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Son of a Hero

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Summary: When all is finally won the Powers That Be give their champions new leases on life. Kyou Kaburagi is now his name. Tiger & Bunny xover

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Anime > OthersouldrivenFR715270169127 Feb 1227 Feb 12No
Author’s note: I wanted to work on The Leading Man. My muse was begging for Tiger and Bunny. This is the compromise I managed. Unbeta’d because I wrote this to get back to my other stories and just felt like sharing.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or Tiger&Bunny but if I did…. I probably wouldn’t change a thing about T&B. That show is awesome as is, when are the movies coming out?

A Phonecall

“Kyou! Your father’s on the phone. Kyou?” his grandmother called from the kitchen.

“Down in a minute, grandma!” Kyou called out hurriedly as he down the steps since his – totally awesome – father was waiting to talk to him.

“Honestly Kyou, it’s like you’ve forgotten your own name,” Grandmother Anju complained worriedly as she handed the phone off to her eldest grandson.

Nervously, Kyou laughed off his grandmother’s concern. “I’m just going deaf for you grandma!” he called after her as she left the room. He did not have the heart to tell her that as of five days ago he was not her grandchild and had a very different name. Not that she would believe him but, Kyou still felt a little guilty at the pointless secrecy. Their family had enough of that already going around. Speaking of which… “Dad! You called early but you still missed Kaede. She’s spending the night with friends. They’re probably doing girlie things like hair and make-up listening to annoying boy bands and giggling over Barnaby.” He made a face into the video phone to display just how little he thought of that idea.

His dad was smiling at him until he heard Kaede was not home and downright slumped at the mention of Barnaby. Kyou was kind of grateful Kaede did not know dad’s big secret because it would really bother him otherwise how much she hurt their father’s feelings. The two of them were already fighting enough over how Kaede treated dad to begin with though it was silently agreed by all Kaburagi not to mention this to the absent father.

“O-oh, still crushing over him after saving her at the rink huh?” dad asked trying to smile and act like he was not bothered about who his daughter idolized.

“Yeah, I don’t get it either,” Kyou commiserated. “Thanks for getting me the new Hero card signed by Wild Tiger Dad. His new suit is so cool! Doesn’t look much like a tiger though.”

At this dad laughed, his happy, boisterous, laugh. “I know!” From there the conversation went to the usual territory of all things heroes; from Mr. Legend to modern heroes. What heroes were doing wrong and what they were doing right? Were saving people or catching the bad guys more important? It seemed like no time had passed before Kyou was saying goodbye to his father and being sent to bed by his grandmother.

For a new lease on life, the Powers could have given me worse deal. I might not have a mom in this world and dad my live away in the city but at least he cares more than the Harrises ever did. Kyou thought, a content smile on his face as he fell asleep and dreamed of becoming a NEXT hero.


PS: Not sure about Kyou’s age. Between 12 and 7. I’ll leave that up to reviewers. Kyou does not have the preteen rebellion Kaede’s rocking for most of the series because he’s a dork like his dad and knows Kotetsu is the Wild Tiger. Kyou might stay the normal human or he might become a NEXT. Again, reviewers choice.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please email the author or leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Son of a Hero" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Feb 12.

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