sisko.

“Where they working for the Dominion?” Sisko asked.

“From what Quark told me the Dominion never approached them, nor did they interfere with their business,” she answered. “Quark said the Dominion were warned off that station and they complied,” she answered.

“Why would the Dominion do that?” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No one seems to know,” she answered.

“Does anyone know who owns that space station?” Sisko asked.

“Quark told me he and a few others tried to find out, but to no avail; but, the ones who manage the Pleasure Palace are human,” she answered.

“I’ll let Starfleet Command know,” he said.

Benjamin Sisko was promoted to Rear Admiral when he returned from the Celestial Temple and is now the Commander of the entire Bajor Sector. He’s also overseeing the reconstruction of Cardassia and he’s the only one who deals with the insufferable Elim Garak.


Starfleet Command - Admiral Jaz Rean’s Conference Room

Admiral Rean watched the expressions on the other Admiral’s faces when they read the report from Admiral Sisko concerning the Pleasure Palace.

“Who are the humans who operate that space station?” Admiral Ross asked with a concerned look on his face.

“No one knows,” Admiral Toddman answered after reading his padd. Admiral Toddman is the Head of Starfleet Security.

“They’ve been there a long time,” Admiral Paris said.

“They’re also out of reach of Starfleet,” Admiral Nechayev replied.

“Whoever they are, it appears the Dominion let them do whatever they wanted to do and never interfered with them,” Admiral Sanchez said wondering who these humans are.

“The report also states that the Dominion was warned off that station and they agreed,” Admiral Tevan said. Admiral Tevan is the Fleet Admiral of Starfleet.

“Why the hell would they do that?” Ross asked.

“We don’t know Bill,” Rean answered. “We only know what Captain Kira was told by the Ferengi Quark.”

“It appears everyone is afraid of them,” Toddman said.

“It would seem so,” Sanchez replied. “Whoever the Orion Syndicate sent to that station were killed and the humans who operate that station sent them a message to stay away or they too will be killed.” Admiral Sanchez is the Head of Starfleet Intelligence.

“The Orion Syndicate has been very quiet since they got that message,” Nechayev said.

“Yes they have,” Rean replied.


The Section 31 agent just left the Admiral’s cabin. The Admiral told him about the report Admiral Sisko sent to Starfleet Command, and he was surprised to learn the Dominion stayed clear of that station due to a warning from whomever operated that station and they agreed. The Section knew about the Pleasure Palace and knew the managers of that station were human and they too want to know who they are, where they came from and whom they work for. He and his colleagues also sent in operatives to find out as much as they could , but they never returned. When they found out their operatives’ vessels were destroyed, they suspected foul play.

When word reached their ears how the managers of the Pleasure Palace treated a team of Nausicann’s who were sent by the Orion Syndicate, the Section knew then that the mangers had ordered the execution of their operatives. What still baffled them was how the managers found out their operatives worked for Section 31. After talking to the Admiral, he found out another bit of information – that the managers threatened to kill everyone in the Orion Syndicate if they ever sent anyone to the Pleasure Palace again. The Section 31 agent knows whoever operates that station are very formidable.

The Section 31 agent has another engagement. He’d met others of his kind more than 15 years ago who indulged in the same kind of activities as he does. He knew if any of his colleagues knew, they’ll disapprove; but, he is what he is and smiled when he beamed to a secret location. When he arrived the Section 31 agent never saw the three Advanced Team members watching the comings and goings of the place; nor did he know they had downloaded all the information from the computers of the establishment.

The Advanced Team was glad that Carla Swanson kept meticulous recordings and records. They also knew she’ll have to be dealt with, but that wasn’t their concern.


Bajor - The Vedek Assembly - Three Days Later

The Vedek Assembly gathered at the request of the Emissary of the Prophets and they knew he’d spoken to the Prophets. They were also given a few texts from the Book of Revelations; which they read, but didn’t understand, and the Emissary told them he would explain it to them when he arrived. He also told them he’ll explain the Choir of Angels.

At the Emissary’s request, which was granted, Captain Kira escorted him into the Vedek Assembly and she took her seat nearby. The Emissary told Kai Jalan that the Prophets wanted Captain Kira to hear what he had to say and he agreed. After he brought the Assembly to order, he told the Emissary to proceed.

“All of you have read the section from the Book of Revelations regarding the Creator of All Things, or God, as we call him,” Sisko said. “In that section He’s introducing himself to everyone and telling everyone who He is.”

“Why haven’t we heard of Him before?” Kai Jalan asked.

The Emissary answered that God created a different belief system for all his children. When he told them it was God who created the Prophets and instructed them what He wanted the Bajorian’s to believe, and how He wanted it delivered to them – through the orbs – everyone in the Assembly asked questions at once. After everyone quieted down, with the Kai’s help, the Emissary calmly answered their questions. They were surprised to learn that God created one of the Choir of Angels, known as the Powers, who only deals with humans and no one else...and many wanted to know why. The Emissary simply told them it was His Will. Sisko turned and saw the look of astonishment on Captain Kira Nerys’ face. “The Prophets instructed me to tell you that you’re not to change what you believe because this is the belief system that was given to you.” Admiral Sisko told them and looked around the room and saw the look of relief and everyone’s faces, including the Captain’s, and smiled.

“Is this about the Seal Father Desmond spoke of Emissary?” Kai Jalan asked.

“Yes it is Kai,” he answered. “Once the Lord commanded that Seal be opened, that meant what is to come is very dire and only He can deal with it. That’s why He sent the young woman and an angel to warn us and He’s telling everyone who He is.”

“Does anyone know what is to come Emissary?” Captain Kira asked.

“No they don’t Captain and whatever’s going to happened will happen on earth, as prophesied,” he answered.

Murmurs in the room.

“If whatever is to come will happen on earth, what does this have to do with us Emissary,” another Vedek asked.

“Earth is home to the United Federation of Planets and all Federation Members have Embassies and citizens living on earth,” he answered. Admiral Sisko saw the Kai nodding his head knowingly.

“You’ve always known about the Seals and what they mean, haven’t you Emissary?” Vedek Bareil asked.

“Yes I have,” he answered. “It’s the belief system I was taught and my wife is in a panic because she too knows what those Seals mean and she’s been in constant contact with her family on Earth.”

Gasped and murmurs in the room.

“I just realized none of us ever asked you what your beliefs were when you came to us Emissary. Now we know you have a completely different belief system than we do,” Kai Jalan said.

“Yes I do Kai,” Sisko replied.

More murmurs in the room.

“Do you know why you chosen to be our Emissary?” another Vedek asked.

“All of you know the answer to that question. However, I found out recently that the most important reason is what we’re discussing now,” he answered.

“It’s to tell us your belief system so we can understand what the Seal means and why it was opened,” Kai Jalan said.

“Yes Kai,” Sisko answered. “The Prophets also told me to go back to Earth, but didn’t tell me why and they suggested that you, Kai Jalan and Captain Kira come with me.”

“Did they tell you why?” Kai Jalan asked with a smile.

“No they didn’t,” he answered returning the smile.

“When will we be leaving?” The Kai asked.

“In three days,” Sisko answered.


The Angel Institute - Virginia

The Angel Institute is a mile or so from the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented and sits on five acres of land with rolling hills, trees, flowers and there’s a stream close to the property. The Institute is housed in a large red brick mansion and has ten offices; four private suites for guests; a dining room with eight round tables; reception room and ballroom. There’s also a private dining room and a barn for horses. The Director and Assistant Director of the Institute both have homes on the property.


Assistant Director Robert Francis Xavier sat in his office reading the reports from the Advanced Team who returned a few days ago and knew their task will be daunting after he finished reading their reports. He was somewhat surprised that the energy field from that hellmouth produced three dark magic wielders so quickly, even though it’s away from the civilian population and according to the report he read, is not as powerful as the energy field that covered the former Sunnydale hellmouth. He also knew in time that energy field will corrupt most of South San Francisco and produce more dark magic wielders – whom the Senior Partners will snap up, teach and have those magic wielders working for them, the same as the other three. He studied the faces of the three magic wielders very carefully and knew by the smile on Carla Swanson’s face she was the worse of the three, and so did the Senior Partners...that’s why they chose her to run and operate that secret place. He saw the recordings and the faces of the “respectable” men and women who frequent that place and none of them knew they were being recorded or that the Senior Partners can blackmail them anytime they wish and have them do their bidding. He also knew no matter how advanced a society becomes, human nature will never change.


On-board the USS Ambassador - Five Days Later

Admiral Sisko’s Quarters

“Am I disturbing you Emissary,” Kai Jalan asked when Sisko opened the doors to his quarters.

“No Kai come in,” he answered. “My wife and daughter are sleeping.”

Kai Jalan saw several padds on the table and thanked the Emissary when he offered him Bajorian tea. He saw the Emissary had a glass of brandy on the table.

“What can I do for you Kai?” Sisko asked.

“I took the liberty of downloading and reading the entire Book of Revelations,” he answered. “The text is very confusing to say the least.”

Sisko smiled. “I’ve been doing the same thing and I agree with you Kai,” he replied holding up the padds.

“What I found interesting is what it says about the final battle between good and evil,” he said. “Which you neglected to mention to us Emissary.”

“None of you have ever heard of hell and it’ll be to completed to explain,” he answered.

“Explain it to me Emissary,” Kai Jalan said and took another sip of his tea.

“How does one explain hell and the things of hell?” Sisko asked rhetorically. “Hell is where true evil resides Kai. Evil none of us can imagine and it’s beyond our comprehension.”

“That’s why He stepped-in,” Kai Jalan said.

“Yes Kai,” he answered. “This is His domain and not ours.”

“Is this the final battle between good and evil Emissary?” he asked putting his cup on the table.

“No Kai and my gut tells me that’s a long way off,” he answered.

Kai Jalan nodded his head. “Do you know why the Seal was opened Emissary?”

“No I don’t Kai,” Sisko answered. “I have a feeling we’ll find the answers to our questions when we reach earth.”

“That’s why the Prophets told you to return to earth,” he said smiling. “Why they wanted me there is still a mystery.”

Admiral Sisko smiled at the Kai. “You’ll find out when the time comes.”


Federation Space - Earth

Kai Jalan and Vedek Heller were met by the Bajorian Ambassador when they were beamed to Earth and were escorted to the Bajorian Embassy.

Captain Kira beamed to the Starfleet’s Officer’s Guest Quarters.

Admiral Sisko, Kasidy and Olivia Sisko were met by his Father and Jake and they beamed to his old home. Kasidy Yates Sisko took Olivia to meet her other relatives on earth after they settled in.


“Do you know what’s going on Ben?” Joseph Sisko asked his son.

“No I don’t dad,” he answered.

“How did the young woman know a Seal had been opened?” his father asked.

When Admiral Sisko studied the young woman he knew there was something special about her by the bright light surrounding her. “She knew dad and we have to take that on faith,” he answered.

“Armageddon son,” he said. “Do you know what that means?”

“Yes I do dad,” he answered.

“I never thought I would live to see the day,” he said.

“Neither did I,” Ben replied.

“Most people on earth still don’t believe it,” Joseph Sisko said.

“Why?” Ben asked.

“It’s been very quiet here Ben,” his father answered.

“The calm before the storm,” he replied. When Admiral Sisko beamed to earth he felt something was amiss. He didn’t tell his wife about the dream he had the night before they arrived on earth and he knew truly hideous things were coming.

That evening Ben Sisko, his wife and her family had dinner at his father’s restaurant.


“How did it go?” Sisko asked Kira two days later while they were having lunch. He knew she’d met with several Admiral’s from Starfleet Command who questioned her about the information she received from Quark.

“They asked the same questions over and over again,” she answered irritably. “I don’t know anything beyond what was told to me.”

“They can be persistent,” he replied smiling.

“I’m finding that out,” she said.

“What’s bothering you Nerys?” Sisko asked putting his fork on his plate.

“Does it show?” she asked.

“Yes it does,” he answered. “You’ve had that same look since we left the Vedek Assembly.”

“I’m still surprised to learn that the Prophets were made by someone else,” she answered.

“You’re not the only one,” he replied. “Did you read the first part of the Book of Revelations?”

“Yes I did and I still don’t know what Alpha and Omega means,” she answered.

“It means: ‘I am the beginning and the end’, ” he answered.

“Which means?” she asked.

“Before there was anything or anyone else, there was only the Lord God,” he answered. “He’s the one who created all things and everyone in it. The Prophets were created from his thought and have certain powers, like the angels.”

“Are the Prophets more powerful than the angels?” she asked.

“No they’re not Nerys. No one is more powerful than an angel except God Himself and they’re the second most powerful beings in existence,” he answered. “They were the first living beings created by God.”

“Do the Prophets know this?” she asked.

“No they didn’t and the Prophets aren’t all knowing and all seeing Nerys and neither are the angels – only God is,” he answered.

Captain Kira didn’t know what to think and her mind was reeling from what the Emissary just told her. “Are you still the Emissary of the Prophets?” she asked.

“Yes I am,” he answered smiling at her. “Though I was told not to forget where my blessings flow nor who I answer to.”

“You’ve never answered to the Prophets have you Emissary?” she asked.

“No Nerys,” he answered.

This is still confusing to me,” she said in all honesty.

“Why?” he asked.

“You never told anyone about your belief system,” she answered.

“No one ever asked me,” he replied. “Kai Opaka knew when we first met and that made no difference to her.”

“She took it on faith that you were the Emissary,” she said.

“Yes,” he replied. “Kai Winn also knew, but couldn’t understand why a non-believer was chosen to be the Emissary of the Prophets. She never understood that a neutral person was chosen for a reason.”

“Why?” Kira asked.

“It was the Federation who helped Bajor become peaceful and prosperous. It was the Emissary of the Prophets who brought all the religious factions back together in a unified and cohesive group; and only an outsider could do that,” he answered.

“Now we know there is another reason why you were sent,” she said.

“As I told everyone earlier, I only found out about that recently,” he replied. “The Bajorian’s see me only as the Emissary of the Prophets, but they forget that I’m only a man who’s also a husband and father and has the same flaws as everyone else.”

Captain Kira knew there was a lot of truth to what the Admiral just said and she too looked at him as only the Emissary of the Prophets.
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