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Village Hidden on the Hellmouth

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Summary: After bingeing on fanfiction Xander decided to go as Naruto for Halloween instead of a soldier. After being turning back into his self he has the strangest urge to create his own village...and for ramen. yaoi/het Pairings not decided

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Anime > NarutoMyauzoFR151019,48844529,8744 Mar 1218 Sep 14No

chapter 7

I'm not sure if she could in the series…but she can talk in my story. Don't worry you'll understand halfway through this chapter what the heck I'm talking about.

Chapter 7

Xander sprinted toward the scream inwardly praying that he would get there in time. The scream wasn't one of his girls, but he was still worried about the person who could possibly be hurt or in danger. He pushed himself harder. He stopped when he entered the warehouse district. He listened hard willing the person to scream again.

"Ahh!" and he was off again. The scream came from a warehouse not too far from him. He ran to the front door before deciding against it. Using chakra, he walked up one of the walls and peeked into the window.

The warehouse was decked out in black and red drapes. Dozens of candles were placed strategically around a symbol that Xander didn't recognize, but he would bet a large bowl of ramen that it only meant badness. In the center of the candles was...nothing. Wait. That wasn't right. He looked closer, and his eyebrows rose in surprise.

Inside the center of the candles was a pile of floating ropes. The ropes seemed to be tied around something, or somebody, and keeping them immobile. Unfortunately, the something or somebody was invisible. The ropes twisted and turned, and Xander figured whoever it was must be struggling. Well, of course they were. Why wouldn't they?

The room darkened and disembodied voices began chanting. Cloaked figures began marching into the room and each was holding a single lit red candle. Could they get even more cliché? Xander didn't think so.

"Come brothers. Let us sacrifice this anomaly to our gods." And Xander was wrong. They could get even more cliché. Was there a book for bad guys or something or maybe a TV show? Xander didn't like to think that they were all this unoriginal. It was kind of depressing.

They gathered around the pile of struggling ropes, and Xander decided enough was enough. The person might be invisible, but they didn't deserve to be a sacrifice. He crept into the building through a random whole in the wall, and stepped onto a very convenient platform. He moved carefully as to not make noise until he was in the center of the candles as well. He unsheathed his sword quietly, and took a deep breath. He jumped, flipped in the air and landed in a crouched position in front of the sacrifice.

"Sorry guys, but there will be no ceremonial sacrifices of sentient variety tonight. How about next millennia?" he quipped.

"Get him!" one of the cloaked figures roared.

Xander rolled his eyes. How original. Seriously the bad guys must have meetings or something on how to be as cliché as possible.

He blew a kiss at the nearest and they attacked.

Xander was a blur of motion as he fought off the cloaked figures. His blade hummed through the air and sliced through the cloaked figures cleanly. Xander might have been a jokester, but he was first and foremost a fighter. His concentration was absolute as he took down each and every foe in front of him. Not even two minutes later the room was littered with body parts, and blood.

Xander wiped off his sword and sheathed it. Through the whole short battle the cloaked figures remained just that, cloaked figures. Their hoods stayed on, and Xander was unable to see their faces or even their species. He approached one of the downed figures, and used his foot to flip back their hood. A very human face was revealed.

Xander swallowed convulsively. He had never killed a human before. Sure Naruto had, but never Xander. He felt bile rose in his throat.

"E-excuse me." Xander whipped around and saw…nothing.

"Oh right sorry." He approached the invisible person and untied them.

"Thanks, Xander."

"No prob, but do I know you?"

The invisible girl sighed.

"I'm Marcie…its okay if you don't remember me. Everybody forgets me." Her voice sounded dejected. A light bulb went off in his head at her name.

"Marcie? I thought you left Sunnydale? You just up and disappeared, er, left one day."

"You remember me?" she asked in disbelief.

"Sure. You're the only invisible girl I know." He grinned at her, not even slightly bothered that he might have not been facing her.

"I-I did leave, but I came back. Off the Hellmouth I was visible, but the moment I stepped back on it," she sniffled, "I became invisible again. I just got back tonight, and these goons kidnapped me. I have no idea how they found me. I'm glad you were here. When did you learn how to use a sword?"

Xander laughed.

"Wow, Marc. Of all the questions you could ask you asked that one."

Marcie giggled before sobering.

"Xander…I don't have anywhere to go. I came back because I couldn't live outside of Sunnydale. I just couldn't. Everything felt off."

"Off? I think it's because you were born and raised here. I used to visit my aunt in Colorado when I was a kid, and I always felt weird until I got back home." Xander hadn't thought about that in ages. It made sense though. Most of the people who lived in Sunnydale were raised here. Sure, a lot of them died, but nobody bothered to leave. Xander didn't think it was the college or the low living rates. Before he thought the people of Sunnydale just didn't find the need to leave, but maybe they did? Maybe they just couldn't leave? It was a disturbing thought. Xander didn't want to live by the Hellmouth for the rest of his life. It was way to evil demony for him. Heck, he didn't want his kids growing up here! Well, if he had kids anyway…

He tuned back into Marcie.

"How about you stay with me? I'm moving into a new apartment tomorrow. It has a spare bedroom."

"What if your friends come by? Do you think they'll be bothered by me?" Xander imagined her biting her lip.

"Um…maybe? Well, it won't matter anyways. I've got a hidden bedroom too. I was just going to turn it into a study or something, but you can stay there if you want."

Xander stiffened before realizing that she was hugging him.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." He smiled and hugged her back awkwardly.

"No prob. I'm in my parents' house for tonight though. As long as you are quiet I'm sure they won't mind."

"It'll be like I'm not even there." He could hear the humor in her voice.

Xander blinked, and then snorted.

-Time skip-

In the morning Xander and Marcie moved into their new apartment. Like promised the room was hidden, and Xander paid the man his tip. Moving in didn't take long. Xander didn't have many belongings, and the place was already fully furnished so he didn't have to move any heavy furniture. Marcie didn't have any belongings, and she admitted to stealing everything that she needed.

Xander didn't condemn her for it. Why should he? Marcie did what she had to so she could survive. She just happened to pick up some really useful skills along the way. Marcie was a thief. A very, very good thief. She could slip into places unnoticed. She was silent, flexible, and could fit into spaces that other people couldn't. She also admitted to being a skilled lock picker.

"Sometimes I need something, and I can't get to it because somebody locked the darn door. It's not always easy to slip a key out of their pocket or even find the darn thing so I had to learn how to pick locks. It's not hard really. Houses, cars…safes. Quit looking at me like that! There was this really pretty amethyst ring. I gave it back!"

With skills like that Marcie was very, very useful. So in exchange for her room and board Xander had her on call. He wasn't going to have her steal stuff all willy nilly, and he didn't need any money because of his own nightly activities, but he felt like it was a good idea to take full advantage of Marcie's unique skill set.

The need for this was kind of bizarre really. Xander didn't know why he made that as her condition for living with him, but he felt like it was necessary. Like how he made Cordelia his spy network, or helped out Bren in exchange for supplies, or even got his own place. It was just a strange urge. Almost like his instincts guiding him toward something. To what? He didn't know, but he knew how to find out.

Next Installment: Xander comes to terms with killing humans, and has a meeting with his own inner Kyuubi Hyena.
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