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Village Hidden on the Hellmouth

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Summary: After bingeing on fanfiction Xander decided to go as Naruto for Halloween instead of a soldier. After being turning back into his self he has the strangest urge to create his own village...and for ramen. yaoi/het Pairings not decided

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chapter 2

Village Hidden on the Hellmouth

I’m angry. Like really really angry. So instead of studying or doing homework I’m going to write fanfiction and hope to dear god that it makes me feel better.

I do not own Buffy the vampire slayer or Naruto

Chapter 2

Xander grinned at Joyce from the doorway.

"Looking good Joyce." he winked at her. She was wearing an ornate golden gown and a crown. She had gone as the queen to Buffy's princess. Ethan's had a sale so when Buffy bought her costume she got a free dress as well. Joyce hadn't planned on wearing anything, but the dress Buffy had brought back caught her eye and she couldn’t help herself.

Joyce giggled at him.

"Thank you Xander. What might you be?"

Xander smirked and crouched dramatically grabbing the handle of his kodachi.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze. Next Hokage of Konoha and the best darn ninja they have seen since the Yondaime Hokage."

She laughed at him good naturedly and gestured him inside.

"You are welcome inside my castle honorable ninja, Naruto Namikaze." he stood up and bowed to her.

"Thank you for your hospitality Queen Joyce." this sent her into another fit of giggles. Apparently, she liked being called queen.

He didn’t have to wait long for Buffy and Willow. Buffy held her head high as she stepped down the stairs. He wolf whistled and she smirked at him.

"Just wait 'til you see Willow. She's-"


They both looked to the top of the staircase to see Willow covered in a sheet. Buffy scowled at her.

"Willow! I thought we agreed on something more." she waved her hands around wildly.

Xander chuckled at her.

"It’s her trademark Halloween outfit, Buff. Anyways, I think she's awesome. Nice boo you got going on there, Wills."

"Thanks Xander."

-time skip-

Naruto gripped his kodachi and eyed all of the little monsters in front of him. This couldn't be happening. The last thing he remembered he was seconds from being named Rokudaime of Konohakagure. He had not survived the Akatsuki, Sasuke-teme and that hebi Orochimaru for nothing. He hadn't been put through rigorous and grueling training just to be killed by tiny...demons? Whatever.

He scowled at them and wished he could just body flicker away, but most of his chakra was on lock down. Stupid meddling civilian counsel.

Naruto took a deep breath and pushed a bit of chakra into his hands. He raised them above his hands and the wind picked up. He flung his arms outward and a huge gust of wind burst from him and threw back the demons surrounding him. They made weird noises and scattered. They didn’t want to mess with him. He grinned. These little monsters were smarter than most ninjas.

“Xander! Oh my god. Xander are you okay?! Everybody is changing into their costumes!” Naruto eyed the scantily clad redhead in front of him.

“Costumes? What’s going on and who are you lady?”

“Xander! Quit playing. We need to find Buffy and find out what’s going on.”

“Lady, I think you have the wrong guy. My name is Namikaze Naruto. Say it with me. Na-ru-to” he sounded it out for her slowly. She gasped at him.

“Oh no! You’ve turned into your costume too!”

Naruto raised his eyebrow.

“What’s this about costumes?”

“Xander, um, Naruto. Uh. Okay, so this is what happened. My friend Xander dressed up as you for Halloween. Somehow everybody was turned into their costumes. So you are kind of in Xander’s body. Now, that I think of it this is kind of interesting. Can you feel him in there?” she eyed him like she wanted to experiment on him.

Naruto took a step back. He had spent enough time around medic nin to know that, that wasn’t a good thing. Hell, he had barely escaped Danzo and his damned Root organization. What? Wait a minute.

“So, I’m in this guy’s body?” Naruto asked her. The redhead nodded frantically.

“Got any proof?” he asked.

She pointed at his kodachi.

“Look at your reflection.”

Naruto unsheathed his kodachi and looked at his reflection in the gleaming blade. Sure enough there he was. Or rather he wasn’t. The last time he had checked in the mirror he hadn’t had brown hair, nor were his eyes brown. Jaw structure was also off…okay so maybe this crazy chick was right. Maybe this wasn’t his body. He turned his attention back to her.

“How do I get back into my body?”

She bit her lip.

“I’m not sure. I’m sure if we find Buffy and then Giles we can find a way to get back to normal.”

Naruto scanned her looking for anything out of the ordinary. The redhead looked pretty normal to him. Even her outfit was normal, well for a kunoichi in his village anyways. However, she didn’t look like a kunoichi. Maybe she had dressed up as one for this… Halloween thing?

“This Xander guy dressed up as me, right? So, what did you dress up as?”

“A ghost. See.” She pushed her hand through his chest and he took a step back. He shivered slightly. It felt strange, like cool air was flowing across his insides. Naruto decided not to touch her. He didn’t like the feeling.

“Yeah, I get it now. Where’s your friend?”

Willow took off running. Naruto jogged slightly behind her. He kept sending gusts of wind toward the small monsters and demons that tried to attack them. The wind was acting differently here than in Konoha. It was like when he was just starting to learn how to use his affinity, he just couldn’t get a good grip. Not, that you could hold wind anyways. Wind couldn’t really be grasped merely manipulated and directed. He just influenced the chakra in the air surrounding him. He really hoped he could get home soon because he did NOT want to have to learn how to control his wind affinity all over again.

“Buffy!” Willow called out to a girl in a ridiculously poufy dress. The girl ignored her and ran into a house and slammed the door shut behind her.

Willow phased through the wall.

Naruto whistled. “That could come handy in infiltration missions.” He turned the door knob. Surprisingly, it was unlocked. This Buffy girl didn’t have much sense. I mean, even when he was young and incredibly stupid he knew not to leave a door unlocked when enemies were around.

“Buffy! Are you hurt? Are you okay?!” Willow began babbling.

Buffy looked at Willow absolutely appalled. She reminded Naruto of a snooty merchant’s or lord’s daughter.

“Buffy? I am Elizabeth, Princess of Whiterun of the great land of Riften.” She looked down at Willow over her nose. Great, Naruto had more than enough of dealing with those type of girls. He was glad he didn’t have to anymore…wait a minute. He was going to be Hokage! All Kage’s have to deal with annoying stuck up upper class civilians and nins. Anime tears ran down his face.

He recovered quickly before anyone noticed his agony. He cleared his throat.

Ha. Look at him acting all lord-like. He must still be on a responsibility kick because he was going to be named Hokage. Naruto refused to believe that they were going to change their mind because he was missing. He was going with the belief that this realm and his realm were on two totally different time frames and it didn’t matter how much time he spent here before going back there. Why did he believe this? Well, not because of the voice in the back of his head. Nope, most certainly not. He believed it because he and Kiba had gotten drunk one day, and Akamaru started talking to Naruto. That’s right. Akamaru. Apparently, all nin dogs are from a different dimension and when they pass away they ended up back there. To them it was like a dream and when they woke up they were back home. Unfortunately, Kiba had been unconscious when Akamaru was talking and refused to believe Naruto. Oh well.

“Okay, we’ve got the princess. Where’s this Giles guy you were talking about?”


“What’s that?” Willow asked.


“I think they are breaking the door down.” Naruto gripped the handle of his kodachi.

“It’s coming from back here!” Elizabeth called from in the kitchen. “Knight! Watch over me and slay this threat.”

Naruto blinked in bemusement, but went to the kitchen. He had never been called a knight before. Heck, he wasn’t a knight. He was a ninja and damn proud of it. Knights were such freaking pansies.

Elizabeth ran behind him when he entered the kitchen. There was a door in here and someone or something was trying to break in.




The door burst open and a pale man stepped through.

“Angel!” Willow called out.

“No, that’s a man.” Naruto said.

Willow rolled her eyes.

“No I mean his name is Angel. He’s a friend on the No Slaying list.”

Naruto sheathed his sword, but frowned at the man, Angel. He got a weird vibe from him. Usually, his vibes and instincts were right and right now they were telling him to kill the man. Unfortunately, if he killed the man now than there might be some problems. He decided to keep an eye out for him, but decided that the instant the man screwed up that Naruto’s blade was going to be through his heart.

The trip to Giles house was uneventful, and Angel hadn’t made one wrong move yet. Giles, who Naruto had come to find out was their sensei, took off soon after talking with Willow. They all remained in the house sitting quietly staring at each other awkwardly. This was so boring.

He took out a kunai and started flipping it in the air. The ghost girl gasped.

“Xander! That’s so dangerous.”

“Lady, my name is Naruto and I’ve been flipping kunai since I was 5.” He raised an eyebrow at her. Did she think he was incompetent or something? He wasn’t going to be Hokage for nothing.

“Since you were 5? Where were your parents?!”

Naruto’s eyes hardened.


It was quiet in the room until Elizabeth spoke up.

“You must have been a trained mercenary since birth. Very unsavory work, but they do have their uses.” She eyed him appraisingly. “Our kingdom could use such skills.”

He smirked at her. It seems like she wasn’t a total airhead.

“Thank you Elizabeth-sama, but I’m afraid that I’m going to be heading home soon and our worlds are…far apart.” She obviously didn’t really realize the full extent of the spell or whatever had dragged them into this realm and he didn’t want to be the one to tell her.

She nodded at him.

“Nonetheless, my offer still stands.”

He nodded at her in acceptance. The room grew silent again. Naruto had just settled in to a very good daydream about a sea of ramen when he felt a wave of energy go through him. He shuddered and then a tidal wave of power crashed through him. His vision blackened and he collapsed.

Five minutes later a very confused Ale’Xander’ Lavelle Harris opened his eyes and wondered why he was craving a large bowl of miso ramen with a side of Twinkies.

AN I feel better, but not much. I meant to make this chapter longer, but I felt that it was long enough.
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