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Step Away From Hell

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Summary: The Dursley's take Harry with them on summer vacation to America where he comes into his magical inheritance with a few surprises.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterSleepingStallionFR2121,550293,91625 Feb 1220 Oct 12No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR7

7th Year Beginnings

*Disclaimer* I do not own Buffy or Harry Potter nor do I make any money from this story.

Albus Dumbledore glared at the Boy Who Lived as he sat with his friends at Gryffindor table. The boy's relatives had taken him with them on their summer vacation to America and he had come into his magical inheritance while over there. They had found a place that had canceled out all of the tracking and suppression charms that Albus had put on the boy. Not to mention the spells he had put on the boy's relatives. The boy had hit a major growth spurt while he was gone as well. His friend, Ronald, was the tallest in his family at 6'4" but, the boy now towered over him at a whopping 6'8". He'd had to go get a new wand when he got back from vacation and, wouldn't you know it, he had gotten a staff instead. The boy was getting to be to powerful for Albus' way of thinking. He knew that he would have to do something about the boy's power soon. It wouldn't do for Harry Potter to out live his usefulness.

Harry sat talking to his two best friends about his summer vacation when he felt someone glaring at him. He looked up at the head table expecting to see Snape glaring at him only to see the headmaster glaring at him. He was pulled from his thoughts on the headmaster by Hermione asking him something.

"Huh? Sorry, Hermione, what did you say?"

"I asked where you went for summer vacation." said Hermione with a slightly put upon tone to her voice.

"Oh! we went to Sunnydale, California. It was a really nice place as long as you don't mind the vampires and other assorted demons that roam the streets at night."

Ron's eyes got real wide and he asked, "Did you really meet a vampire? Were they as cool as what Bill said they were?"

"No, they weren't cool at all. Except to the touch. They were nasty beasts is what they were. They had ridges above their eyebrows and their fangs elongated from their human teeth. Also they had yellow eyes. The ones I met tried to eat me. The only thing that saved me was running into this group of people who killed the vampires. They walked me back to my hotel and then went back out into the night. The next night though, they were back and took me out with them to the teen hangout. It was just me, Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Oz most of the time. Sometimes Cordelia would join us and, on the nights that we just hung out at Buffy's watching movies, Mr. Giles, who's British, would join us. We had a great time for the next month just hanging out."

"What happened on your birthday?"

"We had been out at the club and we headed to Buffy's house to watch a movie since nothing was happening at the Bronze. We had just settled in when I felt like I had been sucker punched in the gut. I was in a lot of pain but, I know that none of the gang left me alone that night. I sweat up a storm according to Cordelia. When I woke up the next day around noon everyone was there and were watching over me. I was amazed to see that I could see the magic hovering over me in a cloud. I looked around the room and saw the magic that each of them had. They were all connected to each other and to me. The colors were really bright yet, really calming at the same time."

As they spoke together the three friends finished their breakfast and headed out to the lake since it was Saturday and they didn't have classes that day.

Hermione cast a warming spell over a group of flat rocks that were on the edge of the lake before they sat down to continue their talk.

"Harry, did any of them have a real strong connection to your magic?"

"All of them did. Why? Do you think it has something to do with me needing a staff now?"

"It might. I'd have to research it to know for certain though."

Ron stretched out on his back and asked, "Did any of the girls there look really hot? Did you hook up with anyone while there?"

Harry blushed a little and said, "The girls I hung out with were all pretty hot. I didn't really hook up with anyone but, there were a few who caught my attention."

Ron sat back up quickly and asked, "Really? Which of the lovely ladies caught your fancy then, mate?"

Harry's blush deepened as he mumbled out, "It wasn't one of the girls who caught my fancy."

Hermione's eyebrows went up and she said, "Really? You were attracted to a boy, Harry?"

"Yeah. You have to understand that the whole group was absolutely hot. Giles, while older, was sexy in a way that most people wouldn't think a guy his age could be. He had this dangerous vibe to him even though he was so sweet. Oz was real quiet. I mean, he said maybe twenty words all summer. He felt a little like Remus does. Xander, though, was, in my opinion, the hottest of them. He had a real calmness about him that put everyone around him at ease. He was always finding things to laugh about no matter what was going on and he seemed to keep everyone on an even keel. He smells like chocolate a lot and he is kind of spastic but, in a good way."

Hermione smiled softly at her friend's description of the men he had met in America and asked, "Did any of them return your interest?"

"I don't think so. If any of them did it would have been either Xander or Oz. They said they might come here for Christmas vacation to see how I was doing and to give me a hand learning some different stuff."

Ron smiled and said, “I’ll bet there was a lot of magic flying around if there were vampires running around.”

“Not while I was there. They told me some stories about things that had happened to them before, though. They met the real Dracula and Buffy and Xander were put under his spell. Once, they got turned into their Halloween costumes and Xander has been possessed twice. Buffy’s died like three times and Willow had a magic addiction. Giles, their mentor, has been turned into a demon and had his mental state reduced to that of a teenager.”

The three teens sat there talking about their summers and just enjoying that sun for the rest of the afternoon only going back inside when it was time for lunch. After lunch they made their way up to the Room of Requirement so that they could have some fun with Harry showing the other two some of the things he had learned over the summer.
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