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A Walk To Remember

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Summary: Trista and Caroline Petrova have been traveling for almost three years in search of their family many years after their sudden disappearance. Only when they find their family happy and ignorant of their absence sliver of forgiveness once held die

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Literature > Vampire Diaries, The > Non-BtVS/AtS StoriesScorpioCharmerFR1333,2760054728 Feb 125 Mar 12Yes

Chapter One and Two

Disclaimer: I do not own television show The Vampire Diaries. Vampire Diaries belongs to L.J. Smith. There is no No copyright infringement intended. No profit is gained.
(Their will be more than six 'Original Children' in it)
(Trista & Caroline Petrova have many secrets)
(Tatia is shown in a different light to what is said by Elijah in Season 3)
(Caroline Petrova is Caroline Forbes)
(no BTVS or ATS in it)

Chapter One


I awoke at the sound of the door closing downstairs, walking over to the window I saw that mama and papa were walking towards town with a shadow trailing behind them.
'Probably just Angel' I thought to myself of the shadow quickly sliding back into bed as to not wake up my -fraternal- twin Tatia and our younger sister Caroline, only to feel as if something was missing but put it to the back of my mind as I slowly drifted of into happy dreams.

When I awoke in the morning it was to the sound of Caroline's cry's -echoing from downstairs- and the soothing voice of our neighbor Madame Mazur.
When I made my presence known Caroline told me how mama and papa had left with Tatia and weren't ever coming back, but I didn't believe her.


I chose not to believe her until the years had quickly rolled by and I was now thirteen years of age, a woman and wanting to find where our parents had been so cruel as to leave without so much as a note to say that they were sorry for leaving us behind, or Tatia leaving a clue as to weather she was okay with what they were making her do.

So the day after my birthday Madame Mazur -who had soon become 'grandmother' to Caroline and myself once she took us in- along with the help of some of our neighbors help, the two of us left in search of our only remaining family.
Not knowing the adventures that life would bring.


As I took off my jacket and sat under the shaded tree I moaned.

For the past three days nine hours and forty six minutes that Caroline and I had been in search of the nearest village that a friend -we'd made on travels a year before- told us about I had heard nothing but talk about the hope of finally seeing our parents along with our dearest sister once more, only to get splashed in the face.

"CAROLINE!" I screamed not caring if I was heard or not. The two of us had been traveling for years and in our travels had discovered that the best sense of dress while hiking in such heat as today were cut pants just a few inches beneath our buttocks, a sleeveless tunic with a corset over and our normal hunting shoes, and belt.

Our belt and boot able to hide a sharpened knife, dagger and small sword in case we needed to defend ourselves.

I picked up the nearest object -which happened to be a small rock- and threw it her way, laughing when she almost fell face first into the beautiful lake that we were fortunate to find.

"Come on sis it's fucking hot, let's skinny dip!" Caroline said with an excited squeal and clap of her hands at her idea.

"Remember the last time you suggested that?" I asked with a questioning raise of my brow causing her to stop as she was about to take her tunic off "you woke up next to Bastion Oregan with a bruised cheek and a cut on your neck?" At the memory Caroline ended up jumping in with her tunic and short pants still on, trying to coax me into jumping in as well.

"One of us has to make sure that their aren't any perverted boys around baby sister, also I need a good few hours rest so shut your mouth so I can get it" and with that Caroline became silent until there was a rustling a good ten feet to the left of me.

"CRAP!" She screeched so loud causing me to jump. I didn't bother looking as I figured it would be some people and they'd most likely be able to help us. But as I registered my sisters silence I peeked a glance at her, got up and walked over to her with annoyance. "Just get out and we'll leave if you're afraid of whoever is over there 'Kay?"

And with that I turned around only to come face to face with Tatia holding a baby, our parents and eleven people I supposed to be friends of theirs.

Chapter Two

Caroline got out and ran strait behind the large oak to where I had placed our belongings and draped one of the small cloth blankets around her body to cover herself from the many men before us while I simply glared daggers at my parents as they looked from Caroline to myself with shame, Tatia with joy at the sight of us and the others in wonder.

"Mama, papa, Tatia!" Caroline suddenly squealed and embraced each in a large huge as tears streamed down her porcelain cheeks, her attitude changing theirs to that of delight though mine didn't waver as I walked back over to where I'd been resting and took of my belt and shoes as I took up my position once more taking no notice of the sad looks on my parents and -both- sisters faces.

"Trista they're having a picnic!" Caroline said after straddling my legs clapping her hands in excitement. I merely put my belt and boots in my nap-sack before pushing Caroline off of me and walking away "you should join them, I'm sure mama and papa are glad to have their two favourite daughters together again"

I had finally started falling into slumber underneath a willow at the other end of the lake when I heard the crunch of a body sitting beside my own.

Opening my eyes I saw a boy the age of six with a nice sum of bread, cheese and grapes on a wooden plate. "My mama told me to come and give this to you miss Twister" he said breathing heavily causing me to believe he ran all the way around here.

"Thank-you..." I paused as I didn't know his name until he put in "Henrik, my sister Bekah calls me Henry" he said with a toothy grin reminding me of a little boy I'd met a couple of villages ago.

"Well thank-you very much Henrik, because you ran all the way here" I said with a small smile causing the boy to blush "how would you like to help me eat up this food. I couldn't possibly eat 'all' of it could I?" I asked while taking a knife out of my nap-sack and cutting the bread and cheese in half, laughing as Henrik devoured it in under a minute before waiting until I finished my own and split the grapes.

"Thank-you Twister, and you can call me Henry" he said while he positioned himself on my lap much like children in villages and towns we visited had done no matter what their parents told them like I was some kind of Pied Piper.

My sisters and who I figured to be Henrik's elder brothers and sister suddenly all appeared dressed to swim -Tatia and Bekah in some of Caroline's short pants and sleeveless tunics- causing Henrik to jump up and down waving like a mad man while calling out "we're here, we're here!" Before turning on me with big blue puppy-eyes and asked

"Please come swimming with us? Please, please, please!!!"

I shook my head and laughed as Caroline called out "if I cant get her in the lake you have no hope either kiddo!" Which caused Henrik to erupt in tears. I picked him up and walked over to them all the while screaming profanities at Caroline, letting a groan escape my lips when both her and Tatia pointed out that he wasn't crying anymore but smiling in victory.

"You are so whipped!" Was all Caroline had a chance to say before I chased her into the lake and dunked her under the water before getting out and giving the others an 'I told you so' smile before going back to lounging.
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