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Buffy meets the Benders

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: While buffy is traveling in Minnesota to pick up another young slayer, she runs into Sam and Dean Winchester. After Sam disappears she tries to help Dean get him back.

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Chapter 2

*Contains dialogue from Supernatural season 1 "The Benders"*

Buffy spent the whole night trying to calm Dean down. Nothing worked. With Sam gone all other thoughts left his mind. All he wanted was to find Sam and kill whatever did this. He kept going between the newspaper articles that Sam found and their dad’s journal. He read and re-read everything trying to kill time.

The next morning Dean went to the police station by himself. He was going to go in as a member of the state police and see if he could get the footage from the camera. While he was gone Buffy paced the room several times. She tried to call Willow but it was no use. She was still out with the coven trying to locate all of the other slayers magically. She could really use that now to find Sam.

Dean text her once to tell her that the sheriff was getting the footage from the cameras and that he would call when he got a chance. She didn’t hear from him anymore that night. She wanted to go look for him but didn’t know where to start. She decided to trust him and just sit tight. The next afternoon she decided that she had enough of sitting around. She grabbed her jacket and started for the door when her phone rang.

She grabbed the phone and almost busted it trying to open it. “Hello? Dean?”

“Buffy I need your help. I think we found Sam but the sheriff handcuffed me to the car. I’m gonna try and get out of these but I think I might need you.” He explained what happened, where he was, and told her to be careful. She got in the car sped off towards him. When she got there the cop car was gone and so was Dean.

She parked a little ways down the road and hid the car as best she could. She found her way back to the driveway and started walking. It was getting dark and she knew she should hurry. If it was really a bunch of humans taking all of these people then they were no better than demons or vampires and Sam and Dean could be in a lot of trouble.

It was dark and raining when she finally saw the house. She was cold, wet, miserable, and worried that she might be too late. She circled around and saw a door leading into the basement. She decided to sneak inside and see if she could find Sam or Dean. What she found instead were jars filled with human teeth and locks of hair hanging from the walls. She walked a little further in and found pictures of people next to dead bodies; the way you would find a hunter posing next to a bear they killed.

It made her sick to know that people were doing this and that Sam and Dean could be next. Demons she could deal with. They were inherently evil. These people chose to be evil. She heard gunshots coming from somewhere nearby. There was a yell from upstairs and then the front door slammed. She started up the steps into the house and saw a little girl holding a knife to Dean.

She threw a jar that she grabbed off a shelf and hit the little girl in the back of the head knocking her out. She went to untie Dean but he yelled at her to help Sam. She ran outside and heard another gunshot. She burst through the door and saw a big man with a gun pointing it at Sam. He took the shot before she could react. Sam ducked and the old man following him took the hit. Buffy punched him twice in the lower back causing him to fall forward. Sam took his gun and smashed it into the back of his head.

The sheriff picked up the old man’s gun and was pointing it at him. She saw Sam and Buffy looking at her, “I’ll watch this one you go ahead.” Sam gave her a knowing look, “Go ahead.” Buffy pushed Sam towards the door. She was worried that the little girl might wake up before Dean could get free.

When they got into the house Dean was getting the last of the ropes loose. Sam picked up the little girl and they locked her into a closet. Sam noticed that Dean was clutching his side, “You okay?”


They walked outside and heard another gunshot. Their eyes shot to the barn and the sheriff walked out. “Where’s the little girl?”

“Locked in a closet.” Dean looked at the barn. “What about the dad?”

“Shot. Trying to escape.”

Buffy didn’t know why the boys were looking at her the way they were. It’s like they knew something that she didn’t.

They found Sam’s stuff and met the sheriff outside. “So…the state police and the FBI are gonna be here within the hour. They’re gonna wanna talk to you.” She paused and looked at them all for a minute. “I suggest that you’re all long gone by then.”

“Thanks. Hey listen, I don’t mean to press our luck, but were kinda in the middle of nowhere. Think we could catch a ride to our friend’s car?”

She gave him an incredulous look, “Start walking. Duck if you see a squad car.”

“Sounds great to me. Thanks.” Sam and Buffy turned to leave but stopped when they heard Dean speak.

“Listen, uh…I’m sorry about your brother.” Buffy looked at him and then the sheriff. This must have been what that look was all about.

She gave Dean a small nod, “Thank you. It was really hard not knowing what happened to him. I thought it would be easier once I knew the truth…but…it isn’t really. Anyway, you should go.” She smiled.

They began walking down the driveway back to Buffy’s car. “Her brother was one of the victims?”

The only response she got was, “Yeah.”

Later that day she found Dean loading the Impala with his bags. She was a little disappointed that they were leaving already. She never did get to have her fun. When he saw her he smiled and leaned against the car. It seems as though he was back to being his old self now that he found Sam. “You guys leaving already?”

“Yeah sorry to leave you wanting more, but we think we might have a lead on our dad. It’s flimsy, but it’s better than nothing.”

She looked at him funny, “What are you talking about?”

“I guess we never got to talk much. Our dad went missing several months ago. We have been looking for him ever since.”

Didn’t Sarah say something about talking to him last week? Maybe she would get the opportunity to have some fun after all. “What if I could give you a lead that is a little more solid?”

Sam caught the end of their conversation, “What are you talking about? Have you talked to our dad?”

“No.” Their faces fell. “But Sarah talked to him last week.”

“Sarah? How do you know that?” Sam seemed anxious. She wondered if it had to do with having a lead on his dad or Sarah.

“She told me. He called her and asked her to do something for him. Before you ask, I don’t know what it was.”

“Do you know how to get a hold of her?”

She smiled, “Yes I do, but you will have to come to Cleveland with me to talk to her.”

They agreed to wait while Buffy collected her new slayer and follow her to Cleveland. Dean was anxious to find out what Sarah knew. This was the first time they had heard some good news in a while. Buffy couldn’t have come back into their lives at a better time. He looked over at his brother, “So…you think she knows where he is?”

Sam just shook his head. He wasn’t really in the mood to talk. He was happy that they had the first good lead on their dad in months, but he was conflicted too. He didn’t want to admit it, but he was excited to see Sarah again. It made him feel guilty about Jessica.

Dean was pretty sure he knew what was going on in Sam’s head. Normally, he would be giving his brother crap right now, but the look on his face stopped him. It might also have something to do with almost losing him too. This trip to Cleveland was going to be interesting to say the least. He looked at Buffy’s car ahead of them…very interesting.

The End

You have reached the end of "Buffy meets the Benders". This story is complete.

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