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The Unknown and the Slayer

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Summary: She was once a he, but is no longer. Now she aids any Slayer who would be her friend. --Feel free to join in!

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Games > Japanese Fantasy > Kingdom HeartsmpsshadowmasterFR714410146227 Feb 1227 Feb 12No
I own Two KH games, and the first Four seasons of Buffy. Scramble the letters however you want, they spell out how I do not own this stuff.

I don’t know why I do this. I don’t create, I don’t destroy. I warp what is already there. I warp what is not there. I take the something, and the nothing, and… turn them into something else. Something that not even I can comprehend. The knowledge is… locked away from me. I know things I should not, like how I saved a boy, before I even existed. Like how that boy warped my existence, without either of us knowing. But all of what I can do was stolen from me, by the Key Master of Dark, moments before he was ended.

I changed, when he and I were separated, and he returned to his own body. I don’t look anything like how I did before. I was told my light replaced his darkness, so I was forced in a way to take his darkness’ form. With us separated, and distinct once more, I changed. Still blue-eyed and brown-haired, but no longer male. No longer human, if I ever was.

I found that everybody, if a heartless takes them, produces a nobody. Even if their will was broken, destroyed. Those nobodies, however, are even weaker than the weakest dusk. They are small, and very hard to see, and thousands were defeated by people stepping on them, unknowing of their action. I found I could take a heartless, and summon their nobody, and put them back together to reform the somebody. It took a very long time, but with my friends’ aid, I eventually ended the heartless threat.

By that time, however, my friends had grown old, while I remained young. I stood by them until they passed, and then started looking for something to do. I stumbled upon a way to cross to new worlds, worlds not connected in any way to the ones I knew.

I found a girl on my arrival. We became friends, and fought together. One night, she died, and the next of her line was called. I tried to become friends, but this one refused me. I grieved, but stood back, and let her go as she pleased. Time passed, and every so often there was one I could become friends with, that accepted me.

Each and every one of these friends, is, was the-



I gave this birth, and can take it no farther. If you can see what happens next, Please add to this story. (In case it’s not obvious, it’s Sora talking.)

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Unknown and the Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Feb 12.

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