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There & Back Again: A Wizards Tale

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Summary: Harry ends up sharing minds with Aragorn after touching an object. While there Harry learns all about how to be a king, leader, healer, Ranger and warrior.

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texaswookieFR1812,448081,85921 Feb 1221 Feb 12No
Don't own Potter verse still nor do I own LOTR. They belong to JKR and JRR Tolkien.

Harry Potter huffed as he pushed the door to a small store open and slipped inside. He needed to get away from all of the stares that he had been getting as he walked down the alley of the shopping area. Harry was not like most people, the scrawny black haired green eyed teen with a dark lightning bolt scar on his forehead was different than most people. Harry was part of an underground society of magic users. The magic users had long ago decided to live in secret, and rarely interacted in the regular world with the normal or muggle people. Harry was one of these people that lived in both worlds a wizard with the ability to harness magic and do many astounding things. Harry had not had an easy life though despite having magic at his commands. He had been forced many times to deal with dangerous situations that no one person should have to deal with.

Harry had the bad luck to have somehow managed to beat a Dark Wizard somehow when he was still a baby. Somehow this feat had turned him into a celebrity, giving him the moniker of The-Boy-Who-Lived. The people of the wizarding world ignored the fact that their hero had lost all of his family and focused on the fact that the baby had survived the disaster. The boy had grown up in an uncaring and unloving environment while the wizards and witches had celebrated their good fortune. Upon his return to the wizarding world though, Harry had learned that being destroyed was nowhere close to being gone when it came to dark wizards. He had faced Voldemort several more times since he had come into the world to learn magic. Last year he had been strong armed into a competition for young wizards with nearly twice his experience magic. Somehow he had survived facing off with a dragon, facing off with a giant lake filled with magical creatures, only to finish off with a maze filled with more magical creatures. Unfortunately for him, the trophy had been a trap that had transported him and fellow contestant Cedric Diggory to a graveyard. In the graveyard Cedric had been killed, and Voldemort had been resurrected from a spirit. Harry had battled Voldemort to a standstill before managing to escape to tell the world that the Dark Wizard had returned.

As he had traveled through the wizarding shopping center he had darted in and out of the various stores getting what he needed. All of the looks that he had received from various people had been disturbing. Some were fine leaving him alone, while others were almost accusatory as if they all believed that he had something to do with the death of Cedric Diggory. It seemed they were all perfectly content to have whispered conversations about him behind his back. The Ministry had refused to believe that he was telling the truth and preferred to launch a smear campaign against him. He had been hiding out at his relative’s house until a group of dementors had attacked him and they had tried to snap his wand over some legal tricks. Dumbledore had managed to get him free from the charges though. Harry and his closest friends were currently hiding away in a safe house that no one could currently find.

Harry had decided to flee into this shop since it would give him a few minutes respite as it wasn't one of the shops that he normally went into. It was a shop filled with odds and ends of various types and makes. Enchantments on various items in the store made the place awash in sound and color. He was all set to start his fifth year at Hogwarts after he was done getting all of the supplies that he needed. The boy wondered when people would start to believe him about the whole mess with Voldemort's return after the tri-wizard tournament. The boy was still slightly shell shocked that they had tried to expel him just to get him out of the way. Of course if you listened to Moody it was really just to silence him. All of the kids in the house had been given permission to enter the alley for a short time to stretch their legs and get any last minute shopping done. Mrs. Weasley wasn’t happy, but had agreed to it after getting pressure from every member of the underage members and some of the adults.

Harry's eyes scanned the small shop, hoping that he would find a gift that would be appreciated by his best friend Hermione Granger. Her birthday would be coming up during the school year, and he wanted to get her something special. As he wandered around the shelves he noticed a shiny crystal ball orb sitting on the table. He grinned at the idea of getting his friend one of those as she had little to no patience for that branch of magic. He wondered if he could get a crystal ball that actually did something, maybe they made them so that they could project pictures like some of the muggle picture frames or something. He reached down and touched the ball, examining it to see if it did anything. He heard a dinging sound and looked up to see Hermione walking in.

"Harry!" The young witch shouted at him. "Are you almost ready?"

"Just a sec Mione." The wizard returned to her.

Hermione nodded her head in acceptance, but her face quickly changed to worry. "Harry," she shrieked out, "your hand."

The boy turned to look down and saw that his hand, no his entire arm was glowing with some sort of strange white light. The glow was brightest where he was touching the crystal ball. He tried to pull his arm free and let go of the enchanted object, but it was like it was stuck to his hand. While he was struggling the light seemed to be covering more and more of his body The raven haired teen turned to look at his friend. "Hermione!" He shouted, hoping she would be able to help him out of this mess. A blinding flash erupted from the orb and Harry knew no more.

Harry heard a sound, and forced his eyes opened and noticed that he appeared to be in some sort of forest. Had the orb he grabbed been some sort of portkey? As his eyes wandered around, he noted that the trees that surrounding him were like nothing he had ever seen before the giant trees that towered high above them were like something that one would see in some of the documentaries about rainforests or something like. Not even the forbidden Forest had trees anywhere as tall as these were.

"Who's there?" A young voice asked nervously.

Harry tried to move in surprise, but found himself frozen since the figure that had spoken had been him. The thing was though, no matter how much he tried he couldn't move. It was like he was stuck in some sort of body bind or something, he could also feel his senses straining to hear anything that was out there.

"Who's there?" The voice repeated, even as Harry felt himself backing away slowly. Harry tried to consider what had happened, and thought of Hermione and Dumbledore and how they might get themselves out of this mess if they were in it. As he thought of them, the image of an old man much like Dumbledore flashed through his mind as he thought. This man had a long beard and a crooked nose as well. Instead of Dumbledore's normal style of dress though this man carried a staff, wore all gray, and didn't wear the half-moon glasses that Dumbledore was so well known for. In fact, he looked more like some sort of wandering man than some wizard of power.

As if summoned by the image, the man that he had thought up suddenly appeared before him stepping out from some bushes. "Mirthiander!" Harry heard himself speak, yet he knew it wasn't him speaking. For one thing it wasn’t his voice, and two he didn’t know this man enough to be calling out to him. "Help me, there's a voice in my head!" The young voice cried out clutching at his head.

The old man strode forward and peered into their eyes. "Clear your thoughts young Estel." The old man barked, as his eyes shone brightly and Harry suddenly felt an overwhelming presence confronting him. "Who are you that dares to intrude on the thoughts of this child?" The old man growled out, his blue eyes as hard and cold as ice.

"How should I know?" Harry thought back at the old man. "One minute, I'm in a shop, the next I'm here, wherever here is, and can't even seem to be able to control my own body."

"How did you get into the head of my charge?" The old man questioned curiously.

"The head of your charge, you mean I'm in someone else's body?" Harry asked nervously. He remembered his first year and encounter with Quirrel and Voldemort, how the once powerful person had slowly but surely consumed his teacher. "Get me out of here then. Where is my body?" He cried out desperately, as he tried to look for his body but nothing responded to his commands as he strained to so much as move an eye.

"Would that I could young one, but I fear that the answer lies within yours and young Estel's minds. For now you must calm yourself, your fear will not help you think rationally." The old man said, his eyes softening as he realized that the person he was speaking to was as scared and unknowing as Estel was. He peered into the memories of the person, and saw an unknown youth grabbing onto what almost looked like one of the Plantir’s of old and disappearing in a flash of light. "I am sorry Estel, but you have a passenger for the moment. I know not how we will release him but I shall look into it. Until then learn to work as one. Who knows this figure may have some skills that you can use in the battles that are to come."

"Do I have a choice in this?" Estel asked, sounding somewhat mutinous at the idea of having to share his mind with another person.

"I'm hardly happy about this my own self." Harry thought out at him in annoyance. "You think that I planned for this? I happen to have my own life to live and my own things going on. Instead I'm stuck in some little kids head. There are a lot more things that I would rather be doing and that I need to be doing then dancing inside you."

"Be quiet." The young boy said, glaring up into the sky.

"I'm afraid you are stuck with him for now." The old man informed the boy ignoring the conversation that the boy was having right now. "For now, you will have to learn to be one. Hopefully Lord Elrond or the Lady of the Wood will know of some way to remove the boy from your mind."

"Yes sir." the boy grumbled.

"Don't think that this is a holiday for me buddy." Harry growled at the boy.

"Well excuse me for wanting my thoughts to be my own." The boy snapped at him. "Wait, did you just talk to me?" Estel questioned in surprise.

"Ah good, you are learning to communicate between yourselves." The old man proudly said to the pair. "Now introductions are needed before we continue, the boy you are within is Estel or Aragorn. As for myself I am Mithirander or Gandalf the Gray, the wandering wizard. There are many other names that I have gone by young one, but those names should do for now.”

'Yes sir,' Harry thought out to the elder wizard, 'I am Harry, Harry Potter wizard in training.' He offered to the man. He waited a moment for the figure before him to have his eyes rake over his forehead or for some kind of surprise to cross the man’s face but he remained impassive.

Gandalf merely turned to observe the boy. “Well met Master Potter, come now Estel, it is time to return to your lessons on healing. Go and find us some Athelas so that we may continue. You also have some other lessons to go through today still before we are done."

Harry sighed, for some reason everything that Aragorn was learning he was learning as well. Gandalf used his mind reading tricks to quiz each of them separately on everything that they were learning. A pair of elf brothers were teaching them tracking and hunting as well and Harry felt all of the aches that the other boy was feeling. He wondered how long that this was going to last and whether or not this Lord Elrond would be able to separate the two of them from whatever it was that had forced them together. The past few months were just so different than what he had gotten used to. Instead of dealing with the Dursely’s or Hogwwarts, he was dealing with medieval people and elves that were like nothing that he had ever seen or heard of in his world. The elves here were nothing like the house elves of his world, for one thing the beings here were just as tall if not taller than a regular man, they were thought to be amongst the most educated and wisest as well. It was like someone had combined a Veela with some sort of warrior race and it was hard to know just what it was that he was expected to do with this knowledge. The training he and Estel were going through at least kept him busy as he was always training in the various skills and abilities that the Elves thought that he needed.

When they weren't training, Gandalf would question him about the world that he was from and they would share bits of information back and forth. The wizard seemed greatly impressed by some of the things that he learned about the difference in their worlds. He also seemed somewhat saddened and disheartened by some of what he heard as well. All in all it was so different from either of the lives that Harry had grown used to and he wondered when things would change again

The End?

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