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Summary: Another side effect of the Activation Spell

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralburmafrdnowFR1313,6552142,70722 Feb 1222 Feb 12Yes
Joss Wheedon thought up this incredible universe. I am just playing with it a little. Not trying to destroy it like he is.
Willow's spell has some unexpected side effects.

The final fallout from the Spell that activated all of the Slayers was not realized for some years. Probably because no one was looking for it; and because it would not become obvious for quite a while.

Buffy was looking in the mirror, checking her makeup. Then paused and looked harder. Blinked. Shook her head and looked again.

Faith was preparing to go out clubbing and did a quick check to make sure she was as hot as ever. Something bothered her and she looked again; then harder. Then thought some and shook her head; and looked again.

Willow smiled as Kennedy brushed her hair; she had let it grow longer the last few years and always loved it when her lover brushed her hair.
“10 years. In a couple of months we will have been together for 10 years.”

Willow smiled. “Need to celebrate.”

“Definitely. You know, you do not look any older then when I met you.”

“Probably the magic. Preserves us witches.” She looked in the mirror and blinked; Kennedy noticed.

Willow looked hard in the mirror. And thought some.


“Yo, B. What’s Up?”

“Looked in the mirror lately?”

Faith was silent for a moment. “You saw the same thing?”

“Yeah. I think we need to speak to Wills.”


Willow sighed. “The Spell was actually pretty simple; just give the power to all the Slayers.”

“So this side effect?”

“Totally unexpected.”

Faith had been quiet. “I was Chosen the old fashioned way. It should not have affected me, right?

Willow shook her head. “Supposedly not; but apparently it did. All I can think of is that it included you because you were a slayer and there.”

Buffy shook her head. “Is there anyone that can give us an answer?”

“I will talk to the Coven in Devon. If anyone can find out they can.”

But the Coven had come up empty as well. They had examined the Spell and had agreed that this side effect should not have happened; the Spell was simple and basic.

Buffy listened and sighed. “So either this was an unintended consequence, which does not seem likely, right?”

“That is what the Coven thinks and I agree.”

“Then someone messed around with it.”

With that Whistler popped in. Buffy was at him like stink on a Skunk and had him dangling up against the wall instantly.
“Whistler, explain or they will find you on all 7 continents. At once.”

“Someone interfered; even the Powers do not know who did it. They only got hints of it recently.”

Buffy growled.

“Honest Slayer no one has a clue.”

Willow was thinking furiously. “Who else would have the power to interfere with that kind of Spell?”

“They have no idea. There have been hints of great powers that are much older; but nothing tangible. It is thought that millions or billions of years ago there were some real gods of some kind; or powerful enough to seem like real gods. But no trace of them now.”

Buffy shook her head. “And why would they interfere now?”

“I doubt it was a thank you, Kid.”

Buffy snorted. “If it is what we think it is, not sure that it is much to be happy about.”

“The powers are pretty sure it is what you are thinking. But they can find no trace of extra magic. It was done at the same time as the Witch did the spell; it was so powerful anyway that anything extra would have been missed unless you were looking for it. And no one was.”

And they would never know who did it.

Giles was almost grey, now. Buffy did not like to think of the time when he would be gone; and of course now she had a lot of time to think. The Slayers had, in the ten years since they had been powered up, spread all over the world. New watchers had been trained; and the New Council was very different from the old one. With teams in all the major cities around the world, they had just about eradicated the worst of all the demons and vampires. Now new Slayers gained their powers on their 14th birthday; and were brought to train in the schools now established on all the continents. All the potentials were now found as soon as they were born; and they had set up a system to keep an eye on them and rescue any in bad situations. Some Slayers had died; but not many. No less then 5 Slayers were ever out hunting; the days of the Lone Slayer long gone. And 5 Slayers could handle most anything. They had reaction teams ready to send out if the 5 slayer teams found something too big for them to handle.

Giles listened as Willow and Buffy filled him in. Once again the glasses came off and he began to polish them.
“So no one really knows who did it; or the final effects of what they did?”

Willow nodded. “And if the Powers do not know, we never will.”

Buffy was pensive. “Outside of whoever telling us, I doubt we will. And I got the feeling from Whistler that the Powers were not happy about what was done.”

Xander smirked “Of course they aren’t. They didn’t do it; and they did not give permission. So naturally they are pouting.”

Dawn had been very quiet. Buffy noticed right away; Dawn had graduated from Oxford with a Doctorate in Ancient Languages and had become the go to girl for the Council on Ancient Languages. But she had not changed much from the Teen in Sunnydale. Even if she was now 27. She had dated occasionally; but had not found anyone to stick with. It probably did not help that Buffy and company always made sure to meet the boy friends. Dawn had finally made peace with the fact that she would always have a lot of very protective people around her.

She sighed. “I have had the feeling the last year or so; like I don’t know, maybe like I am sort of in stasis. Is it possible that because they made me out of you that it took me in as well?”

Willow shook her head. “What we don’t know about this could fill books. Big books. Dawnie, I think it is very possible.”

Buffy was thinking hard. “Dawn has grown a little and changed a little since the spell. If it had held her unchanged like it has with Faith and myself and apparently Willow, that should not have happened.”

Giles was polishing furiously. “Perhaps it allows for full physical maturity before it kicks in?”

Willow slowly nodded. “I think Kennedy is part of that. I noticed that she is not getting laugh lines or anything like that; yet she has changed a little. She was just under 18 when she was made a Slayer.”

Buffy was thinking farther. “That means ALL the Slayers are involved. At least everyone called. I wonder if the newbies are as well?”

Willow sighed. “We will not know for years with them.”

Dawn was quiet. “None of the Slayers called were 18 or over; so they might not notice for a while. But in 5 years or so they all will.”

Xander summed it up. “So it is possible that no Slayer will age. They can be killed, as we have seen. But they will not age.”

Willow was thinking hard. “No Slayer has gotten sick, at least not badly. I have not heard of any even getting the Flu.”

Buffy shook her head. “It took a very nasty bug to lay me low; but it happened once. But I have never been that sick again.”

Dawn nodded. “I haven’t either. I figured part of that was being made out of Buffy and maybe the rest was being the Key. But maybe it was that as well.”

Giles had stopped polishing. “In the decades and centuries to come this will be impossible to hide. We will have more Slayers each year; and if they are all Immortal…”

Xander said it all. “Shit.”

Buffy sat in her room at the Castle in Scotland where all Slayers received their final training before becoming active. Some of the Sunnydale Slayers were there now as trainers; Buffy popped in now and then to keep her hand in. She had talked to Vi and the others who had been oldest; and she could see no sign of aging in them at all. As a woman gets over 25 or so, she starts to develop faint lines, though it does not happen with some until their late 20’s. She could see none of that at all. Willow had carefully looked Kennedy over; and she had been the oldest potential activated; she had been less than a month away from her 18th birthday. No lines at all.

Buffy could rationalize it and say they would not know for sure for some years; but in her bones she knew. She wondered about the New Slayers; would they be affected as well?

Immortality. While many would say that was a great gift, Buffy thought otherwise. To see all your non slayer friends and family age and die; and their children age and die; and so on? She was thinking of Giles and Xander; the two not involved closest to her. She was very lucky in that Dawn was apparently part of it; Willow as well and Faith. Plus the other Sunnydale Slayers and the ones that had come up in the past 10 years. So for her it would not be as terrible as it could be. But some of the others? Those with large families? Those who wanted to get married? One sad thing was that the Call had not changed one basic fact; no Slayer could get pregnant. She wondered if somehow whoever had done this had felt that it would be partial compensation. Buffy shook her head; if that was the case they sure had read things wrong. She had no doubt just about every Slayer would trade Immortality for being able to give birth.

Dawn sat in her room in the New Council HQ they had built outside of LA. Buffy had been firm that the old one would not be rebuilt; she wanted nothing that could possibly contribute in the years ahead to the New Council becoming like the old. Of course that was now not possible; with all the Immortal Slayers it could never happen.

What was on her mind was one thing; could she have children? And if she could, would that be a blessing or a curse? Because if she was as she suspected Immortal as well, she would then outlive not only her children but all her descendents. To see her own children age and die; her husband age and die; to her that was a horrible fate. She found herself hoping she was not able to have children as well.

Willow had told Kennedy of their suspicions; she had been gobsmacked. And very sad. Because she told Willow “We had talked about Children. But I bet you are just as sterile as I am.”

Willow had nodded; her thoughts of outliving her children and grand children and so on had been with her as well. She wondered if Dawn was thinking the same thing.

Giles was pensive as he sat at his desk. The revelations of the last few days had shaken him badly. On one hand knowing his Slayer would live for so long was something that answered one of his greatest and most private prayers. But to live for millennia? That was something very different. He had begun to accept that he would not outlive his Slayer; something no Watcher could ever really expect up to now. And he was quite happy with that. But for her?

Xander stared out the window of his office in the HQ. He still more or less ran the New Slayer division; they took charge of them once they got their powers at 14. And he supervised the division that found and watched over the potentials identified at birth. Which was in some ways a lot more work. But it was work he very much enjoyed. But now he wondered? They had once worried about the short lifespans of Slayers, in addition to the burdens and responsibilities. But now there was in some ways a much bigger worry? If every potential had the possibility of being immortal, how did one prepare them for that? On one hand knowing that Willow, Buffy and Dawn would be around for along time after he was gone was a good thing; but possibly thousands of years? Or even longer?

Faith had been forced to think about all of this as well; not something she liked to do very often. She was one to live in the moment; and grab life and shake it and make it bend to her will. But this was way beyond anything she had ever had to deal with before; even more then her time in prison. Immortality frankly scared the shit out of her.

Buffy waited a month then called a meeting again. All of them, Faith included because she had a hunch it might be toughest on the Dark Slayer most of all.

“OK. We have had a month to think about this. Now for some of us a month means nothing at all, but that frankly is not important. I think we need to start planning now on how we are going to try and handle all of this. We need to somehow put in place a system that will try and take care of the Slayers; because I think we all know what kind of complications being Immortal can bring.”

Xander was somber. “Beyond outliving your family and friends; having to move every ten years or so to make sure no one notices you are not aging. Though that might not be too bad if you are only living with people that know that.”

Giles sighed. “And there is of course the Watchers.”

Willow nodded. “Once they know their Slayers are immortal, how will that affect them?”

Dawn had been thinking a lot about that. “Add to that the families; and possibly husbands.”

Buffy had been thinking about all of that. “I wonder. Can we ask the Powers to change this? Maybe trade immortality with the ability to have children?’

They all perked up at that. Willow beamed. “I don’t think more than a couple of Slayers would object to that kind of trade.”

Naturally Whistler popped in at that point, just proving Buffy’s suspicion that the Powers kept a very close watch on them.

“Slayer, they have been looking at that. But it looks like whoever did this has such power that they do not have the ability to even modify it.”

Just like that the optimism drained out of the room. Buffy did not even bother to threaten him. He left, a little surprised at that.

Buffy had hoped; now that was gone. Depression settled on her like a thick blanket.
“God. This scares the shit out of me. Living so long; how do you keep your sanity?”

Faith sighed. “Fuck, B, you think you are scared?”

Giles saw his Slayer begin to sink in depression; and desperately sought for something to distract her if not make her feel better.
“We have to start to build something. This has to be very carefully thought out.”

Buffy slowly roused herself, pushing the depression away.
“We have to try and make sure no one outside knows about this. Because if we were worried about being lab rats before, this would make it even worse.”

There had been a few attempts, several governments had quietly tried to kidnap Slayers for just that purpose in the first few years after the Slayers went world wide. But Willow had been able to use her own link added to Buffy’s to each Slayer and they quickly rescued them. Buffy had been totally merciless to everyone involved. The rule of not killing humans was suspended for those situations; and everyone involved died. Then they went up the ladder and made sure everyone who knew about it died. The carnage was sufficient so that after the fourth time it had not happened again. The last attempt had been 5 years ago. Riley had let her know before he retired with Sam to start a family, 4 years earlier, that the US government, the UK and a few others had made it very clear that anyone that messed with Slayers would have all of them to deal with. Between the Slayer reign of terror and that, Buffy was somewhat confident that no government would try again. Now terrorists, possibly someone wealthy, or a rogue unit of a government were still worries. But so far nothing had happened for years.

But now to add immortality to the mix? That could change things, for the worst.

Xander had been thinking about this a lot.
“We need to rotate Slayers so that they are never in one area more than 10 years. And keep moving them around so that it is at least, say, 40 or 50 years before they are back in the same area again.”

Dawn had been thinking about something else.
“The number of bad demons and Vampires are steadily shrinking as it is. Keep adding more Immortal Slayers and how long will it be before there is nothing left for them to do?”

Buffy blinked; she had not thought of that.
“Wow. I had kind of thought in 20 years or so that we might have to worry about that; but you are right, Dawn. It will happen quicker then that now.”

Giles sighed. “Actually I have had a group of researchers working on that; the report just came in last week. Under the current situation, they estimate at most 10-15 years. And with what we now know, which they knew nothing about, it will certainly be less.”

Faith shook her head. “That is bad. Slayers have to hunt.”

Buffy slowly nodded. “And if there is nothing to hunt, that is of the bad.”

Willow shook her head. “Once we heard about Balance. This really upsets it.”

Giles slowly sat back and blinked. The glasses came off again.
“The Balance has been steadily tilting the way of Light now since the Slayers were activated.”

Xander mused. “We have not had a real bad possible Apocalypse for at least three years. Had not thought about that.”

Willow sighed. “Most of those that could start something like that we have already gotten rid of; many others that could have portaled themselves to other dimensions.”

Dawn nodded. “Ever since Angel and company put the skids to Wolfram and Hart, they have steadily faded away.”

Buffy winced. She had arrived with almost 100 slayers just too late to save Angel and his team. Giles had been suspicious since Angel had joined Wolfram and Hart and had delayed telling Buffy. She had been furious with Giles; but had understood his worries. They had been unable to save Fred when asked; and that had strained things with the rest of Angels crew. Cordelias death had hurt as well. Only Illyria had survived the battle; she had left this dimension to continue her personal war with Wolfram and Harts other dimensional units. Her own feelings about Spike had taken years to sort out; her hurt he had not told her he was back lingered. But in the end she accepted that they probably could not have lasted. Of course now with her Immortality, she was revisiting that thought. She shook her head; no point in that now.

Xander continued the thought. “No apocalypses. Dwindling numbers of vamps and bad demons. Has this so called balance ever been this out of wack?”

Giles shook his head. “The concept of Balance has been a theory for centuries; but I have to agree that it is incredibly slanted to our side now. And with this revelation, it cannot really be changed much. Outside of a invasion from other dimensions.”

Willow was pensive. “It takes a fair amount of power to portal just a few. For armies, I doubt it is possible without someone at least at the level of the Powers.”

Faith looked at her. “The bad side; don’t they have anyone powerful like that?”

Giles answered. “We have never been able to prove the existence of the Devil; just as we have never been able to show any real proof of the existence of God. I have never heard anything that indicated there was a power out there comparable to the Powers that Be.”

Dawn nodded. “And I think there would have been something going on by now if they could do it.”

Giles shook his head. “Not necessarily. We are only one dimension; there are many out there. Who knows how many? How many are demon controlled? Why would they have any real interest in Earth, which is not all that friendly to Demons anyway with our sun?”
Buffy looked out the window. “Without anything to fight, what will Slayers do? So many of us are driven by the need to hunt. I am worried about what that would do to them.”

Faith nodded. “I have been thinking about that. Kind of been having the feeling that we would be out of a job in time. OF course before I found out my use by date was so long. I never really thought I would live to see it. Now it seems pretty obvious I will. And if I do not have anything to hunt, I will go nuts.”

Xander sighed. “I guess that means we need to find another war.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Ageless". This story is complete.

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