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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 7

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Federation Space – Earth – New Orleans

“Did you see these readings Admiral?” Captain Kira asked looking at her padd.

“Yes I did,” Sisko answered. “They’re unusual to say the least.”

“Unusual!” she exclaimed. “This readings have Starfleet’s best minds scratching their heads.”

“Those readings are from an energy field Admiral Janeway scanned when she and Father Desmond were in another dimension,” he replied.

“What kind of energy field is that?” she asked.

“We’ll find out soon,” he answered smiling.


Admiral Paris’ Office

“My daughter-in-law is still talking about those reading,” Admiral Paris said with a smile.

“So is everyone else,” Janeway replied.

“Are the children who grow up under that energy field really that smart Katie?” he asked.

“Yes they are Owen,” she answered. “I spoke to Willow Rosenberg who's a straight A student at Cambridge University and at the age of 15 she was teaching a class at Sunnydale High where she was a student. She's a genius in mathematics, physics and the computer sciences.”

“Is she?” Paris asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes she is Owen,” she answered.


When Maglor returned to his home on the Watcher Council grounds he thought it felt empty and found a note from Giles telling him to take as much time as he needed before he returned to work. Maglor returned to the work the next day realizing it's best to keep busy and not wallow in self-pity.


The Angel Institute

“Hello Whistler,” Xavier said when he appeared.

Whistler returned the greeting and handed a parchment to the Assistant Director of the Institute and disappeared.

After reading the parchment, Xavier contacted Rupert Giles and General Maxwell Alexander.

A few days later, Rupert Giles, Maglor and General Alexander arrived at the Angel Institute for a meeting with Robert Xavier. Mr. Xavier greeted them when they were shown into his conference room and offered them refreshment which they accepted.

“This meeting is confidential and is not to be discussed with anyone,” Xavier told them.

They agreed.

“This is the report I received from the Advanced Team which we'll go over later. First, I want to show you some of the recordings the Advanced Team downloaded,” Xavier told them and handed each a copy of the report. He then showed them the recording of a large home and told them what happens in said home. The second recording showed another estate and a man...and what the man was doing.

“Who's the sadomasochist?” Alexander asked.

Xavier told them.

“Does he know who owns and operates that place?” Giles asked wiping his glasses on his tie.

“No,” Xavier answered.

“When was that session recorded?” Alexander asked.

“Over 20 years ago,” Xavier answered. “They have a recording of all his visits. However, he hasn't been there in a number of years and someone goes to him.”

“How?” Maglor asked.

“Magic,” Xavier answered.

“Of course,” Giles said and took a sip of his tea.

“All hell is going to break loose when this comes out,” Alexander said not feeling sorry for the man one bit.

“That's an understatement General,” Xavier replied. “Let's go over the reports.”

They had dinner in the dining room and afterwards returned to Xavier's conference room.

“What about the Pleasure Palace?” Giles asked.

“That space station is not our concern,” Xavier answered.

Giles nodded his head and knew others have been assigned that task. “You'd think as advanced and sophisticated as the Federation is, that they'll know one of their colony worlds has been compromised,” Giles said.

“The Federation stripped the dilithium from Epsilon long ago,” Alexander replied.

“Resources,” Giles said.

“Exactly Mr. Giles,” Alexander replied. “No Starfleet vessel has been to Epsilon in well over a century and there's been no communication with the colonists during that time...and the Dominion by-passed Epsilon during their war with the Federation.”

“Let me guess, the Dominion were also warned off Epsilon,” Giles said.

“Yes they were,” Xavier replied.

“There's also a 'hot spot' on Epsilon,” Maglor said. “That means demons are coming and going on that world.”

“It seems Dawn is going to have her work cut-out for her and we'll have to send in a slayer team,” Giles replied.

“How are you going to proceed Xavier?” Alexander asked.

“I'm been thinking about that General and thought about what you told me a few months ago and I've decided to...,” he answered.

“That's a good idea,” Alexander said.

“I agree,” Giles replied.

“How much are you going to tell her Mr. Xavier?” Maglor asked.

“Everything Maglor,” he answered.


Federation Space – Earth – San Francisco – The Three Aces

Camille's watching the activities of the patrons on her computer and smiled when she saw Heather walk into the club. “Come in,” she said when she heard the bell.

“Hello Camille,” Heather said with a bright smile when she entered her office.

Camille saw a large handbag in Heather's right hand. “I see you're ready to go to work,” she said returning the smile.

“I can't keep my client waiting,” she replied.

“No you can't,” Camille said and with a wave of her hand Heather was gone.


“I see you're ready for me,” Heather said.

The man turned around and saw Heather smiling at him. He's never asked how she arrives in his bedroom, and truth be told, he didn't want to know.


The Three Aces

“How did it go?” Camille asked Heather when she appeared in her office.

“Fine,” she answered and handed her boss the recording.

“Thank you,” Camille said taking the recording and watched as Heather touched her amulet and disappeared. Camille downloaded the recording into her computer and watched as Heather strapped the man to his bed and saw the excitement and anticipation in his eyes when she took out her whip. When Camille first met the man years ago she knew he was ambitious and helped him succeed – by doing all the dirty work for him.


Federation Space – Epsilon – Sanctuary Village

Ronald Jackson's preparing lunch and thinking about the story his grandfather told him when he was a young boy.


“Why is our village called Sanctuary grandfather?” Ronnie asked while his grandfather was teaching him how to cook.

His grandfather smiled at him. “When I was a very young boy my parents and many others decided to leave Earth and settle on Epsilon. As you know, our ancestors were farmers, as well as the ancestors of the few hundred other families that also decided to leave Earth. At that time a lot of people on Earth began using replicators and stopped eating real food; and for all intents and purposes, farming was becoming obsolete. We knew from the reports that Epsilon had rich fertile farmlands so we and the other farmers and their families packed and left...and we took everything we needed with us. When we arrived on Epsilon months later, we left the colony Starfleet built and looked for greener pastures elsewhere. Once we arrived at our destination my mother saw an old woman who was on the freighter with us, but stayed in her quarters most of the time. Mommy told me all the children ran to her when they saw her, including me, and we gave her hugs and kisses which she returned; and my mother asked her how she got here, but the old woman only smiled and welcomed us to our new home. Grace, as she called herself, taught us how to fish, hunt, dig wells and where to plant the seeds we found on the ground. She also taught us how to heal wounds from the roots and plants around us. There were several teachers, builders and a doctor among us and the builders taught us how to build and maintain our homes, the teachers and the builders taught us our lessons and the doctor taught us to become medics. A few years later Grace told us it was time for her to leave and suggested we name our new village Sanctuary, and we did. We had a dinner in her honor and thanked her for everything she taught us and she smiled. The next morning she was gone,” he answered.

“Did anyone ever see Grace again grandfather?” Ronnie asked.

“No,” he answered. “Before she left that evening she told us to expect others in the near future who'll need our help and mommy and the others agreed to help those in need.”

* End Flashback*

Ronald Jackson walked out of his home with a cup of tea in his hand and smiled. He looked around the village with its rolling hills, trees and flowers and saw children playing, including his nieces and nephews. He also heard the river nearby and knew fisherman were fishing, farmers were plowing the fertile land not far way and hunters were hunting game, and thought he was in paradise. Once a year – at Grace's suggestion many years ago – they have a grand feast and give thanks for everything they have. It's their Thanksgiving Day.

The Sanctuary village has grown over the years and extends farther than the eye can see, but the old ways haven't been forgotten


The Angel Institute – Robert Xavier's Office

“This is going to be a nightmare for the Federation,” Xavier said to Helen Evans.

“I agree,” she replied. “These children are badly damaged and I'm afraid the Federation is not prepared to deal with their trauma, nor with the implications in the future.”

“They're going to try to sweep this under the rug,” he said.

“They can try, but they won't succeed,” she replied.

“This is the dark side of paradise Helen,” he said.

“There's no such thing as paradise Robert,” she replied.


Federation Space

The Captain and the crew of the freighter Mariner were paid a generous amount of Latium to pick-up colonists from Epsilon and take them back to Earth. Captain Lauren Nelson met the middle-man for this assignment on the civilian space station where she and her crew live. When she inquired who he worked for, the man only smiled and asked her if she'll take the assignment. She told him yes when he assured her it was nothing illegal and the Mariner will only transport people to Earth. During their conversation Captain Nelson felt she could trust the man, and she and her crew headed out the next day and knew it'll take several weeks to get to Epsilon and several more to reach Earth.


Federation Space – Epsilon Colony – Epsilon City

A middle-aged woman named Sara went to see Morgan Stans and his wife Debra a few days ago and told them their services will be needed on Earth in the near future and it's imperative they leave Epsilon as soon as possible. They wanted to know why, and Sara smiled and told them they'll find out when they reach Earth, and they must take everything she's telling them on faith. She also told them a freighter, the Mariner, has been hired to take them, their family and others to Earth.


“What about our Practice,” Debra asked.

“You'll be starting a new Practice on Earth,” Sara replied.

“I'm sure the Federation has no need for Child Psychologists,” Morgan said with a raised eyebrow. “From what we understand Earth it a paradise, unlike Epsilon.”

Sara smiled at him.

“What about our colleagues?” Debra asked.

“Some of your colleagues have agreed to travel to another part of Epsilon where their services are needed,” Sara answered.

“They're other cities on Epsilon?” Debra asked surprised.

“Epsilon is a large planet Mrs. Stans and others left Epsilon City soon after the original colonists arrived long ago,” Sara answered.

“I never knew that,” she said.

“Neither did I,” her husband replied.

Debra Stans looked at Sara and her gut told her she was telling the truth and that she should pack-up and leave with her family. Debra has felt for a long time that Epsilon City has a black cloud hanging over her head and somethings rotten beneath the surface. She, her husband and their colleagues know about the children who left for a better life elsewhere, but none of them could find out where they went or how they left the planet. They all know no ship has been to Epsilon in a very long time...and she also felt Sara is warning them to get out. “When will the freighter arrive?” Debra asked Sara.

“In a few weeks,” she answered.

“We'll be ready to leave,” Debra said and ignored the look from her husband.

“The person who'll be meeting you on Earth is . . .,” Sara told them.

“Why him?” Morgan asked.

“You'll find out when you arrive,” Sara answered.

“Faith,” Morgan said.

“Exactly Mr. Stans,” Sara replied with a bright smile.

*End Flashback*

“What did your gut tell you?” Morgan asked his wife after Sara left his office. He knows she has excellent instincts and he trusts her judgment.

“Sara came to warn us to leave,” she answered. “My gut also told me to take my family and run from Epsilon and don't look back.”

“But we don't know why,” he said.

“I know,” she replied. “Something tells me we'll find the answers to our questions on Earth.”

Morgan nodded his head.


“Why do we have to leave,” Eric Stans asked his parents with a sad look on his face.

“We were offered a better position on Earth,” his mother answered.

“I'm going to miss my friends,” Lindsey Stans said with tears in her eyes.

“You're make new ones on Earth,” her father told her and gave her a hug.

“When will we be leaving?” Eric asked looking at his parents.

“In ten days,” his mother answered.

Over the past 75 years, numerous families, traders and crafts-people left Epsilon City and moved to different parts of the planet; and when they arrived at their different destinations there was someone waiting for them to help them settle and taught them many things. These villages are now prosperous and each one is near a body of water and surrounded by trees and flowers.


Federation Space – Earth

Father Desmond followed the instructions on the padd he read in his room when he was at the Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented. When he arrived at his destination he looked around the entire grounds and smiled. The place and grounds were no longer in disrepair and looked fine and grand – and Father Desmond thought it ironic that his superiors sent him here years ago, as his home and Chapel are on the grounds. Father Desmond entered the place and headed towards the kitchen.


South San Francisco

No one saw or was aware of the small man who was taking readings around the entire area; nor did anyone see him leave after he completed his task.


Federation Space - Epsilon

Brian Masters overheard his father tell his mother that someone was coming to take him away to give him a better life somewhere else, like his older brother Cory. Brian knew his brother was sent away at the age of nine, the same age he is now, and felt a sense of doom. He sneaked out of the house that night and ran away with just the clothes on this back and far away from Epsilon City. After a few weeks of running and with only water to drink he collapsed on the ground...and when he awoke in strong arms, he asked the man who was carrying him his name. The man told him his name was Gabriel and he was taking him to safety. Brian nodded his head and went back to sleep feeling very safe in the Gabriel's arms.


“Run towards the light Christina,” a voice said to her in her dreams.

Christina woke up with a start after dreaming about her sister. Rose has been gone a long time and when she asked her parents why her sister left, they told her Rose was sent to live in a better place. Christina got out of bed, put on her clothes and packed a small bag. She quietly left her parents home looking for the light. A short while later Christine looked up and saw the most beautiful woman she'd ever seen bathed in white light. She took the woman's hand when she offered it and smiled at her.

“What's your name?” Christina asked.

“Grace,” she answered smiling down at the child.

“Where are we going Grace?” Christina asked holding her hand tightly while they were walking.

“You're going to a place called Sanctuary,” she answered.

“Is it better than Epsilon City?” Christina asked.

“Yes it is,” Grace replied and the smile never left her face.

“Good,” Christina said nodding her head.


The Sanctuary Village

Elaine Rogers was sitting in her garden when a bird flew on her shoulder with a note in its mouth, and took the note out of its mouth and read it. “I have to call a meeting of the Council,” she said aloud.

During the Council meeting Elaine Rogers told the others how she received the note and passed it around to the other Council members.


Village Meeting

“We just received word that others are seeking sanctuary in Sanctuary Village as was foretold by Grace long ago and we sent a note back telling them they're welcome to come. Most are children and they'll be three adults accompanying them,” Councilwoman Elaine Rogers told the villagers.

“Where are they from?” a villager asked.

“Epsilon City,” Rogers answered.

“Why are most of them children?” another villager asked with a confused look on his face.

“We'll find out when they arrive,” Rogers answered.

“Where are their parents?” Ronald Jackson asked.

“We don't know,” a Councilman answered.

“Do you know anything about the three adults who're coming with the children?” Maggie Rowe asked.

“They're Child Psychologists,” Rogers answered.

Murmurs in the hall.

“Do these children have problems?” an elderly woman asked.

“We don't know,” Rogers answered. “The note also said all the siblings are to be kept together.”

“How many children are coming?” Ronald Jackson stood up and asked.

“Well over 100,” another Councilwoman answered.

More murmurs in the hall.

“When will they arrive?” another villager asked.

“We were told to pick them up at the great stones in three days,” Rogers answered.
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