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Book of Revelations

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The New Watcher". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy and the Slayers, along with Members of the Angel Institute travel to the United Federation of Planets. Part 4 of the New Watcher Series.

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Chapter 9

Disclaimer: I do not own anything. The Angel Institute and Academy are my own creation.

The Grounds of the Angel Institute

Robert Francis Xavier was sitting outside his home watching his two daughters playing and knew they were safe, unlike the other children, and they both attend the Angel Grade School.

“What's wrong honey?” Diana Xavier asked her husband when she walked outside and saw the look on his face.

“I'm thinking about the assignment I was given and it's very ugly,” he replied.

“How so?” she asked.

He told her.

“It is ugly,” she replied. “Do you know what you're going to do?”

“I haven't gotten all the information yet, but when I do, I'll know,” he answered.

“You're do the right thing,” she said.

“I'm glad you have faith in me,” he replied smiling at his wife.

“Someone else does too,” she said and kissed her husband.


“Happy Anniversary,” Eönwë said to his wife holding up his glass of elvish wine.

“Thank you,” she replied and did the same and took a sip of her wine. “Our ships are not like the Swan ships in Aman are they?”

“No they're not,” he answered.

Angela and Eönwë were on the deck of one of the Angel Institute yachts sailing the waters of Tahiti.

“Tahiti is very beautiful,” he said looking around with his keen eyesight.

“A lot of people think Tahiti is the most beautiful place on our world,” she replied looking out at the ocean.

“You like the water,” he said smiling at his wife.

“Yes I do,” she replied. “It calms me and puts me to sleep.”

“I've noticed,” he said and the smile never left his face.

“Uncle Ulmo would be glad to hear that,” she said.

“Uncle Ulmo?” Eönwë asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I've adopted him,” she answered laughing.


Federation Space – Earth – New Orleans

“How long have you been up son?” Joseph Sisko asked when he walked into the kitchen of Sisko's and saw Ben sitting at a table and drinking a cup of coffee.

“A few hours dad,” he answered. “I couldn't sleep after the nightmare I had.”

“A nightmare?” his father asked surprised.

“Yes,” Ben answered. “I heard the screams of the dying.”

“Do you think your nightmare has something to do with earth and what the young woman said about our doom?” he asked.

“I don't know dad,” he answered.

“What could we've done that will bring a great doom upon us?” Joseph Sisko asked with a confused look on his face. “Earth is a paradise and there's no poverty, hunger or disease here.”

“Maybe it's something we didn't do dad,” Ben answered. He didn't tell his father that he felt something's not quite right in paradise.

“Like what Ben?” he asked.

“I wish I knew,” he answered.


“Where's Father Desmond?” Doctor Tracy Ling asked Father Daniels while they were in the kitchen having breakfast.

“He'll return shortly,” Father Daniels answered.

The Doctors and their staffs toured the castle after breakfast; set up operating and exam rooms; turned a large room into a conference room and set up four rooms where the children can talk and express themselves in writing.

“Do the Doctors on this earth know anything about child abuse and all its ramifications?” Doctor Sara Rosen asked.

“Apparently not,” Doctor Toby Collins answered. “That's why we were sent.” Doctor Collins knows this is a real mess and the Federation will have to deal with it in the end.

“Four Federation Child Psychologists should arrive soon,” Doctor Edwards told them.

“And I lay you dollars to donuts that they don't know what they're walking into,” Doctor Collins said.

“No they don't Toby,” Bobby Edwards replied.

Doctor Collins shook his head.


Admiral Sanchez saw a large black cloud on the horizon while he was looking out of his window at Starfleet Headquarters and a shiver went up his spine. Our doom approaches, he thought.


“Where do you want me to deliver this food Pat?” Shamus asked his cousin when he walked into his shop.

Father Desmond told him.

“That castle is rundown,” Shamus said.

“Not anymore,” Father Desmond replied.


“Blimey, will you look at this,” Shamus said surprised when he and his cousin beamed into the kitchen of the castle with the food. “When was this castle repaired?”

“A short while ago,” Father Desmond answered smiling at his cousin.

“Can I help?” Father Daniels asked when he walked into the kitchen.

“Yes you can Joe,” Pat answered. Father Desmond made the introductions and told Shamus that Father Daniels is visiting from another Parish.

“I have to get back to my shop,” Shamus said. “It was nice meeting you Father.”

“So here Shamus,” he replied and watched as he tapped his comm badge and was beamed away. After Shamus was gone Father Daniels used his magic and all the food was stored in it's proper place in the kitchen.

“Thank you Joe,” Pat said and if he was surprised he didn't show it.

“You're welcome,” Joe replied and the two Priests began preparing dinner.


Brenda Kitt looked around the property when she arrived on the grounds and thought the castle, cottages and the grounds were beautiful. She was surprised when someone opened the castle door and the man introduced himself as Father Joseph Daniels and then he also introduced Patrick Desmond, and they took her luggage and showed her to her room.

“Dinner will be ready in two hours,” Father Desmond told her.

“Thank you,” she replied. After the two Priests left her room, she showered, changed and decided to unpack after dinner. When she descended the staircase Father Daniels was waiting for her.

“I'll take you to the others,” he told her.

“They're others here?” she asked.

“Yes they are,” he answered.

“Hello Doctor Kitt, I'm Doctor Robert Edwards,” he said and got up from his chair when she was shown into what the doctors call the Doctor's Lounge.

“Hello Doctor Edwards,” she replied and shook the extended hand.

“Let me introduce you to my colleagues,” he said. “This is Doctor Toby Collins, Doctor Sara Rosen and Doctor Tracy Ling.”

They shook hands and made themselves comfortable and Doctor Edwards poured Doctor Kitt a glass of white elvish wine.

“This is delicious,” she said after taking a sip of her wine.

“Yes it is,” Doctor Ling replied.

“Are all of you also Child Psychologists?” she asked.

“We're medical doctors,” Doctor Edwards answered. “I'm a Psychiatrist and Doctors Collins, Rosen and Ling are Pediatricians...and Doctor Rosen is a Child Psychiatrist.”

Doctor Kitt put her glass down on the table and looked at the four doctors. “I didn't know I'll be working with medical doctors,” she said.

“Only for a little while Doctor Kitt,” Doctor Ling replied.

“We're here to train and instruct you and the other Child Psychologists who will arrive shortly,” Doctor Rosen told her.

“In adolescent behavior?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes,” Doctor Collins replied.

“Do you know how to treat abused children Doctor Kitt?” Doctor Rosen asked.

“They're no abused children in the Federation,” she answered and took another sip of her wine.

“Why do you say that?” Doctor Edwards asked.

“We live in paradise,” she answered.

“On the surface at least,” Doctor Collins replied.

Before Doctor Kitt could asked Doctor Collins what he meant, Father Daniels walked into the lounge and told everyone dinner was ready.

“Who are the others?” Doctor Kitt asked looking around the large dining room while they were having dinner.

“Our staffs,” Doctor Ling answered.

“What is this all about?” Doctor Kitt finally asked.

“You'll find out when the others arrive,” Doctor Edwards answered.


Doctor Brenda Kitt was informed when she arrived at Yale University the next morning that she'd passed her Thesis and will be awarded her doctorate in Child Psychology.

“You look happy Doctor Kitt,” Doctor Collins said to her at lunch.

She told them the good news and the doctors congratulated her.

“Thank you,” she replied grinning from ear to ear.


“Congratulations Doctor,” Doctor Katherine Pulaski said to her nephew, Doctor Jamie Madison, at lunch.

“Thank you Aunt Katherine,” he replied.

“I often wondered why you chose Pediatrics as your specialty,” she said.

“I've always wanted to help children and Pediatrics seemed like the right fit ,” he replied.

“You could've become a Child Psychologists,” she said.

“I wanted to become a doctor and they're are a shortage of Pediatricians on earth,” he replied.

“All doctors can treat what ails a child,” she told him.

“Children are very special Aunt Katherine and they need their own doctors,” he said. “It's more than about healing their wounds, and your bedside manner has to be different and they have to trust you so they can open up to you. Rather you know it or not, more than a few children we saw while I was at Medical School had broken bones and we suspected they're being abused.”

“How can that be?” she asked with a surprised look on her face.

“We're seen them on more than one occasion,” he answered.

“You're talking about child abuse,” she said.

“Yes I am Aunt Katherine,” he replied. “We sent the reports to the appropriate authorities, however, there was never any action taken.”

“I wonder why?” she asked.

“We suspected those reports were buried and they don't want anyone to know that the paradise we live in is very flawed,” he answered.

“Have you been offered a position?” Doctor Pulaski asked changing the subject and is very disturb at what she'd just heard.

“Yes I have Aunt Katherine and the position is with a private clinic that deals with children,” he answered.

“When will you start?” she asked.

“Tomorrow,” he answered.


“It's about time you got here,” Doctor Rosen said smiling at her colleague when she walked into the Doctor's Lounge.

“I had an emergency,” she replied.

“We know,” they replied and laughed.

Doctor Edwards introduced Doctor Alia James to Doctor Brenda Kitt.

“Are you also a medical doctor?” Kitt asked.

“Yes I am and my specialty is obstetrics and gynecology or OB/GYN as we call it,” she answered.

“Doctor Kitt received word this morning that she'll be awarded her doctorate in Child Psychology,” Doctor Ling told Doctor James.

“Congratulations Doctor Kitt,” Doctor James said.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“Dinner is ready,” Father Desmond said when he opened the door.

“Thank you,” they replied.


“Hello Doctor Madison,” Father Daniels said the following morning when he saw walking towards the castle before the sun rose.

“Hello,” he replied.

“My name is Father Joseph Daniels and I'll escort you into the castle and show you to your room,” he said and took his luggage.

“Thank you,” Madison replied glad to be relieved of his burden.

“This way,” Daniels said with a pleasant smile.

Doctor Madison followed the Priest into the castle and walked up the winding staircase to his room. Doctor Madison never noticed the grounds, cottages or how magnificent the castle looked because his mind was elsewhere. When he walked into his room he was surprised and turned and saw a smile on the Priest's face.

“This is a beautiful room,” Madison said looking around the room.

“Yes it is Doctor Madison,” Daniels replied. “I'll leave you so you can unpack.”

“Thank you Father,” he said and watched as Father Daniels walked out of the door. Doctor Madison noticed his room's a suite which has a sitting room, bedroom with an attached bath and an office where he can do his work. He also noticed the bathroom was very modern, but different from the bathrooms he knew and their were no sonic showers and water came out of the sink, tub and the shower. He then unpacked and put his computer on his desk in his office. Afterward, he walked downstairs looking for a cup of coffee and followed his nose. When he walked into the kitchen he was surprised to see others having breakfast.

“Hello Doctor Madison,” Doctor Edwards said when he walked into the kitchen. “Would you like to have breakfast with us?”

“Yes I would,” he answered and walked over to the long table and sat down. He thanked Father Daniels when he poured him a cup of real hot coffee and savored every drop.

“I see you like coffee,” Doctor Collins said.

“Yes I do,” Doctor Madison replied and poured himself another cup. “Who are all of you?”

Doctor Edwards made the introductions.

“You're all Pediatricians?” he asked looking at each of them.

“I'm a Child Psychologist,” Doctor Kitt answered.

“My specialty is obstetrics and gynecology,” Doctor James told him.

“I'm a Psychiatrist,” Doctors Edward informed him. “Doctors Rosen, Ling and Collins are Pediatricians.

“I'm a Child Psychiatrist and Doctors Ling and Collins are Pediatric Surgeons,” Doctor Rosen told him.

“What is your specialty Doctor Madison?” Doctor Collins asked and took a sip of his coffee.

“General Pediatrics,” he answered.

“You have a lot to learn Doctor in a very short period of time and we're here to teach you,” Doctor Ling told him.

“I just graduated from Medical School with a degree in Pediatrics,” he said.

“That's all well and good Doctor, but you have no specialty,” Doctor Collins told him.

“What do you do best Doctor Madison?” Doctor Ling asked.

“Healing children's wounds...and I can get children to confide in me,” he answered.

“Good,” Doctor Rosen said. “You're going to need those skills.”

“Federation doctors are the best,” he said looking at them.

“Federation doctors don't know how to cut open a wound with a scalpel Doctor Madison and that's what we're going to teach you,” Doctor Collins told him. “Stop thinking about technology because sometimes you won't have it and you'll have to make an instant decision without it and you're going to have to do it the old fashion way,” Doctor Collins told him.

“All of you sound like my aunt,” he said.

“Is she a doctor?” Doctor Edwards asked.

“Yes she is and when she was the Chief Medical Officer on-board the USS Enterprise-D she told her medical staff to use splints to heal some wounds they didn't know what she was talking about until she explained it to them,” he answered.

“Why were they using splints?” Doctor James asked.

“All the systems in sick bay went down and they couldn't use their technology,” he answered.

They smiled at him.

“Aunt Katherine thinks there's great value in the old way of doing things,” Doctor Madison said.

“I'll like to meet her,” Doctor Collins said smiling.


“How did you know we aren't from the Federation Doctor Madison?” Doctor Edwards asked during lunch.

“It's the way you're dressed and when Doctor Collins said Federation doctors,” he answered. “Where are all of you from?”

“You're find that out later and the same person who sent you and Doctor Kitt also sent us,” Doctor Edwards answered.

“Do any of you know what's going on?” Doctor Kitt asked.

“Only what we were told, which wasn't much,” Doctor Ling answered.

“But it does have something to do with children?” Doctor Madison asked.

“Yes it does,” Doctor James answered. “That's why we're all here.”

“Who are the Priests?” Doctor Kitt asked.

“This is Father Desmond's Parish and he lives on the grounds...and Father Daniels is a friend of his and is visiting from another Parish,” Doctor Edwards answered.

“Where are they?” Madison asked.

“The others have arrived and they went to greet them and escort them here,” Doctor Edwards answered.


Federation Space – Earth – On-board the Mariner

“My patient wants her medical records,” John Roland said to Captain Nelson.

“She has a right to them,” Nelson answered.

“Aye Captain,” he answered and walked out of her Ready Room after he was dismissed.


Commander Gerard oversaw the transport of the colonists to Earth at the coordinates he was given. He smiled when he heard many of the adults say they were glad to got off the freighter and get their feet on the ground and the Commander knows not everyone is cut out to be a spacer.

The unidentified woman was one of the last to be transported to Ireland and followed everyone else.

“Welcome,” Father Desmond said after everyone beamed down. “My name is Father Patrick Desmond and this is Father Joseph Daniels. All of you will live in the cottages on the grounds of my home and when we arrive, I'll escort you to your new homes.”

“Thank you Father,” they said.

“You're welcome,” he replied with a smile.

“The Bridges and Stans families will live in the castle on the grounds,” Father Daniels told them.

“Why us?” Michael Bridges asked.

“You'll find out when you arrive,” Father Daniels answered.

“You're now going to be transported to your new homes,” Father Desmond told them.

While everyone was being transported, Father Daniels walked up to Karen Masters. “You're also be staying at the castle,” he told her.

“I not special,” she said looking the Priest in the eye.

“But you are and always have been,” Daniels replied and took her suitcase and her hand.


When everyone arrived on the grounds Father Desmond escorted each family to their cottage and he was delighted with the looks on their faces when they entered their new home. He told each family they have running water and real food was in their refrigerator and they're not one replicator on the property. He also told them they were to come to the castle after breakfast in the morning and told them what time to be there.

“Look at the castle,” Lindsey Stans said with wide-eyed wonder.

“It is beautiful,” her mother replied.

“Where do you live Father?” Michael Bridges asked.

“My home and Chapel are there,” he answered pointing to the building not far away.

Eric Stans and Brian Masters ran to the castle door and waited for Father Desmond to open it.

“They're here,” Doctor Edwards said mentally to his colleagues.
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