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A Walk To Remember

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Summary: Trista and Caroline Petrova have been traveling for almost three years in search of their family many years after their sudden disappearance. Only when they find their family happy and ignorant of their absence sliver of forgiveness once held die

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesScorpioCharmerFR1333,2760054728 Feb 125 Mar 12Yes

Chapter Five

Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained.
(Their will be more than six 'Original Children' in it)
(Trista & Caroline Petrova have many secrets)
(Tatia is shown in a different light to what is said by Elijah in Season 3)
(Caroline Petrova is Caroline Forbes)
(no BTVS or ATS in it)

Chapter Five




I felt nothing as I moved around each day and night taking care of my beloved niece Charlotte.

I watched mindlessly out my window as I put the three away knowing that Caroline was crying asleep in the other room -from Kol's departure and Dana's death- and I couldn't bare to let myself think the same would happen with Niklaus and myself, when suddenly I caught sight of the White Oak Tree burning and ran from my room to find Niklaus with Elijah and Rebekah around the ashes of the tree holding hands
"Always and forever..." I heard before Niklaus looked at me with no emotion and had disappeared in thin air along with his brother and sister.

I fell to my knees and finally let tears fall: for Henrik's death, for my parents leaving, for my Tatia's murder for the death of Caroline's daughter Dana, for the death of my own daughter Alexia and for Kol and Niklaus' departing.

"You will see them again child, I give you my word..." Aryanna said softly.

But for once in my life I had given up "no, we wont" I said before getting up and going back to the small home I shared with my sister and our niece.



It had been almost a thousand years and Caroline and myself had set our eyes on Niklaus, Kol and the others, that is until Caroline was given an invitation to a ball held by the 'Mikaelson Family' along with a beautiful blue dress caused a wave of nausea to build up at the thought of her going in there and seeing them alone -especially since the gift was from Klaus.

So when she asked me to come with her I decided to put on a blank smile and act happy at the thought of seeing Klaus again even though he'd set his sight on her and Kol was back in the picture.

We were shopping for hours when we found a dress just like the one Taylor Swift wore in the music video for her song "Love Story".



Five hours later the two of us plus Tatia's second Doppelganger Elena Gilbert were all dressed up and standing in the entrance to the Mikaelson Mansion.

While I wore the "Swift Dress" my sister wore the blue one Klaus bought her and Elena wore a black and gold one.

When we walked through the doors all eyes swept our way and I regretted listening to my sister and following her in wearing our wedding bands given to us all those centuries ago, especially as Kol made his way over and took Caroline away from us just as Klaus and the others were a few feet away all stopping at the sight of me, now knowing that Caroline wasn't a Doppelganger of the youngest Petrova sisters but the real deal.

And that moment was just enough time for Damon to whisk away Elena and Stefan to take me into the ballroom where some people were dancing and we followed suit, that was until Klaus interrupted and in trying to get me to dance with him I saw the same look he gave me that night in the meadow, and I ran.

The look on his face brought tears to my eyes as I reached the edge of the woods outside, it wasn't love or lust it was anger.

He wasn't happy to know that I was still alive, to have me there, he was mad and didn't want me. "Not now not ever." I found myself saying as I fell in the middle of the small field which had long since been a secret. "It was probably never our secret" I laughed out as more tears pored down my face not taking notice of the shadowed figure three feet behind me.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Walk To Remember". This story is complete.

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