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Summer in Colorado

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Summary: Little bits and pieces that either don't have a place or I forgot to put into Summer to Sumer

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredDearestDrusillaFR1511,473011,24926 Feb 1226 Feb 12No
So, I meant to post this in between Bloody Hell Mate and Beast of Burden, but it got mislabeled as ruin instead of run and I forgot it. I figure I'll be putting quite a few chapters in this little thing.

I do not Own B:tVS in any of her incarnations, nor do I own any part of Stargate or any of the characters within either. I don't own Dexter either, but you'll find out about that one in another chapter ^_^


Dawn exhaled slowly as she finished her pose. She'd only just made it onto the squad last week. According to the coach she was a bit too soft around the middle. Her legs were toned enough, her arms were nice, but her core needed work.

“You okay Dawn?” The teen looked over at her Grandfather. It was his third day planetside.“Should you be...standing on your head so soon?”

“I forgot to eat,” Dawn laughed, lowering herself into reverse lotus. “I'm fine. Besides, I need to focus on toning my core and between Sammi, Spike, and Daniel, I can't get a moment to work out.”

Dawn watched an upside down version of her grandfather walking off the porch and over to her yoga mat. He was smiling as he lowered himself to the ground, sitting crosslegged on the grass and enjoying Earth's sunlight on his form.

“I know I haven't' been very supportive over the years Dawn. And I know I'm not much use at feelings...but if there's anything I know, it's PT. Physical training. You up for a run?”


“Dad what were you thinking?” Sam was scowling at them both as they slowed in front of the house. “Dawn needs-”

“Dawn needs to get into shape so she can steal the title of captain from the slag who currently has it,” Dawn cut her aunt off as she jogged across the lawn.

As she turned on the hose, Dawn could hear her aunt asking just what Dawn was talking about, because Dawn obviously didn't know her own body and limitations. The water came crystal clear from the hose, strong and cold and perfect after a run. Jacob ran a bit slower than Dawn was used too, even with Selmak's energy helping him out. Once he left the planet, Dawn would be able to run faster and listen to her music. The girl placed her thumb over the end, sending a spray into the air and laughing when her aunt and grandfather shouted.

“Dawn, you aren't well,” Sam scowled from the porch. “You ha-ack!”

Dawn was feeling perfectly well. Well enough to force Sam and Jacob back into the house with her hose. Dawn knew her eating schedule better than Sam, and making her eat when she didn't need to would just throw her off and make everything worse. Another spray was sent at the door when Jacob tried to stick his head out. A few moments later Dawn was spraying Sam by the back gate. It was like a game of whack a mole, except the targets made a lot more noise. Sam screeched again as she pulled her head in from the window.

It wasn't until a car pulled up that Dawn took her eyes away from the house. It was Jack. Dawn put her eyes back onto the house, just in time to send Sam running back into the house. Jack was laughing with Dawn amidst Sam's shouting and the door slamming.

“Carter says you've been holding them hostage.” Jack had come to stand beside Dawn, holding a plastic bag in one hand.

“I stopped spraying Granddad a while ago. Mostly because he stopped trying to escape.”

“He's a smart man.” Jack pulled something from his bag, something handcuff shaped and soon, he too was running for the Carter house. When the door slammed, Dawn could hear her aunt shouting and Jack trying to defend himself.

The sun was starting to set when Daniel pulled up.

He was smarter. He stayed in his car, rolling his window down just enough to let his voice carry across the yard.

“Is it safe to come out?”

“It's water.” Dawn scoffed when Sam slid a window open, dousing the major yet again. The blonde pulled her head back in with a shriek. “Not acid.”

“I know. But I have a book and I don't want to get it wet.”

“Hold it up slowly.” Daniel did as asked; even as she watched him, she kept her eyes on the house. He held up his book, all wrapped up in paper. “Unwrap it.”

As he did so, Dawn felt an icy spray on her back. A whirl with her hose and Teal'c was running. The only problem with that was Teal'c running towards her instead of for the house.


“Dawn you shouldn't be outside in your condition-”

“I don't have a condition!”

Daniel rubbed the bridge of his nose as the screaming continued.

“You know that you have to eat.”

“I was hypoglycemic a long time before I met you! And Mom never did this!” Dawn must have finally lost her temper, because a cup hit the wall outside of the kitchen. The shattering of ceramic filled the entire house. “You aren't my mother Sam! You only know anything about me because of a stupid file and what everyone else tells you!”

Fifteen minutes of screaming later, Dawn had stormed out of the kitchen in rage. Sam had gone back to her bedroom.

“I'm going to call Spike,” Daniel sighed, rising from his seat and picking up Sam's phone. “You should probably get a hold of Janet, maybe she can explain to Sam what it is Dawn actually has.”

“I'll handle it,” Jacob stopped him. “Sam's mother had it, along with seven other things that might have colored her perceptions.”

“So she's seeing an illness that isn't there.” Jack nodded to himself as he too rose. “I'm going to go look for Dawn. Teal'c do you...”

Teal'c wasn't there.


“Dawn Summers.”

Dawn looked down at Teal'c from her spot on the roof.

“Teal'c. What's up?”

The Jaffa raised a brow before climbing the tree and joining her on the roof. He was quiet, despite his size, stealthy even. And he came bearing gifts in the form of granola bars and juice.

“Major Carter is not familiar with expressing her emotions in a logical way.” Teal'c looked over his shoulder at her, smiling faintly. “I have often noted that in Major Carter's case, it is either one or the other. Science, or emotions.”

Dawn pulled her sweater closer around herself, half wondering if she should creep back through her bedroom window and grab some pants. “I'm not going to die just because I won't eat her terrible cooking.”

“The Jaffa call your illness 'ghost hunger'. Living humans who eat for those who have died. You would have become a priestess had you been born into the Jaffa.” Teal'c turned to look at the stars popping out above them.


“For every step forward we take two back.”

Sam was in her room, sitting on her bed while Jacob talked to her. She could hear Dawn's voice coming from outside, higher up and possibly on the roof. Teal'c was with her, talking quietly. Sam couldn't make out the words, only muffled sounds and the occasional tone.

“I'm pretty sure it's two forward one back,” Jacob settled on the bed next to her. “It's going to be difficult for a while longer too. Dawn's a teenager and until she turns 23 you're going to have a helluva time with her.”

Sam laughed at that before she sobered up. “I keep tacking things onto her. I don't mean to, but I can't help seeing mom in her.”

“Dawn does have some traits, but that is all she has.” Jacob shifted, looking into his daughter's eyes. “Unless Dawn has plans to work undercover in Columbia or join a hippie commune after a breakdown, she shouldn't suffer from liver failure or flashbacks and we shouldn't find her at the asylum every three weeks.”

“And she won't crash her car while she's chasing the dragon.” Sam scrubbed her face with her hands and sighed. Dawn wasn't her mother. She knew how to control herself and while yes, she had shattered a couple of plates -and various other things-, Dawn had thrown them at an empty wall rather than at any one person. Sam took a deep breath and stood, extending her hand to her father.

“Daniel's on the porch talking to Spike,” Jacob told her as they walked back to the living room. “Teal'c is, well we heard him up on the roof with Dawn. And Jack is still on the couch.”

The man tilted his head and looked at them over the arm of the couch. “Yup. Ordered a pizza too.”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Summer in Colorado" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Feb 12.

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