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Buffy meets the Benders

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: While buffy is traveling in Minnesota to pick up another young slayer, she runs into Sam and Dean Winchester. After Sam disappears she tries to help Dean get him back.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: All characters, settings, etc. of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural are the property of their creators. All original characters and plot are the property of the author. No copyright infringement is intended.

*Contains dialogue from Supernatural season 1 "The Benders"*

Buffy liked these trips. Every time Willow would track down a new slayer she would jump on the chance to go pick her up. Faith used to go with her on these recruiting trips, but since she got pregnant she was opting to stay back at the school. Buffy still couldn’t believe that Faith was having a kid. It would be interesting to see Faith handling a child.

This week she was in Hibbing, Minnesota. The girl she was going to pick up was fourteen and had been getting into trouble since becoming a slayer. Her parents didn’t understand what was going on with her, but they were glad to hear that she got into a school for gifted young women. They didn’t understand how she did it but were thankful.

After checking into her motel she decided to go get a drink. It was too late to go talk to the family tonight so she would do it tomorrow. She drove a few miles and saw a sign that said ‘Kugel’s Keg’ and figured that would be a good place to find some fun.

She walked in and headed for the pool tables when she saw a couple of familiar faces. She hadn’t seen them in like six years but she definitely recognized them. She started walking over and caught the last bit of their conversation. “Whoa...Whoa…easy. Let’s have another round.”

“Yeah Sam, stay. This one’ll be on me.” The boys both turned to see a familiar petite blond girl strolling over to them.

Dean leered at Buffy, “Well I’ll be. If it isn’t Buffy Summers in all her hotness.”

Buffy rolled her eyes, “You haven’t changed.” Sam stood up and gave the slayer a hug that caused him to hunch over. He had grown almost a foot since she had seen him last! Dean grabbed her for a hug next and held on a little longer than usual.

“So what are you doing in Minnesota? How is everyone?” Sunnydale had been the first time he had gotten a taste of the normal life. At least as normal as he could have hoped for before he left for college. He had made friends, gotten a girlfriend, and helped blow up the local high school.

Buffy smiled, “Everyone is good. You heard about Sunnydale being destroyed right?” They nodded, “Well when we destroyed the hellmouth there I took Dawnie and this guy Andrew to Europe to take a break for a while. The rest of the gang relocated to Cleveland and stated setting up a slayer school at the site of the hellmouth there.”

Dean stopped her, “Wait there is more than one hellmouth? And what do you mean ‘slayer school’?”

Buffy explained about the first and Willow’s spell. They were shocked that Willow was so powerful. They knew she fooled around with magic when they were in Sunnydale, but they had never seen her perform any spells.

They talked for about an hour. Once the conversation got away from his friends and onto more trivial matters Sam got bored. He watched Buffy and Dean flirt for a few minutes before deciding that it was time to leave.

“We can’t go yet. We would be leaving Buffy all alone in this dive.” He gave her a sly smile.

“Yes, because she is so helpless.” Sam replied in his most sarcastic voice.

Buffy laughed at them, “I have to go too. I’ve gotta find this girl and pick her up. Fun, fun.”

Dean looked at Sam, “Alright, I’ll meet ya outside. I gotta take a leak.” Sam grabbed his stuff and walked out. Dean stopped Buffy from following. “Hey, you gonna be around a while? Maybe we can get together later.” He gave her a wink.

Buffy smiled and leaned in close to him, “Don’t you have to take a leak?” She turned and walked away. She was going to head outside with Sam but decided to wait for Dean by the door. Maybe she would stick around a couple of days. She could wait to pick up their newest slayer addition. She had an itch that needed scratching.

Dean was pleased that Buffy was standing there waiting for him. There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach that he hadn’t had in a long time. Six years to be precise. Just then she looked up at him and the feelings in his stomach were replaced by other urges. He decided to lay on the charm, “Shall we?”

She took his offered arm without a word and they walked outside. They noticed an angry looking cat sitting on a car. Sitting on the back of the Impala was John’s notebook and the newspaper that Sam was reading in the bar. Dean picked them up and looked around. He looked worried.

“What is it Dean?”

He opened the door and looked in the car. There was no Sam. He looked around with Buffy following him. He called out a few times but there was no answer. Buffy grabbed his arm to stop him. “What is going on Dean?”

“Sam is missing.”

“Maybe he went back inside and we didn’t notice. Why don’t I go check in there before you have a panic attack?” She walked back toward the bar. Seeing Dean get so worked up over Sam made her think of Dawn. She would be freaking out too. Sam wasn’t inside. Now she was getting worried.

When she met Dean outside he was asking people if they had been outside and seen Sam. Apparently, he wasn’t having any luck. “We’ll find him Dean we just have to think.”

Dean was going to answer her when he noticed the surveillance cameras covering the street in front of the bar. Maybe they would provide some answers.
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