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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 8

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

Avali – Home of Crown Prince Aral and Crown Princess Maril

“He misses his mother and grandfather,” Maril said to her husband looking at Maglor sitting on the beach staring out at the ocean.

“They also miss him,” Aral replied. Aral could never image what it's like to be separated from his family forever. He, Maril, his parents and children, the Avalian and Sylvan Ruling Councils and all the members of the Royal Family are the only ones who know why Maglor's forever banished from Valinor, his former home.

“Maglor will find peace living on Avali,” Maril said.

“I know he will,” Aral replied and his heart told him it was true.

“It's time for dinner Maglor,” Princess Sian said with she walked up to him an hour later.

“Thank you,” he replied and walked with her to the dining table on the beach and had dinner with the Crown Prince, his wife and their children as the sun was setting.


Los Angeles – The Hyperion Hotel

“I'm here to see Mr. Angel,” Elizabeth said when she walked into the hotel and put her suitcases down.

“I'm Angel,” he said when he finished walking down the staircase. Angel studied the woman and knew she's a magic wielder.

“My name is Elizabeth Cousins and I've been sent by Rupert Giles,” she told him.

“Are you the Watcher I requested?” he asked.

“Yes I am,” she answered.

“It's about bloody time,” Spike said.

“Welcome to Angel Investigations,” Angel said when he walked up to her and introduced her to Gunn, Illyria and Spike.


Eönwë and Angela's Home

“You're upset,” Angela said feeling her husband's distress while she was preparing dinner.

“The Senior Partners have corrupted many innocent children,” he replied after reading the report.

“Evil always corrupts the young and innocent,” she said. “This is very different from Arda Eönwë.”

“I know,” he replied. “At least on Arda you knew who the enemy was.”

“The Senior Partners and other demons have always had humans doing their bidding – that's why no one is ever the wiser,” she said.

“Like Richard Wilkins,” he replied.

“Exactly,” she said. “Epsilon City is where they're getting the children and that place sounds like Sodom and Gomorrah.”

“Sodom and Gomorrah,” Eönwë asked with a raised eyebrow.

“It's part of our history and Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed by your Father,” she answered.

Eönwë nodded his head and knew then that Epsilon City will suffer the same fate.


Federation Space – Earth – Ireland

“Why do you need all this food Patrick?” Shamus asked looking at the list of items on the padd in his hand. “It's looks like you're going to feed an Army.”

“Let me know when you have all the items Shamus and I'll tell you where to deliver everything,” Father Desmond answered.

“It's going to take at least three weeks to procure everything,” Shamus said.

“I know,” Father Desmond replied and walked out of his cousin's shop.


Federation Space – Epsilon

Doctors Connor McGee, Andrea Samuels and Kurt Bauer watched for two days as hundreds of other children were taken in horse-drawn wagons to different destinations by Grace's friends...and each child was provided with food and water and given a back pack with clean clothes and other essentials.

“When will we be leaving for Sanctuary village?” Dr. McGee asked Grace.

“We're outside the village Dr. McGee,” she replied. “These are the great stones and this is where the others will meet you and take you to their village.”

“Is that them?” Christine asked holding Grace's hand looking in the distance as many wagons approached.

“Yes it is Christine,” she answered smiling down at the child.

“It's time to leave,” Doctor Samuels said. “Let's gather the children together.”

“I shall take my leave of you now,” Grace said.

“Thank you Grace,” the Doctors said and shook her hand.

“You're welcome,” she replied with a bright smile and turned and walked away.

While the Doctors were gathering their charges, they nor the children saw Grace disappear when she walked behind a tree.


“I'm Doctor Connor McGee and these are Doctors Andrea Samuels and Kurt Bauer,” McGee said to the woman in the wagon when it stopped in front of them.

“I'm Elaine Rogers, Head of the Council of Sanctuary village,” she replied. “We were told to keep all the siblings together.”

“So were we Ms. Rogers and it's a good idea,” Dr. Bauer said.

“I agree with you Dr. Bauer,” she replied smiling and the Doctors returned the smile. “Let's get everyone in the wagons and we'll decide who'll stay where when we arrive at the village.”

“Agreed,” Doctor McGee said and he, his colleagues and the villagers helped the children into the wagons. These children also had back packs with new clothes and essentials.

“What's your name?” Christina asked the man in front.

“Ronald Jackson,” he answered smiling at the young girl. “What's your name?”

“Christina,” she answered.

“That's a pretty name,” he said.

“Thank you,” Christina replied smiling up at Ronald Jackson.

“This is beautiful,” Doctor McGee said looking at the landscape while he and some of the children were riding in Elaine Rogers' wagon.

“Yes it is Doctor McGee,” she replied.

“How long have you been here?” he asked.

Councilwoman Elaine Rogers told Doctor McGee the story of Sanctuary village.

“It's like going back in time,” he said.

“There's nothing wrong with hunting, fishing, farming and building your own home Doctor McGee,” she said.

Doctor McGee nodded his head and realized she was right.

“The children will also learn how to ride horses,” she told him.

Doctor McGee laughed. “I'm sure they'll love it,” he said and turned and saw the awe and wonder on the children's faces at the sight of the rolling hills, trees, flowers and the river.

Elaine Rogers smiled.


Valinor – Ring of Doom

The Valar and their Maia attendants watched as their brothers and sisters blanketed Epsilon and took many children to safety. They were the only ones who knew that the horses came from the Timeless Halls and they were swift...and Oromë knew the children didn't know they had traveled a great distance to their different destinations on Epsilon in no time. Yavanna smiled when she saw the look of delight on the children's faces when they looked at the landscape. When some of the children arrived at a beach community, they ran to the water and Ulmo also smiled while they stared out at the vastness of the ocean in complete awe. They heard their brothers and sisters tell the leader of each community that all the siblings were to be kept together and they'll find the names, ages and birth dates of each child in their back packs. The children gave their brothers and sisters hugs and kisses before they departed – which they returned – and most of the children patted and said good-bye to the horses which made Oromë smile.

“None of the children asked why their parents weren't with them or why they were being taken to different places,” Nessa said.

“That's because it's Atar's Will,” Námo replied. Námo and Manwë are the only two Ainur in Valinor who know their Atar's Will concerning Epsilon.

“The children will be told when the time is right,” Nienna said wise as ever.

“I agree,” Irmo replied. “Right now they're to young to understand, but I suspect not all the children will be told, depending on the age of the child.”

Námo knew his brother was right.

“The children knew our brothers and sisters are Ainur,” one of Vána's Maia attendant's said.

“Yes they did,” Olórin replied.

“How?” she asked.

“The same way the children on Angela's world knew Eönwë and I were Ainur,” Olórin answered and told them that young mortal children can see an Ainur's light because of their purity and innocence at that young age. “While I was having a picnic with Buffy, the young children recognized me and they smiled and waved and some of them ran to me. Angela later told me they were running towards my light. One young mortal girl looked at me and Eönwë in the museum and told her mother that we were Ainur and Angela laughed.”

“She knew,” Vána's Maia attendant said.

“Of course she did,” Ulmo replied. “Angela did tell us that we can fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time...and as we've just learned, all young mortal children can see an Ainur.”

“Young elfings can't see an Ainur,” Vána's Maia attendant said.

“Young mortal children can,” Olórin said. “Angela also told me and Eönwë that elves are more like us – that's why we can identify with them, but mortals are not because we're the opposite of each other...and unlike the Ainur and elves, mortals are not a monolith and each one of them is different and that's what makes all of them unique.”

“Their differences,” Nienna said.

“Yes, Lady Nienna,” Olórin replied.


Epsilon City

“Where is he?” Don Masters asked his wife with a angry look on his face.

“I don't know,” she answered with tears running down her cheeks. “He's been gone for weeks.”

“Do you know what they're going to do to us if he's not here when they come for him?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she answered with a resigned look. “We shouldn't have given them Cory.”

“He was taken to a better place,” he said.

“We sold Cory for Latium Don.” “What does that makes us?” she asked.

Don Masters walked over to his wife and beat her senseless. After he was through he walked out of the door of their home.

Karen Masters could barely move when she finally awoke, but manage to stand after a few minutes and staggered to the bathroom and looked at her bloodied and bruised face in the mirror. After she cleaned herself up, she packed a bag, took some of the Latium and walked out of her home for the last time.


“I wonder who all these people are?” Morgan Stans asked his wife.

“Sara did tell us that others will be going to Earth with us,” Debra answered.

“You're right,” he said smiling at his wife. “I'm glad to see Eric is happy that one of his classmates is going to Earth with us.”

“So am I, but I wonder where his parents are?” she asked looking at Brian Masters.

“He told us his father is rarely home and wouldn't miss him,” Morgan answered.

“What about his mother?” Debra asked.

“That's a good question,” her husband answered. “He refuses to talk about her.”

“I wonder why?” Debra asked.


“Hello Morgan, Debra,” Doctor Michael Bridges said when he walked up to them.

“Hello Michael,” they replied.

“I see you have the family in tow,” Debra said smiling.

“I wouldn't leave without them,” he replied returning the smile. “When do we leave?”

“The ship should arrive shortly,” Morgan answered.

“Good,” Doctor Bridges said.


On-board the Freighter Mariner

“We should be in orbit above Epsilon City in a few minutes Captain,” her helm told her.

“Everyone that's going to Earth will be at the old transporter site,” Captain Lauren Nelson said.

“Aye Captain,” her helm said.

“I'm Commander Gerard, First Officer of the freighter Mariner,” he said to everyone when he beamed down and told them how they were going to proceed.

No one saw Karen Masters slowly walk to the back of the line with a suitcase in her hand while others were being beamed aboard the Mariner. When she finally beamed aboard the freighter she collapsed on the deck and was taken to the Mariner's sick bay.


The Mariner Sick Bay

“Who is she?” Captain Nelson asked her Chief Medic after her ship warped out of the system.

“I don't know Captain,” he answered. “But I can tell you this...she's been badly beaten and has several broken bones and as you can see her face is badly bruised.”

“I want a complete report after you've healed her and have your nurse take pictures of all her bruises,” she told him.

“Aye Captain,” he said.


“Did you noticed that there's was no Starfleet presence on the ground or in space above Epsilon Captain?” Commander Gerard asked while they were having dinner later that evening.

“The size of the colony and/or the resources on the ground or in space will determine Starfleet's presence and the majority of the colony worlds outside the core worlds have little or no Starfleet presence save for Starfleet Security on the ground. That's why they hire us to take supplies to the outlining colony worlds and ferry the colonists to and from where they need to go,” Nelson answered.

“Epsilon has no Starfleet Security on the ground,” Gerard said.

“It seems Starfleet left Epsilon to its fate long ago,” she replied.

After dinner that evening Captain Nelson read the medical report on the unidentified woman in sick bay. It angered her when she read that the woman has had multiple broken bones over the years that never healed properly; and she's also a mother who's given birth at least twice and the Captain wondered where her children were.


Federation Space – Earth

Brenda Kitt has a Masters Degree in Child Psychology from Yale University and sometimes wondered why she studied the subject at all. Her practice is not what she thought it would be and the many adolescents she sees are simply going through what she went through as a teenager. Though she suppose it does do some good when she tells them all teenagers go through the same thing and no teenager will ever escape it.

Brenda sat in her office thinking about what Grace told her about a position that needed her expertise as a Child Psychologists and she told her when and where to report to her new assignment and they're expecting her. When Brenda asked her questions, Grace simply smiled at her and told her to take everything she was telling her on Faith. Brenda felt Grace was telling the truth and a week later closed down her practice.


Angel Academy for the Gifted and Talented

“Hello Helen,” Father Joseph Daniels said when he appeared in her office.

“Hello Joseph,” she replied.

“Hello Whistler,” he said.

“Hello Father,” Whistler replied and handed him a parchment and disappeared.

Mrs. Evans watched as Father Daniels smiled while reading the parchment.

“It appears I'll be gone for awhile,” Father Daniels said. “I have to go home and pack.”

“Have a nice trip,” she replied.


Federation Space – Earth – Ireland

“Hello Pat,” Father Daniels said when he walked into Father Desmond's Chapel.

“Joe,” he said when he turned around. “What are you doing here?”

“I was sent,” he answered putting down his suitcase.

The two Priests greeted each other warmly.

“This is a lovely Chapel,” Father Daniels said looking around.

“Yes it is,” Father Desmond replied.

“Do you have room for a guest?” Father Daniels asked.

“Yes, but it's basic,” Father Desmond answered.

“I'm use to basic Pat as you well know,” he replied with a smile.

“Right this way Joseph,” he said and Father Daniels followed him out of the Chapel.

The following morning Father Desmond said Mass for Father Daniels.

“That was a lovely service Pat,” Father Daniels said while they were having breakfast.

“Thank you,” Father Desmond replied. “Why were you sent Joseph?”

“I was sent for a couple of reasons. One has to do with the abandoned cottages on this property and another is to greet others who'll arrive shortly. I was told I'll find out the other reason or reasons later,” he answered. “The message came from above Pat.”

Father Desmond nodded his head and after breakfast he showed Father Daniels around the property.

“Are those the cottages?” Father Daniels asked looking in the distance.

“Yes they are?” Father Desmond answered.

“Tell me about them Pat,” Daniels said.

“They were renovated after the Third World War here on this Earth and they each have a sitting room, kitchen, dining room, either two or three bedrooms and they all have one bathroom and one half-bath on the lower level. They're also fire places in each room,” he answered.

“Thank you,” Father Daniels said and disappeared. When he arrived at the first cottage Father Daniels inspected each room on the ground floor and saw the sitting room was open to the kitchen and dining room. Using his magic and a bit of his power he updated the furnishings, appliances and the half-bath. He then went upstairs and inspected each bedroom and found they were larger than he expected, but the bathroom was small. He again used his magic and power to enlarge the bathroom and when he finished there were two sinks, a separate water closet and a bathtub with a shower. He updated the furnishings in each bedrooms and added extra closet space in each room. After he finished he moved on to the next cottage.

“What did you do Joe?” Father Desmond asked when he returned.

“I updated the cottages,” he answered.

“How?” Father Desmond asked.

“I'll show you,” he answered. “Follow me.”


On-board the Mariner – Captain Lauren Nelson's Ready Room

“How's our patient?” Captain Nelson asked.

“She's fine, but she refuses to leave sick bay and takes all her meals there,” John Roland, her Chief Medic answered.

“Has she told you how she received her wounds?” she asked.

“No, and she refuses to talk about it,” he answered.

“What about her children?” she asked.

“She also refuses to talk about them,” he answered.

“She's running away from someone,” Nelson said.

“I agree Captain,” Roland replied.


“I can't wait to get off this ship,” Debra Stans said while they were having drinks in the lounge.

“Neither can I,” her husband replied. “However, the children are enjoying themselves.”

Debra looked around the lounge and saw the children playing, laughing and enjoying themselves, including their children and Brian Masters.

“When will we arrive on Earth?” Michael Bridges asked when he and his wife Terri sat in the chairs across from Morgan and Debra Stans.

“In a week,” Debra answered.

“I feel like we've been on this ship forever,” Terri said.

“So do we Terri,” Morgan replied and the four of them laughed.


“Is everyone ready?” Doctor Robert Edwards asked.

“Yes we are Doctor,” his assistant replied.

“Whistler,” Doctor Edwards said.

Whistler snapped his fingers.


Federation Space – Earth – Ireland

“Someone's at the door Pat,” Father Daniels said and walked out of the kitchen with Father Desmond trailing behind. When Father Daniels opened the door he saw Bobby Edwards and the others waiting outside. “Come in everyone,” Father Daniels said.

“Thanks Joe,” Robert Edwards replied and walked into the castle and the others followed.

“This is Father Patrick Desmond,” Father Daniels told everyone.

“Hello Father,” they all replied.

“Who are all of you?” Father Desmond asked.

Doctor Edwards told him and who sent them.

“Are all of you like Joe?” Father Desmond asked.

“Yes we are Father,” Doctor Edwards answered.

“I show all of you to your rooms,” Father Daniels told them.

“Thanks Joe,” Doctor Edwards said.
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