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Greater Instincts

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Triplet Manifesto". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Of bedtimes and Rat Love". Spoilers for EVERYTHING!!!!

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Harry Potter > Amy-CenteredJmariaFR151315,1011168,0335 Jan 0410 Jan 05No

Chapter Twelve

A/N: It has been so long since I updated this, but the Winter break gave me a bunch of new perspectives on my older fics, and well, this popped out. A note on the dates - I did them totally randomly, then back counted. They just happened to work out. I hope you all like this new installment.



Chapter Twelve

February 28th, 2008 - St. Leticia's Hospital, London, England

6:56 A.M.

“If you ever touch me again, Andrew, I’m CASTRATING YOU!” Amy screamed loudly, as the fifth consecutive contraction went through her.

“Amy -”

“CASTRATION! I’m going to castrate you, dammit!” She yanked him forward, until his face was mere inches from hers. “I HATE YOU!”

“Ok, well, let’s give Andrew the chance to breathe, Ams.” Buffy had slipped into the room where Amy was waiting for the mediwitch, when she saw Amy’s little outburst.

“Thank you.” He whispered.

“Go convince the kids that Mommy’s Ok.” Willow held the door open for him.

“Should I -”

“GO, ANDREW!” They cried.


Amy was panting, trying to catch her breath. She looked up at her two friends.

“Guess Baby Wells decided he’s waited too long.” Buffy joked.

“Guess so. . . AHHHH!” She screamed, as another contraction hit her.

“Run, go get Andrew and the doctor. . .witch medic thing.” Willow pushed her Buffy toward the door as she went to Amy’s side. “You need to keep breathing evenly, Amy. Remember what they taught you in Lamaze class.”

“I’ve done this before Willow! And it was easier the FIRST TIME!”

“Yeah, but you were on a butt-load of anesthetics .”

“Why don’t I have any NOW?”

“Because this time, you aren’t having triplets, and they don’t need to cut you open this time. That and you‘re already too far into labor.”

“Mighty Hecate -”Amy started to chant. Until Willow’s hand clamped onto her mouth.

“That’s how you got into trouble last time, Amy!”

* * * *

TA watched as Aunt Buffy grabbed Daddy and pulled him and one of the robed guys into the room Mommy was in. TA wasn’t totally stupid. Mommy was having the baby. TA squeezed her eyes shut as she imagined herself in the room her Mommy was in. She slammed her eyes open.

A tall, pretty woman in a long flowing dress robe thing with hair the color of Aunt Willow’s smiled down at her. A finger traced over her cheek. She smiled at the little girl, her green eyes sparkling down at her.

“Hello, Tara Anne.” Her voice sounded like Aunt Hermione’s only more like a whispering sort of voice.


“Would you like to see something, Tara Anne?”

“Yes please.”

“Good, then I shall show you the happiest day in my whole entire life.”

“But Mommy - “ She gulped, “I wanta see Mommy.”

“You’ll see your mummy in a bit. But you need to understand this, Tara Anne. In a few months time, you’ll have to -” A shaky whisper rattled her voice. “You’ll need to understand your pasts.”

“Pasts? More that one?”

“Yes, my dear more than one.” Another shaky whisper escaped her, “Come.”

The hallway dimmed a bit as the little girl followed the woman. There was something about her that TA trusted. The woman pushed the door open and ushered her into the room.

The woman lay on the bed, her hands running through her hair as tears streamed over her cheeks. TA looked up at the woman. Great, it was more of those ‘happy tears’ that all of the grownups were so eager to let out. Crying just gave you a big headache, and TA totally didn’t understand why everyone liked having them. Happy Tears sucked just as bad as sad tears.

“Lily, here you go. Oh, isn’t he a handsome little tyke.”

“My son?” Lily smiled up at the medi witch who handed her the small bundle. The woman who held TA’s hand led her to the bed.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Showing you my happiest memory.”

TA stared down at the baby in Lily’s arms, the woman holding her high enough to see the dark haired little boy. He -

“You’re Uncle Harry’s mommy?” TA looked up into the woman’s sparkling green eyes. She smiled softly at the little girl.

Images flashed in TA’s mind. Of a tumbling little red-haired girl playing with her mean older sister, the little girl growing up, learning magic, falling in love, making new friends, getting married, having her son. And Dying.

She not only saw through Lily’s mind, but tiny other bits and pieces flipped through her mind as the other memories slipped past.

“You’re a very special little girl, Tara Anne. You come from a long line of very special people, whom - had they gotten the chance to know you - would have loved you very much indeed. You’ll meet them all in your life, at times when you need to know more of who you are. But most importantly, you’ll need to realize that for every person that leaves this world, another takes their space.”

“Like Uncle Oz . . .died . . .”

“So that there is a space for the child that Willow bears.”

“But - Why?”

“Because we must learn through what we lose to appreciate all that we gain.”

“Why’s it so hard?”

“It just is.” Lily smiled at the little blonde haired girl. “Your mummy will want to see you now. We best get you back now.”

* * * *

The Scoobies crowded around the bed, coming to see the newest addition to the large extended family.

“Wow.” Buffy murmured.

“That about sums it up.” Willow added, misty eyed.

“Just - wow.” Buffy smiled down at the infant in Amy’s arms. Andre smiled weakly from the chair beside the bed. “He’s beautiful. Have you picked out a name?”

“Jonathan Daniel.”

“After Jonathan and Oz. The road to redemption, and all that.” Andrew said softly, as the baby caught his finger in his tiny hand.

“If that’s okay with you?” Amy questioned softly, her eyes connecting with Willow’s. The red-head nodded tearfully, her hand straying to her own extended belly. Xander wrapped his free arm around his best friend, comforting her.

“Excuse me, but only immediate family after six.” A nurse poked her head into the room.

“Miss?” Jimmy asked, tugging on the nurse’s shirt.

“Yes, sweetie?”

“We’re not ‘mediate, that mean we’ve gotta go too? I just got a brother.”

“Oh -”

“We’re just getting ready to go.

“Jimmy, come give Mommy a kiss then Aunt Willow and Uncle Xander will take you guys home.”

“Oh, we finally get even, and I gotta leave him by his lonesome.”

Joy leaned her head on Uncle Charlie’s shoulder, sucking on her thumb as big crocodile tears formed in her eyes. T.A. pressed against Tonks’ leg, wanting to get away from the stinky smell of the place. Each sister smiled down at their little brother, and dutifully kissed their mother.

“Be good for your Aunts and Uncles.” Andrew tired to say sternly.

“Yes, Daddy.” The three said together.

“Mommy, I don’t wanna go!” Joy said tearfully.

“Hey, we’re gonna do fun stuff.” Willow said cheerfully, wiping her eyes quickly. “Uncle Ron said he’d teach you how to play Wizard’s Chess.”

“The one where they break each other?” T.A. said excitedly.



* * * *

May 15th, 2008 - St. Leticia's Hospital, London, England

“Why - did - I - ever - want - to - have -kids?” Willow gritted out through another painful contraction.

“Not so easy when it’s you laying in the bed, now is it?” Amy grinned at her.

“I didn’t try a Hecate spell.”

“Not yet, but you’re not completely dilated yet. And your contractions are so far between it‘s not even funny.”

“Ams, I don’t think you’re helping.” Xander snapped as Willow gripped his hand painfully.

* * * *

Seventeen Hours later

11:45 P.M.

“One more big push, Miss Rosenberg.” The doctor said encouragingly.

“I CAN’T PUSH ANYMORE!” Willow screamed, yanking hard on Xander’s collar. “I hate men!”

“This coming from a former lesbian.” Xander tried to quip.

“Xander, so not the time.” Buffy scolded. “C’mon, Wills, one more push and you’re all done. Don’t you want to see you’re baby?” She said soothingly.

“Just get it outta me!” Willow whimpered.

“Push, Willow!”

A bright light burst from the ceiling as a strong cry broke out of the baby’s mouth. Willow blinked away the sweat and tears and almost swore she saw Tara, Oz, and Anya for a moment.

“You have a healthy baby girl. Congratulations.” The doctor handed her the tiny wriggly bundle. Pale red splotches of hair stuck up on the baby’s head.

“Danielle Osbourne Rosenberg.” Willow murmured.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Greater Instincts" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 Jan 05.

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