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Greater Instincts

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This story is No. 3 in the series "The Triplet Manifesto". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to "Of bedtimes and Rat Love". Spoilers for EVERYTHING!!!!

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Disclaimer: Joss owns all things Buffy, J.K. owns all things Harry. I own the Triplets
A/N: Ok, I really never thought people would like “Of Bedtimes and Rat Love”. Hell, I never even thought I liked it. I wrote it because I was bored and waiting for my ride to get here. Anyway, I wrote it, and I started thinking about the babies, and this became that little idea I had, oddly enough, in a bathroom. So here’s the sequel, which I started like five hours after I wrote the first one.

Thanks to all who reviewed and liked the first one!

Spoilers for EVERYTHING!!! You’ve been warned.

You don’t need to really read the first one to get this one. It really focuses on the triplets, not Amy so much, but it has a bit of everyone in it. So, here I go.





Greater Instincts


When I was a little baby, they hated my mother’s guts. Sure, Mom tried to be all bad with her magic ways that one time. But no one ever remembers the good she ended up doing.

I was born in Sunnydale, California. If you tried to look it up on the map, all you’d find would be a huge crater. I was born about a year before Sunnydale bit the dust. My mom used to say that it seemed like it was made of dust. I guess that’s because of all of the vampires there.

My name is Tara Anne. I’m nineteen. When my mother conceived my sister, brother and I, she was a rat. Let me see, around that time, she was twenty-two. She had us at twenty -three.

Mr. Giles had been in England around then, helping Willow recover from her trip to the dark side. That’s how we found out about my father.

Peter Pettigrew. He was a backstabbing bastard. And a wizard. He was an animagnus, and could turn himself into a rat. He was hiding out after he set up his best friend. It wasn’t pretty. Evil and death ensued. Then he was all big with the cowardice. Let’s just say, Mom didn’t take this well. Plus there was the added bonus of him being like fifteen years older than her.

I was one when Sunnydale was destroyed. Mom went back there. She met them on the road. We were all in safety seats in the back of her old car. She helped out on that day, dressing wounds.

See, there was this thing about Sunnydale that most people didn’t get. It was a Hellmouth. The destruction of that portal caused something to happen. AKA, the destruction of Sunnydale. Mom just kinda cried her eyes out. But they were good tears. Tears of release, of closure.

Mom decided to go back to be on the good side. It was a little weird, because Mom felt all tied down and she kinda hexed Willow earlier that year. Luckily, all was forgiven. Eventually. Gramps had kinda freaked when Mom showed up on his doorstep, holding three babies. He yelled at her and disowned her.

My mother is Amy. She’s a witch. She was a rat. And for the past eighteen years of my life, we’ve been following the Slayers and the Scooby Gang. In those years, we’ve lost people, loved people, made some mistakes, and fought in more battles than I can care to count. People have returned to us, new people have been born. Mom eventually married. My birth father was sentenced to a prison term. And I met a boy who seemingly changed my life. And I decided to find out the truth.

And this is that truth.


A/N 2: Whatcha Think?
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