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What is it with superpowered women?

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Summary: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/ Black Mask cross a 701 survives and comes to Sunnydale.

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Movies > 10 Things I Hate About YourothosFR1815500552421 Feb 1221 Feb 12No
Disclaimer: Neither BTVS or Black Mask (Movie) belong to me.
My name was Cai-lyn; I was a member of a Japanese special unit tasked with combatting the drug lords that had grown rampant in the area. Each of us was submitted to a classified process that increased our speed, strength and durability, removing the ability to feel pain. Of course, there were undesirable side effects and before we could be terminated the unit escaped aided by a distraction perpetrated by one of our members.

Months later, it was figured out the serum would kill us shortly, but the Government had an antidote.
The Commander decided to try pressuring the Government into giving us the antidote. Our member that provided the distraction survived and the Commander decided he needed to die; I was sent in.
When I failed to kill him, the Commander shot me causing me to fall from my sniper’s nest.

Now, I have fled to America and assumed the identity of Carolyn, a waitress at the Doublemeat Palace. Pretty big change; going from a person who served up bullets to one who served up burgers with a side of French fries.

I figured that I was safe from harm; my unit was dead or otherwise out of the picture. Of course as the Fates saw fit things changed. One night a month I closed up shop, so I locked the door and proceeded home to my dirt-cheap house two blocks away. I walked home slowly not really needing to move fast or so I thought. A pair of local toughs decided I was easy pickings and pushed me into a wall.
Cai-lyn would have easily rolled with it, but Carolyn didn’t have the skill. So I took the impact, minimizing the damage; if they did just want money then I could file a police report tomorrow.

“Listen girlie, just give us the purse, and maybe you’ll get by with a couple bruises.” One tough said.

Money was freely given, but I wasn’t about to give in completely, especially to a pair of low-lifes.

I slipped my purse from my shoulder and tossed it to the ground near the tough that had spoken.

“Now girlie you’re going to get your bruises.” The tough said as he pulled a knife.

That wasn’t on the menu. Damn it, Cai-lyn roared to the fore again.
I kicked and shattered the approaching tough’s hand, apparently it had a lot of grip because the knife stayed in his hand. Too bad it was a good try for a weapon. The other tough drew his knife and tried to stab me, but missed and I broke his arm.

Wait, why am I feeling so weak? I look down and see a slash in my side. Apparently, tough #1 had gotten up in the meantime and gotten lucky while I was dealing with his partner.
The last thing I saw before lapsing into unconsciousness was a young brunette man who came around the scene.

“Can’t let the vamps get her.” He said.

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The End?

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You have reached the end of "What is it with superpowered women?" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Feb 12.

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