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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 5

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Academy and Angel Institute are my own creation.

Unknown Space - The Pleasure Palace

Mark Samson is the Manager of the Pleasure Palace and like his colleague Camille, who manages the Three Aces in San Francisco, they both work for the Senior Partners; and both have a psychic link to them and can communicate with them anytime they wish. Everyone knows the tall, handsome man is no one’s fool and no one would dare cross him; however, they all agree he operates a fine establishment and anything anyone can want is provided – for a fee of course. The Pleasure Palace is a small space station – half the size of DS9 – and it’s well protected. There’s also a lot of traffic to and from the station and many of the unsavory element spend their time there where many dirty deals are made. Unbeknownst to them, Mr. Samson knew every deal that went down on his station.

Mr. Samson was looking down at the happy patrons in the casino when one of his employees walked up to him and whispered something in ear.

“When did it happened?” he asked.

“An hour ago and they just left,” the employee answered.

Mr. Samson turned on his heel and walked away. The employee followed.


The Rose Suite

Security stepped aside when Mr. Samson approached and walked into the suite. He looked at his best commodity lying sprawled on the bed and bleeding out from her throat with her eyes wide-opened. Her name was Rose and she was 16 years old.

“Clean up the suite and throw her body out of the air lock,” He turned and said to his Chief of Security.

“Yes sir,” he replied and barked orders to the others.

Mark Samson walked out of the suite and back to his office...and when he arrived, he contacted his bosses.


The small vessel was headed away from the Pleasure Palace at full speed. “What the hell is that?” the helm asked looking at the view screen.

“My readings can’t identify it sir,” the Operations Office said to his Captain.

The Captain of the vessel is a well know psychopath who likes to hurt others – especially women – and when he refused to leave Rose a big tip for her services, she threatened to tell her boss. He looked at the view screen and studied what was in front of them and before he could utter a word, the monstrosity from hell turned on them and destroyed their vessel.


Federation Space - Earth - San Francisco

Casey McKenzie just returned home from the Three Aces and was sitting in his bedroom looking at his 5 month pregnant girlfriend who was sound asleep. He's at his wits end and does not know what to do about her or their child, and the pregnancy was totally unexpected. Casey has had trouble sleeping as of late because of his nightmares and for some reason he felt a sense of doom...not only for himself, but also for his unborn son. A few minutes later he undressed and went to bed.

Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were told the night before they'll be taken to the hellmouth to wear civilian clothing and the Admiral was told to bring her tri-corder. When they arrived in Mrs. Evans’ office after lunch, they were surprised to see Mr. Giles waiting for them.

“This is Whistler, who’s one of the Powers’ Herald’s,” Mrs. Evans told them.

“You work for the Powers in Heaven?” Father Desmond asked looking down at the strange man.

“Yes I do Father,” he answered.

Admiral Janeway looked at the little man and knew if he worked for the Powers he was much more than he seemed.

“We’ll stop by Slayer Headquarters and pick-up our bodyguards. They’re expecting us,” Giles told them. “Whistler.”

Whistler snapped his fingers and they appeared in the common room at Slayer Headquarters in Cleveland.

“Hello Giles,” Robin said and walked up to him.

“Hello Robin,” he replied and made the introductions.

“Admiral, Father,” Robin said and shook their hands.

“Robin is the Watcher on the hellmouth,” Giles told them.

“Hey Giles,” Xander said when he walked into the room.

“Hello Xander,” he replied and introduced him to Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond.

Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were surprised Xander had one eye. Kathryn Janeway studied the young man and saw the face of a much older man who'd seen to much. Living on the hellmouth would do that, she thought.

“Hello Whistler,” Xander said.

“Hey kid,” he replied.

“Is everyone ready?” Giles asked Robin.

“Yes we are,” Faith said when she and five slayers walked down the stairs.

“This is Faith who’s the head slayer on the hellmouth,” Giles told them and introduced everyone.

“Hello Admiral, I’m Patricia Young and I would like to talk to you after we return from the hellmouth. I’m studying to join the Naval Academy and hopefully one day join their Space Program,” she told her.

Admiral Janeway smiled at the young slayer. “I’ll be happy to oblige,” she said.

“Thank you Admiral,” Young replied beaming.

“Whistler,” Giles said and Whistler snapped his fingers.


The Hellmouth

When everyone arrived in the hellmouth the slayers spread out and unsheathed their weapons. Father Desmond and Admiral Janeway noticed they were alert and ready to strike.

Janeway looked around the cavernous cave. “It’s a cave,” she said and took the tri-corder out of her pocket.

“All hellmouth’s are in caves Admiral,” Giles replied.

“I’ve never seen readings like this before,” Janeway said astounded, scanning the entire cave.

Giles smiled at her.

“Amazing,” she said softly, totally oblivious to everyone around her.

Father Desmond felt the unholy energy in the cave and the hair on the back of his neck stood up, and he wanted to scream and run away. He now knew what true evil really is and noticed the slayers didn’t seem bothered at all. This is their domain, he thought. He turned and saw the Admiral engrossed in her scans – a Starfleet scientist first and foremost.

After the Admiral finished her scans, they were taken back to Slayer Headquarters and she and Father Desmond were introduced to the other slayers.


“I know it’s hard to get into the Service Academies and the competition is tough,” Young said to Janeway sitting in the kitchen.

“Yes it is,” Janeway replied and took a sip of her coffee. “Why do you want to join the Space Program if you’re accepted.”

“All my life I’ve looked up at the stars and wondered what’s out there,” she answered smiling at the Admiral. “I feel drawn to the stars Admiral and if I am accepted, there’s no guarantee that I’ll make it into their Space Program.”

“Why?” Janeway asked.

“They only take the best of the best to go into space Admiral,” she answered. “We have a space station above earth and the Offices and scientists living on the station are doing experiments.”

“Are they now?” she asked smiling.

“Yes ma’am,” Young answered. “We’ve also sent probes to Mars and they’re sending information back to earth.”

“Let me guess – those probes are looking for water,” Janeway said.

“Yes Admiral,” Young replied. “The moon and Mars are going to be the first two planets we colonize.”

“Yes they will,” Janeway said and she and Patricia Young talked for another half-hour before the Admiral returned to the Academy.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Father Desmond breathed a sigh of relief when he returned to the Academy and saw Father Joe waiting for him, who asked him if he’ll like to talk about his experience and Father Desmond answered yes. After dinner that evening at Father Joe’s rectory, Father Desmond and Father Joe had a long talk.

Admiral Janeway had dinner with Mrs. Evans and they talked about her and Father Desmond’s trip to the Watcher’s Council, the Slayer Compound and the Hellmouth.

Mrs. Evans knew Admiral Janeway was sadden at the ages of the slayers and knew what hurt her the most was that those young girls will never realize their dreams – like she did – except a few.


Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were told this would be their last day at the Academy and a feast will be held in their honor that evening. They have one more meeting to attend and the Admiral is dressed in her uniform.


Mrs. Evans’ Conference Room

Present: Mrs. Helen Evans, Robert Francis Xavier, Rupert Giles, Maglor, Angela Simone-Súlimo and General Michael Alexander

When Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond entered the conference room they took their seats. Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were offered the beverage of their choice and they both had coffee.

“We wanted to show you first hand who and what we are and what we do here – that’s why the two of you were brought here. We're also be coming to your earth soon,” Robert Xavier said to them.

“I still don’t understand why,” Janeway said.

“Armageddon is upon you and your doom is at hand,” Angela replied.

“Which means?” Janeway asked with a raised eyebrow looking at the young woman.

“Just what it implies Admiral,” Xavier answered.

“You’ll need permission from Starfleet to enter Federation space,” Janeway told him.

“No they don’t Admiral Kathryn Janeway,” a man said who appeared behind her. “This is the Lord God’s Will.”

When she and Father Desmond turned around they saw the most extraordinary tall man they’d ever seen and neither could take their eyes off him. If they were paying attention, they would’ve seen Maglor get up and bow and Angela smile. Everyone noticed Admiral Janeway's coffee cup was still in her hand in mid-air.

“Hello Father Patrick Desmond,” the man said smiling at the Priest.

“Hello,” Father Desmond replied returning the smile.

“Who are you?” Janeway asked after putting her coffee up on the table.

“My name is Michael,” he answered.

“The Angel Michael?” Father Desmond asked before his jaw dropped.

“Yes Father,” he answered still smiling at him.

When Admiral Janeway slowly nodded her head, Michael disappeared.

“When will you arrive?” Father Desmond asked.

“When the time is right,” Xavier answered.


After Father Desmond returned to his room after the meeting, he saw a padd on his bed and picked it up and read it.


Angel Academy Reception Room

“Admiral,” General Alexander said when he met her at the bottom of the staircase.

“General,” she replied smiling and took his arm.

At the Reception, Admiral Janeway worked the room as only she can do.

“You're an old pro at these things,” General Alexander said when he walked up to her.

“I’ve had plenty of practice,” she replied and took a sip of her elvish wine. “I wish I could take this wine home with me.”

“That can be arranged,” he said.

Admiral Janeway smiled and knew not to ask.

“Shall we go to dinner?” General Alexander asked holding out his arm.

“Yes,” she replied smiling.

After dinner, Father Daniels extended an invitation to Father Desmond to say Mass at St. Catherine's the next morning and he accepted the invitation.


When Father Desmond walked onto the alter he was surprised to see so many people and their families at the 7:00 a.m. Sunday service. Father Daniels introduced Father Patrick Desmond and told the parishioners that Father Desmond was visiting from another parish. During Mass Father Desmond read the Gospel and after Mass, Father’s Daniels and Desmond greeted the parishioners outside. The two Priests had breakfast an hour later.

“There were so many people at the 7:00 a.m. service,” Father Desmond said while they were eating a hearty breakfast.

“It’s always that way here Pat,” Father Joe replied.

“Is it?” Father Desmond asked somewhat surprised.

“Yes it is Pat,” he answered and answered Father Desmond's questions.


Angela Academy for the Gifted and Talented

Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond said good-bye to the students and faculty and thanked Mrs. Evans for her hospitality.

“It was nice meeting Joe,” Father Desmond said to Father Daniels.

“Same here Pat,” he replied and gave Father Desmond a hug, which he returned.

“Are you ready Father?” Admiral Janeway asked.

“Yes I am Admiral,” he answered.

“Whistler,” Mrs. Evans said.

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Federation Space - Earth

After Admiral Janeway appeared in her apartment in San Francisco she immediately contacted Starfleet Command. When she walked into her bedroom she saw the gowns, shoes and clothing she wore on the other earth and smiled. There was also a case of the white elvish wine and parchments lying on her bed. She was surprised to see drawings of herself with the others when she opened each parchment. She smiled when she saw herself and the young slayer, Patricia Young, sitting at the kitchen table.


Father Desmond walked into his small home not far from his chapel. When he entered, he too found pieces of parchment on his bed. After looking at each one, he knew the ones he'll cherish the most were the ones of himself with Eönwë, his wife and Father Joseph Daniels. He knew he had to contact his superiors, but was told not to mention anything about Michael or that the others are coming.


The Office of the President of the United Federation of Planet’s - The Next Morning

Present: President Clare James, Federation Council President Lincoln Johnson, Admiral's Rean, Tevan, Toddman and Sanchez

“You may begin Admiral,” President James said.

“Thank you Madam President,” she replied and told them where she and Father Desmond were taken and why. She also told them some things she learned were classified and will only be discussed when the others arrive.

“No one in this room will leak any information Admiral,” President James reminded her.

“That's not the problem Madam President. I can't seem to remember certain events,” she said.

“Why not?” Toddman asked.

“She can't access her memories, and I suspect they'll return when the others arrive,” Admiral Sanchez answered.

“It appears so,” Janeway said and took a sip of her coffee.

“How do you know Admiral?” Ambassador Johnson asked looking at Sanchez.

“It's just a feeling I have Ambassador,” he answered.

“Who would do that?” Johnson asked with a concerned look on his face.

Admiral Sanchez looked at the man and saw him nod his head when he realized who suppressed her memories.

“The young woman is not from here and came from that earth?” Admiral Rean asked.

“Yes sir,” Janeway answered. “Her name is Angela.”

“Is she human?” Toddman asked.

“Yes she is Admiral,” Janeway answered.

“How did she get here Admiral?” President James asked.

“I don't know Madam President, but she did reiterate that Armageddon is upon us and our doom is at hand,” Janeway answered.

“Did she tell you what she meant by that Admiral?” President James asked.

“No she didn't Madam President,” Janeway answered.

“How would she know that?” Sanchez asked.

“She refused to tell me Admiral,” Janeway answered.

“Did the others tell you when they'll arrive Admiral Janeway?” Ambassador Johnson asked.

“They only told me when the time was right Ambassador,” she answered.

“Did they tell you how and why they're coming here?” Rean asked.

“No they didn't Admiral,” Janeway answered.

They then went over the readings from the energy field on the that earth. Admiral Rean had seen strange readings, but these readings were beyond anything he could ever image.


Starfleet Command

“Who the hell do they think they are that they can just waltz in here and take over?” Admiral Nechayev asked with an angry look on her face.

“They’re being sent Admiral,” Janeway answered.

Murmurs and protests from the other Admirals.

“None of them told you why?” Admiral Ross asked.

“No they didn’t Admiral,” she answered.

“I don’t like this one damn bit,” Admiral Jellico said with an enraged look on his face.

“Neither do I,” Admiral Tevan replied.“However, there’s nothing we can do about it.”


Starfleet Command - The Admiral’s Dining Room

“What do you think of the readings of the energy field on that earth?” Nechayev asked Ross at dinner that evening.

“Those readings are the damnest things I’ve every seen,” he answered.

“That’s an understatement,” she replied. “Admiral Janeway also told us that many of the children who grow up under that energy field have genius intellects and can do the impossible at a young age – and those same children have surpassed us in knowledge.”

“Can you image what an asset those children would be to the Federation?” he asked.

“They live in another dimension Bill and we don’t know who they are,” she answered.

“Point taken Alynna,” he said.

“I wonder how they found out about us?” she asked. “They know a lot about us and we don’t know anything about them.”

“We’ll find out when they arrive,” he answered.


The Vatican

The Pope was secretly watching when Father Desmond told a few Cardinals of his stay on another earth in another dimension. They thought it was convenient he couldn't remember his entire stay and after the Priest told them it was God's Will, they mocked him. The Pope didn't know what to make of Father Desmond's story, but, he knew he'll get the answers to his questions when the others arrive.


Cabin in the Mountains

“I understand Admiral Janeway has returned,” the Section 31 agent said.

“Yes she has,” the Admiral replied.

“Do you know where she and the Priest were sent?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“They were sent to earth in another dimension,” he answered.

“Why?” the agent asked.

“She and the Priest have had most of their memory suppressed of their stay on that earth,” the Admiral answered looking the man in the eyes.

“Do you really believe that?” the agent asked not convinced.

“Yes I do,” he answered. He didn’t know why he believed it, but he felt it was the truth.

“Why are the others being sent?” he asked.

“No one knows; however, we'll find out when they arrive,” the Admiral answered.

“Do you know when they’re coming?” the Section 31 agent asked.

“No,” the Admiral answered. “They told Admiral Janeway they'll arrive when the time is right.”

“Who the hell do they think they are?” the Section 31 agent asked with a sneer.

“Apparently they answer to a higher authority,” the Admiral answered.

“Do you have contingency plans for when they arrive?” he asked.

“Yes we do and I’m not at liberty to discuss them,” the Admiral answered.

The Section 31 agent looked at the Admiral with contempt.

“Have you found the young woman?” the Admiral asked.

“We’re still looking,” he answered.

“You can stop your search. The young woman is from the dimension Admiral Janeway and Father Desmond were sent to,” the Admiral replied.

“How do you know?” he asked.

“They both met her while they there and she told them that earth is her home,” he answered.

“How did she get here?” he asked.

“No on knows...and by the way, she’s human,” the Admiral answered with a smug look on his face. He hated the man and wished he’d never gotten into bed with the Section. He hoped the man will get his comeuppance one day.

The Section 31 Agent walked out of the cabin livid. He and his colleagues were still in the dark as to what was going on and what was going to happened and they have no way of finding out.
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