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This story is No. 1 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: The Winchester boys meet up with another hunter's daughter and travel to Sunnydale, CA to help her friends with something called an Ascension

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: All characters, settings, etc. from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural are the property of their owners. Original characters and plot are the property of the author. No copyright infringement is intended.

“Alright Bobby. Yeah we’ll be there tomorrow morning at the latest.” John ran his hand through his hair, “it’s no problem Bobby, Kevin was my friend. Alright see ya then.”

“What’s going on dad?” Dean asked after his dad hung up.

“Kevin was killed last week working a case in Cambridge.”

Dean couldn’t help but notice that his dad looked like he aged ten years. There weren’t many people John really called friends. Kevin was one of them. He knew the risks to the job, and he knew he couldn’t save everyone, but it still weighed on him. John looked at Dean who knew his dad was upset but didn’t know what to do. “So does Bobby want us to finish the hunt? Kill the thing that got Kevin?” He figured focusing on the job would be best.

“No his daughter was able to finish from what Bobby said. I don’t know the details yet but Bobby said he would fill us in when we got to his place.” John looked over at Sammy who was still sleeping. “Wake your brother up and pack the car. I’m gonna grab some provisions for the road. I wanna get to Bobby’s as soon as possible.”

“Yes, sir.” Dean replied watching his dad walk out the door. He turned to Sam, “Sammy get up we gotta pack.” When Sam didn’t move Dean pushed him out of bed.

“What the hell Dean? Sam got up rubbing the side of his head.

“Pack up. Bobby needs us so were headed out.” Dean turned and started throwing clothes into his bag.

John pulled up to Bobby’s in his truck just after 2 a.m. followed by the boys in the impala. Bobby stepped out onto the porch to greet his friend.

“Hey Bobby what’s up?”

“Hey boys, John.”

“Bobby,” John shook his friend’s hand. The Winchesters followed Bobby inside. After taking their shots of holy water, the boys found themselves in Bobby’s study.

“Sam. Dean. Why don’t you boys go get some rest?”

Dean looked at his dad, “Dad...”

“I’m gonna get some sleep too. Give me a minute to talk to Bobby. We could all use some rest.”

Sam and Dean looked at their dad then each other. They shrugged, turned, and left their dad to talk to Bobby. Before Sam opened the door to his usual room he grabbed Dean. “What’s up Dean? Dad is acting weird and I know you know something.”

Dean looked at Sam, “Kevin was killed. Dad said Bobby would fill us in when we got here. That’s all I know.”

They heard footsteps coming up the stairs and they both went into their rooms.

Sam wasn’t sure what he should feel. He knew his dad was friends with Kevin, but unlike Dean he hadn’t spent much time with the man. He knew that him and his wife were both hunters, they had two children and his wife was murdered along with their son. Other than that he didn’t know much.

Sam stripped down to his boxers and t-shirt, threw his bag in the corner, and threw himself on the bed ready to crash out. He landed right on top of a lump and it started moving.

For the first time since her dad died, Sarah was sleeping dreamlessly. All of a sudden she was awakened by something heavy hitting her and knocking the breath from her. Before she even realized it she had flipped whoever it was off of her, took the knife out from under her pillow, and had them pinned to the floor with the knife to their throat.

Bobby heard a loud thud and remembered that Sarah was in Sam’s usual room. He ran upstairs just as Dean and John were busing the door open.

“Sarah!” Bobby yelled to get her attention so she wouldn’t kill the boy. He threw the light switch and everyone had to blink to get their eyes adjusted.

“What the hell!?” Sam looked up at the girl sitting on top of him. She was looking at him funny then glanced up at Bobby, “Bobby?”

“Nice Sammy! We’ve been here what, twenty minutes and you’ve already got a girl all over you? Gotta say I’m impressed.”

Dean, John, and Bobby all laughed as Sam’s face grew ten shades of red. Sarah looked down and realized she was in a very provocative position with a strange boy. She felt her face grow hot and jumped up. She offered her hand to the boy and helped him up. “Sorry,” she whispered.

When John finished laughing he turned to Sarah, “Well Sarah if your done attacking my son how about a hug?” John opened his arms wide and Sarah gave him a hug. Dean and Sam looked at their dad with their mouths wide open.

“Sam. Dean. This is Kevin’s daughter Sarah. Sarah my boys.”

Sarah waved and said “Hello,” avoiding eye contact because she was still a little embarrassed about attacking Sam.

“Doesn’t look like anyone is gonna be sleeping anytime soon thanks to you two idgits. Let’s go downstairs and I’ll explain everything.” Bobby turned and went downstairs. Sarah looked around at the Winchesters and followed Bobby.

Dean looked at Sammy who was staring after the girl and laughed. “Shut up Dean,” Sam muttered turning red faced again and followed his dad down the stairs.

Once they were all seated in the living room, Bobby looked at Sarah motioning for her to start. She fidgeted in her chair, “I’m not sure where to start.”

“Why don’t you tell us what happened with your dad? What was the job?” John offered.

“Well...actually...He wasn’t out there for a job. He came to watch me graduate and found out that there were vampires nesting just outside of town.”

“Wait a sec,” Sam interrupted, “its January. Who graduates in January?”

“Sarah is a brainiac and graduated early,” Bobby answered for her.

“Thanks.” She blushed, “Anyway, after my graduation we went to scope it out. There were only three of them so we figured we could take ‘em, no problem. Dad told me to wait outside. He took down two of them but the third jumped him,” she looked down at her hands, “I killed it but it was too late. My dad was dead.”

Dean still wasn’t sure what this had to them. “So why exactly are we here?”

“Sarah is going to ride with us for a little while.” Both Sam and Dean were shocked. “She has some friends in California that might need our help. Apparently all of the rumors about the Slayer and the hellmouth are true.”

“Wait Slayer? Hellmouth? I’m lost.” Dean just shook his head.

“A hellmouth is the center for mystical convergence and the Slayer is the one chosen to fight it. She has super strength, killer reflexes, and typically, a short lifespan.” Sarah replied.

“So she’s like a super hero?” Sam kinda liked the idea of going to California and working with a super hero.

“Something like that.” Sarah laughed. Buffy would get a kick out of being called a super hero.

“So why would the Slayer need our help?” Dean was still confused and wasn’t into teaming up with ‘super slayer girl.’

“I found out some information on something called the ‘Ascension’. Apparently it’s something big. I’m hoping that if we can get there then Giles can explain.”

“Who’s Giles? Is he the watcher?” John hadn’t heard the name but had heard about the Slayer’s watcher.

“Yeah Giles is the watcher. He has a lot of information and might be able to help you in your search for that yellow eyed demon.”

That got the attention of everyone in the room. John was willing to help this girl out because she was like family, but if she could get him closer to finding the demon that killed Mary he would do just about anything.
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