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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 6

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The Watchers' Council

Maglor was sad his mother and grandfather will be leaving in a few weeks and he and they knew the year went by quickly, even for them. He was glad members of the Angel Institute took them to many countries to sightsee while he was at work and was happy to see the expressions on their faces and the stories they told when they returned. They'll take the gifts and clothes given to them by the Royal Family on Avali and he knew as well as they that they'll miss spending weekends with the Crown Prince, Crown Princess and their children. They've been invited and have accepted an invitation to the Angel Academy for their New Year's Eve Ball and afterwards, they'll travel to Avali for their holidays; and then his mother and grandfather will return to Aman. Maglor didn't know if he'll ever see them again and hoped he would. Giles told him he can return after he see's his mother and grandfather off and he thanked him.


One Week Later

“You look lovely Nerdanel,” Giles said when he saw her dressed in a lovely ball gown, which ironically was made by a seamstress on earth.

“Thank you Giles,” she replied beaming.

“I hope the two of you have enjoyed your stay with us,” Giles said to Mahtan and Nerdanel.

“We have and thank you for everything Giles.” Mahtan said.

“It was my pleasure,” he replied smiling at the two of them. Giles saw their luggage was packed and knew the staff and everyone at the Watchers' Council have said their good-byes to them.

Everyone saw Whistler appear in Maglor's sitting room.

“Hello Whistler,” Giles said.

“Hello,” he replied and greeted the elves, who returned the greeting. “Is everyone ready?”

“Yes we are Whistler,” Maglor answered.

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

When Giles and the elves appeared they were greeted by Mrs. Evans who escorted them into the Reception Room. Their luggage was taken to one of the carriages outside.

Angela and Eönwë appeared and they saw Nerdanel and Mahtan talking to the Head of the Avalian Ruling Council. Angela smiled when she saw Dawn and Jason talking and laughing with Buffy, David and his wife. She also saw Jason's parents, General Alexander, Robert Xavier and his wife Diana, and of course Aral, Maril and their children. Eönwë excused himself and walked over and talked to a few of the Avalian Ruling Council Members.

“Maglor is going to miss his mother and grandfather,” Angela said to Giles when she walked up to him.

“I know,” he replied looking across the room at Maglor who was talking to Aral and his sons.

“Eönwë and I are going to Avali to say good-bye to Mr. Mahtan and Miss Nerdanel,” she told him.

“I'm happy to hear that,” Giles said smiling at Angela. “Everyone has enjoyed their company.”

“So have we and from what I understand, they were fascinated by the different animals in Africa and Australia,” she told him.

Giles laughed. “So I've been told,” he said.


Before dinner there were toasts to Mahtan and Nerdanel and afterwards the feast began...and what a feast it was. After dinner everyone walked to the ballroom and the music began; and at the stoke of midnight, the humans sang Auld Lang Syne. Everyone wished Mahtan and Nerdanel a safe journey home and they thanked them.

Giles watched as the Avalian Ruling Council Members, the Royal Family, Maglor, Mahtan and Nerdanel were helped into their carriages. “God-speed,” Giles said to himself when Mahtan's and Nerdanel's carriage disappear through the portal. Giles enjoyed the company of Mahtan and Nerdanel and had dinner with them and Maglor many times, and he too will miss them.


Valinor - Tol Eressëa

Círdan, the shipwright, just returned to Tol Eressëa from a meeting with the Valar in Aman; who told him Lord Ulmo will assistant him and his ship in picking up Mahtan and Nerdanel. Three days later he saw many elves at the shore watching as he and his crew were preparing to leave Valinor.

“Are you ready Círdan?” Ulmo asked from his waters.

“Yes we are Lord Ulmo,” he answered.

Ulmo told Círdan how far to sail from the shore of Tol Eressëa and he complied. When his ship arrived at it's destination, a mist formed and Ulmo told Círdan and his crew to sail through.

They did so as they were instructed and when the mist cleared, he and his crew saw other elves in smaller ships ready to escort them to the dock. Círdan told his helm to follow the lead ship and he did as he was told. When their ship docked they looked around and saw other ships of various sizes and they looked mighty and strong. The crew on the dock helped Círdan and his crew out of their ship and took their luggage.

“My name is Yalis and I'm the Harbor Master,” an elf said smiling when he walked up to Círdan. “Welcome to Avali Lord Círdan.”

Círdan and his crew bowed to the Harbor Master.

“Lord Mahtan and Lady Nerdanel arrived four days ago are they're staying at the Royal Palace with our King and Queen. This is our holiday and you and your crew are invited to spend the remaining three days with us,” Yalis told Círdan. “These carriages will take you to our village.”

“Thank you Lord Yalis,” Círdan said.

They were escorted to their carriages and once their luggage was loaded, they were driven to the village. Círdan and the Valinor elves were surprised when the white flowers on the trees rained down on them as they were passing by and the birds welcomed them with a song. Once they reached the clearing they saw many small rolling hills covered with lavender, white and yellow flowers and a very large village in the distance with a magnificent waterfall nearby that sparkled; and many cottages on the hills surrounding the village and each cottage was surrounded by trees and flowers. The villagers smiled and waved when they passed by and they did the same, and noticed the scent in the air smelled like flowers. When they reached the village they saw small hallowed jewels embedded throughout the stone sidewalks. The carriages stopped in front of the local inn and the proprietor of the establishment – a female elleth – greeted them with a bow, which they returned, and told them her name.

“My name is Círdan,” he told her and introduced the others.

“This way,” she said and they followed her into the inn. She told Círdan that Yalis will escort them to the feast after they bathed and changed and he thanked her.


Círdan dressed in one of his fine garments and now knew why he and the others were told to pack them.

“I see everyone is ready,” Yalis said with a smile when he entered the inn, seeing his kindred talking quietly among themselves.

“Yes we are Lord Yalis,” Círdan said and the others smiled.

“We'll be walking to the feast, which is not far from here,” Yalis told them. “Right this way.”

While they were walking to the feast the lamps came on and lit the entire village. When Yalis lead them through a clearing, they saw many long wood tables with benches on both sides and it seemed to them the entire village was there. The area was surrounded by trees and the waterfall was across the river, which cascaded into the river. They also saw the young elfling’s running around playing and laughing, which brought smiles to their faces.

Yalis introduced them to Nuaith, the Council-woman of their village and they bowed. She welcomed them with a bright smile and told them to enjoy the feast. They followed Yalis to one of the tables and he introduced them to his wife Elvanna, two daughters, son and their spouses. They also met his five grandchildren: two elleth’s and three ellons. While the dishes were being put on the tables the Valinor elves were handed a glass of white wine, which they thought was delicious. Yalis told them to help themselves to more wine when the wine crafts were put on the table...and they did.

Círdan noticed there were no servants and everyone helped themselves – and ellons were putting food on the tables along with the elleth’s. This is very different from Valinor, he thought.

After the food was put on the tables, the feast began. A variety of meats, fish and vegtables were passed to each person and there was plenty of bread and wine on the tables. The young ones drank tea. The Valinor elves thought the food was delicious and each bite melted in their mouths...and for dessert there was fruit, cheese and a cake with custard, along with elvish tea. After dinner there was singing and dancing.

“The meal was excellent Lord Yalis,” Círdan turned and said to him.

“Thank you,” he replied smiling at his kindred.

Círdan returned the smile. “What are you celebrating?” he asked.

“Every year at this time we give thanks to the Creator, or Eru Ilúvatar as you call him, for giving us everything we have,” he answered.

Círdan nodded his head. “What language are we speaking Lord Yalis?” he asked. “It's foreign to us, yet we can understand all of you.”

“It's called English,” Yalis answered. “All Avalian elves can speak, read and write in English and Sylvan, along with our own language. This is the language are human friends speak.”

Círdan smiled and realized this is a gift from Eru Ilúvatar so they can communicate with their kindred. “Why not Elven?” he asked.

“I don't know,” Yalis answered.


The next morning, Yalis gave Círdan and the others a tour of the village and introduced them to the shop owners. They noticed the ellons and the young male elflings wore pants instead of leggings, their boots are knee-high, and their tunics varied in length. Some ellons wore belts around their tunics while others didn't; and some tunics had embroidery – such as Lord Yalis'. Yet, their keen eyesight told them the cloth was fine and soft. The elleth's dresses were also different, in that their sleeves fitted their arms and their dresses spoke understated elegance. The dresses were fitted from the waist up and were wide below the waist, which flowed when they walked. Círdan saw gold bands on the right rings fingers of many of the ellons and elleth's and asked Yalis what the bands meant, and he told him. He remembered during the feast that everyone was dressed in their finest attire and everyone had some type of embroidery on their clothing...and the elleth's wore their best jewels.

They had lunch at the only tavern in the village and the exploded in their mouths – and from the looks on their kindred's faces, the proprietor was happy they enjoyed their meal. After lunch, and while everyone was having tea, the Valinor elves asked Yalis about their laws and customs...and the proprietor and patrons joined in the conversation. They also asked the Valinor elves about their laws and customs. Círdan and the others had a better understanding of their kindred when they walked back to the inn to get ready for another feast that evening. During the feast, Yalis told them he'll take them to the harbor in the morning so they can look at the other ships and they agreed, and he saw smiles on their faces, including Lord Círdan's.

Yalis heard the waters call to him in his heart when he was a young elfling and he answered the call.


Yalis informed Círdan when he arrived at the inn the next morning that the harbor will be deserted because it's the last day of the feast and everyone spends that day with their families and all the shops will be closed. They were taken to the harbor by carriage and Yalis rode his horse.

“This is our King and Queen's ship,” Yalis told them when they walked over to the tall white ship with many sails. Yalis told them how long it was and how many decks it has. He smiled when he saw the expressions on their faces when they studied the ship and answered their questions.

Círdan noticed the large diamond on the bow of the ship and the hallowed jewels embedded throughout the hull of the ship. He'd never seen such a ship and wondered how long it took to build.

Yalis showed them the ships belonging to their Crown Prince and Crown Princess and the ones belonging to their children...and their ships were smaller in length and had fewer decks. Círdan noticed the jewel on the bow of each ship was different for each member of the Royal Family and their ships also had hallowed jewels embedded throughout the hulls. Yalis also told them the many other ships were the escort ships for the Royal Family. Before heading back to the village, Yalis invited them to have lunch and dinner with him and his family and they accepted.

When they arrived at Lord Yalis' home, Círdan and the others weren't surprised he lived near the great waterfall; and they had lunch and dinner with him and his family next to the river and exchanged stories of the sea. They learned that many ellons and a few elleth’s in the village work for Lord Yalis at the harbor, which is the Royal Harbor, and they're all mariners like themselves. They also learned that they're many harbors on Avali and everyone travels by ship to the other continents...and another surprise was that most of the elvish population live in large villages, near a lake or river, or on the beaches. Yalis told them the Royal Palace is the only great building on Avali and sits on a hill above a river with many trees in the background and flowers everywhere and they're two great waterfalls nearby.

“Where does Crown Prince Aral live?” Círdan asked.

“He and his family live on the beach, and their beach home is surrounded by trees and there's a waterfall nearby and snow capped mountains in the distance. All members of the Royal Family have two homes and Prince Aral and Princess Maril's second home is close to the village where she grew up and sits close to the river,” Yalis answered.

“A home near her family,” a Valinor ellon said and took a sip of his tea.

“Yes,” Elvanna answered smiling at her kindred. “Our Crown Princess comes from a large family and she has many cousins, nieces and nephews – as do our Crown Prince.”

“They both love the water,” Círdan said smiling.

“We all do and also nature,” Yalis replied. “That's why we live in villages surrounded by trees and flowers, and each village has a body of water and a great waterfall.”

“The best of both worlds,” another Valinor ellon said, and smiled when he saw the elflings climbing the trees after the feasts.

“Yes,” Elvanna replied.

An hour later Círdan and the others bowed and thanked Yalis and Elvanna for their hospitality and said good-bye to their family. While Yalis was escorting them back to the inn he told Círdan what time the carriages will arrive to take them to the harbor.


Eönwë and Angela rode across the grounds of the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented and when they arrived at the portal, Angela opened it to Avali.

“Welcome,” Gael said when he saw them ride through and he and his company bowed to the Teacher and his wife.

“Thank you,” they replied and Eönwë and Angela followed Gael and his company of archers through another archway, and when they arrived at their destination, they saw everyone ready to leave.

After the Avalian and three Noldor elves bowed to Eönwë and Angela, Crown Prince Aral gave the order to depart to the Royal Harbor.


The Royal Harbor

“These gift are for you Lord Círdan,” Yalis said and handed him the plain packages. “Don't open them until you return to your home.”

“I won't Lord Yalis and thank you,” he replied taking the gifts and bowed to the Harbor Master.

Círdan's crew also received gifts and the Avalian elves took their luggage to their ship and watched as their kindred carried them on-board.

“Riders,” an elleth said looking at the large company approaching them.

Everyone turned and saw the Crown Prince's banner in the distance and with their keen eyesight they saw the Crown Prince and the Crown Princess riding in front of the others and Maglor riding next to Cyred, one of the Crown Princes's Captains. They also saw the Teacher and his wife riding behind the Captains and a Royal carriage behind them with Lord Mahtan and Lady Nerdanel as passengers, and the other Royal Guards riding behind the Royal carriage. Círdan realized he hasn't seen Maglor since the First Age on Arda and knows he'll never return to Valinor; but it seemed to him Maglor has found acceptance among their kindred and he's found a new elvenhome.

Everyone bowed when the Royal Couple rode up to Yalis and Círdan. “I hope you and your crew enjoyed your time on Avali, Lord Círdan,” Aral said with a smile.

“Yes we have my lord,” he replied.

When Aral introduced his wife, Círdan and the others bowed to the Crown Princess and she smiled and said hello. Aral then turned and barked an order and the carriage came forward and Maglor followed and got off his horse, bowed to Círdan, who returned the bow, and helped his mother out of the carriage. The dock hands unloaded Lord Mahtan's and Lady Nerdanel's luggage and carried their luggage to Lord Círdan's ship. The crew of the ship carried their luggage on-board – which was more than they left Valinor with.

Aral turned and nodded to the Teacher who rode forward with his wife.

“Lord Eönwë,” Círdan said and he and the others bowed to the Maia.

Eönwë said something to Círdan in Sindarin and he nodded his head. Círdan and Lady Angela, as he called her, exchanged greetings and he noticed her hair was tied behind her back with a strand of pearls and diamonds.

Aral, Maril, Eönwë and Angela rode back to the Royal Guards and everyone watched while Maglor quietly said good-bye to his mother and grandfather...and everyone saw tears in Nerdanel's eyes when Círdan helped her board the ship. Círdan and Yalis said their good-byes and Círdan boarded his ship. Maglor stood on the dock and watched as the ship left the pier and was escorted out to sea. A mist formed when Círdan's ship arrived at it's destination and the ship sailed through. Maglor mounted his horse a few minutes later and everyone rode off. No one commented on the tears in Maglor's eyes.


Valinor - Tol Eressëa

The mariners at the shore were mystified again when they saw a mist form in a distance and Lord Círdan's ship sail through.

“How was your stay?” Ulmo asked from his waters.

“Our kindred treated us like honored guests and were happy to see us,” Círdan answered and told the Lord of Waters about their stay on Avali.

When they arrived at the dock, Celebrimbor was waiting for his grandmother and great-grandfather. After they disembarked, they went to Celebrimbor's home and Nerdanel handed him a letter from Maglor.


When Círdan returned home, he opened the gifts from Lord Yalis. The first gift was a replica of the Royal Families ships on Avali and in the note Lord Yalis wrote, he told Círdan he made that ship with his hands long ago. Círdan opened the other package and looked at the parchments. They were drawings of Lord Yalis' village, the waterfall and the Royal Families ships and their escort ships out at sea. Gifts from one shipwright to another, Círdan thought to himself and smiled.
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