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Cavalcade of Mayhem

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This story is No. 12 in the series "Resurrected 'Verse". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Minis written about the Resurrected ‘verse that have either: 500 words or were not written using the challenge in Resurrected Our Thoughts.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - OtherJmariaFR1542,588031,57727 Feb 1216 Sep 12No

Chinese Fire Drill

Series Title: Cavalcade of Mayhem
Title: Chinese Fire Drill
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-15
Disclaimer: I do not own: Angel, Beetlejuice, Being Human(UK), Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charmed, Dark-Hunters, Doctor Who, Friday the 13th (2009), Glee, Harry Potter*, Heroes*, Labyrinth, The Mentalist, My Little Pony*, Psych, Rainbow Brite, The Sarah Jane Adventures, Sons of Anarchy, Supernatural, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Torchwood, Warehouse 13, or Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (*= mentioned, not actually part of the ‘verse).
Series Summary: Minis written about the Resurrected ‘verse that have either: 500 words or were not written using the challenge in Resurrected Our Thoughts.
Summary: Dean has had enough on the road leading to Lima
Words: 639
A/N: This was originally part of Angel Baiting and Other Contact Sports (It was set to be part 20). But this, and one of the other later bits I had plotted for ABaOCS will be stuck in this new little series of ficlets that encompass all of the bits of the R’V I found on my phone. ROT is the drabbles and snippets; CoM is the 500+ minis; ABaOCS is the 1000+ and bring-overs from 25 for 25.

Cavalcade of Mayhem
Chinese Fire Drill

Cassie Newton-Lehane sat cross-legged in the back of the Impala, which was annoying Adam Milligan-Winchester and Dean Winchester for two completely different reasons. Adam was annoyed because her knee was digging into his hip. Dean was annoyed because she’d kicked both Sam and Faith out of their car and had sent them in the direction opposite d of Lima, Ohio. Both of whom - and God knew he and Faith rubbed each other the wrong way for a lot of reasons, mainly because they were too damn alike - would be an improvement over Adam’s open hostility and Cassie’s weirdness.

“Like I wouldn’t rather be hanging with my cooler ‘older sister’,” the seventeen year old Seer snapped out of the blue. Dean’s control on the wheel shifted a little as they drifted into oncoming traffic. Luckily it was quarter past twelve on a deserted county road in the middle of nowhere.

“Don’t do that, Cassie, not while Dean’s driving,” Dawn Summers muttered, glaring at the Seer who hadn’t been dislodged from her spot. Could be that Adam had his arm firmly around her waist. Dawn bit back the grin at the sight.

“Just because I died, doesn’t make you older than me, Summers,” Cassie grinned back at her, acknowledging the holding with a wink.

“Actually, it does. See, cause I’m twenty-four. You can’t even vote.”

“Do you even vote? I know you drink.”

“I’ve voted - I’ve done my patriotic duty -”

“Can you two just shut up?” Dean snapped, clenching the wheel tighter in his hands.

“No,” Dawn and Cassie answered at the same time.

They barely had time to brace themselves as Dean slammed on the brakes. He flipped on the hazards and shoved his door open. Dawn could hear his string of profanities as they flew from his mouth. A smile crept over her lips. He was abstaining from swearing in front of the ladies. He was being gentlemanly.

That thought left her mind several moments later as her door was jerked open and Dean was unbuckling her. She squeaked as he dragged her from the front and yanked the back passenger door open. Cassie yelped as Dawn was shoved on top of her. Adam started to protest but Dean was yanking him from the backseat as well.

Once Dean got Adam in the front seat Dawn had been in and had situated himself back behind the wheel, he cranked the stereo and peeled off.

“Can I ask what that inspired game of Chinese Fire Drill was all about?” Adam snapped at him, yelling a bit to be heard over Zeppelin.

“I’m sick of chicks nattering in my ear,” Dean answered after a few minutes, ignoring Cassie and Dawn’s outraged noises.

“You know they can do serious damage to you,” Adam couldn’t help the small smile at his ‘brother’s’ expense.

“Do I look scared? I can handle whatever they can dish out.”

Cassie and Dawn shared a look in the backseat. Adam and Dean continued to talk about whatever guys talk about instead of their feelings or the impending meet-up with the brother none of them knew about.

“My plan worked perfectly!” Cassie said quietly in a mock-villian-y voice.

“Male-bonding, God, who knew it could be such a turn-on?” Dawn grinned at her.

“I could have done without the manhandling,” Cassie rolled her eyes.

“I rather liked it,” Dawn countered. Her stomach rumbled then, and her eyes caught sight of a sign. Leaning over the driver’s seat, she spoke into Dean’s ear. “Are you gonna feed me after getting me all worked up?”

To his credit, Dean did not swerve at the innuendo.

“Cause we’re starving, and there’s this great place just five miles up I-75. You might have heard of it. Taco Bell? And it’s open til four. I am so craving a cheesy rollup.”
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