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Village Hidden on the Hellmouth

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Summary: After bingeing on fanfiction Xander decided to go as Naruto for Halloween instead of a soldier. After being turning back into his self he has the strangest urge to create his own village...and for ramen. yaoi/het Pairings not decided

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Anime > NarutoMyauzoFR151019,48844529,8784 Mar 1218 Sep 14No

chapter 9

Hello dear readers! I am back!



Xander didn’t really feel like going home with Marcie. Instead he decided to stay out and slay a bit more.

Xander was angry. Very angry.

‘She hadn’t deserved that.’ he thought grinding his teeth.

Usually when Naruto was angry he would spar with a friend or train. When Xander was angry he would pace or watch gory slasher movies. At the moment none of those options were ideal. So Xander was going with option number 5 killing vamps. He didn’t even want the money tonight. All he wanted was to work out his aggression, his rage.

It didn’t take him long to track down a nest. Five vampires were taking shelter in an abandoned warehouse. Xander carefully scoped out the place before setting booby traps. The place only had two doors a front and a back door. Xander used the doors and his awesome new stealth skills to go in without being noticed. He carefully crept inside to scope out the place. The five vampires were holed up in a very large room two open doorways. They were all in the center of the room and there were blankets and such on the ground. This gave Xander a great idea.

Xander strung up chakra infused ninja wire in both of the doorways without being seen. The chakra would last at least 30 minutes. Usually chakra would not last that long, merely seconds after being cut off from the main source, but Tenten being the amazing weapons mistress that she is discovered a new technique that allowed her to infuse her weapons and ninja wire with chakra and make it stick. She'd taught the technique to Naruto when the council had restricted his chakra.

Right now it would come in handy. The chakra made the wire sharper and stronger if a vampire just happened to run through the chakra wires fast enough….well no more vampire.

Xander stepped in front of the open doorway and whistled.

“Good evening gentlemen-“

“Get him!” one of the vampires shouted.

“Man, I couldn’t even get a quip out.” Oh well, Xander was here for the fight anyways.

Two snarling vampires in game face ran towards Xander. He took a few steps back and they ran right into the wire. It cut them into pieces and ashed them so fast they barely had time to scream. Xander smirked.

Chakra wires were going to be very useful from now on. He pulled out his kodachi and sliced the wires and stepped through. He winked at the leader vamp.

“Now as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted-“ He started.

The leader charged Xander who just rolled his eyes.

“Well if you are going to be that way fine. Let’s get wild.” The grin dropped from his face and his previous anger returned.

The leader and one of his lackeys attacked him. Xander dodged a punch and charging his sword with chakra ran in through one of the vampire’s gut it quickly turned to ash. He blinked in surprise but couldn’t afford to let it distract him.

“Die human!” the leader vamp snarled.

Xander dodged another punch and with another swipe of his sword beheaded the loud and annoying vampire.

He turned to the last vampire who looked absolutely terrified. It screamed and ran out the back door and right into Xander’s wonderful chakra infused wires. Xander smirked.

He wasn’t as angry anymore. In fact he was curious. He went to unwrap his wires and dispel the rest of the chakra, but much to his shock the wires no longer contained any chakra.

“What the?” he careful unwrapped the wire from the doorframe and put it in his pouch.

Now Xander was very curious. Those wires should have last for a full 30 minutes. The fight had only taken about 10 minutes at the most.

‘It’s like all the chakra just vanished.’

Thinking back to his fight the first vampire he had fought had also dusted far too easily. A sword through the gut should have merely hurt him. Not kill him.

‘I wonder if the chakra caused it.’

He stopped for a moment and considered all of the new possibilities before grinning widely.

‘Thank you Tenten.’

It was almost dawn so Xander decided to head home. Fortunately, he ran into three more vampires (a pair and then one lone fang) on his way home and worked out the rest of his aggression. He’d continued testing his chakra against them. His kodachi infused with chakra was the most effective. He didn’t use the wires again, but instead he used a shuriken. He hadn’t thrown it hard enough to lodge into the vampire’s heart, but it had burned a whole inside of the vamp until it reached its heart. Then it ashed while screaming in pain.

It wasn’t a very fun thing to watch. Quite frankly it looked like it hurt like hell. From the screams he was quite sure that the vampire would agree if it was still alive.

As he turned down the street to his apartment Xander thought hard about everything he knew about chakra. It could be used for healing, weapons and jutsu. It was very versatile and fluid, yet tough. Xander scratched his head. There has to be more than that.

As he entered his apartment Xander stopped in shock.

‘Chakra is a mixture of spiritual and physical energy! Could the spiritual energy harm demons?!’

That could explain why the vampires had such an adverse reaction to his chakra. And maybe the reason why the chakra wasn’t there anymore when it should be was because it was used to kill the demons.

The implications of this discovery excited Xander because even if he was grabbed by a demon all he had to do was channel chakra and bam! Burnt and quite possibly dead demon. He walked up the stairs and forced himself to calm down. He only knew that it would work on vampires not regular demons, but he still couldn’t shake the thrill of his discovery. He grinned.

“Alexander, dear, you’re back.” Xander stopped with his keys in the door.

“Mrs. Yao! How are you?” the middle aged Chinese woman smiled at Xander. In her arms was her white west terrier. It yipped at him and Xander walked over and scratched it behind the ears.

“Hello to you too Dynamite.” Weird name for a terrier but Xander never questioned it.

“Long night dear?” she asked concerned.

Xander gave her a small smile.

“Yeah, but productive. The suns about to come up soon. You two about to go for your daily walk?”

Dynamite barked and Xander grinned.

“I guess that’s a yes.”

Mrs. Yao chuckled.

Mrs. Yao was the only neighbor that was actually friendly. She’d introduced herself to Xander not long after he moved in. she was petite with long, dark brown hair that touched her shoulders. She was also a widow. Her husband had died a few years ago in a car accident. She’d been a housewife since she met him and after his death decided not to work and instead pick up a few hobbies. Her husband had left a very large amount of money to her and his life insurance had six digits and no decimal places. She wasn’t lazy though and she certainly wasn’t stupid. Mrs. Yao didn’t go out at night and she kept a calendar on her door that had sunrise and sunset times. She was in the house at least an hour before the sunset and she was out the moment it rose.

“Did you eat any dinner? I made beef noodle soup and saved a bowl for you. If you want it?”

Xander visibly perked up and nodded enthusiastically. She chuckled at his enthusiasm and went inside quickly to grab the soup and Dynamite’s leash.

“Here you go, dear. You eat and get some sleep now.”

Xander beamed at her and took the bowl gratefully.

“Thanks Mrs. Yao!”

Fifteen minutes later and Xander was full. Beef noodle soup wasn’t ramen, but it was still amazing. He had developed a love for most noodles in broth dishes. The fact that this was actually authentic beef noodle soup just made it even better. He settled back in his seat and burped.

Xander woke up a little before noon. He had gotten in around 6 and went to bed at 7am. He listened carefully before determining that Marcie wasn’t in the house. He rolled out of bed with a yawn. He was late for school, very, very late.

“Maybe I should just skip today?”

Xander’s phone rang and he leaned over the bed to get it.

“Cordy my dear friend. How did you get my number? I just had my house phone connected yesterday.”

“Listen dweeb you wanted information I have some.”

Xander sat up.

“What did you hear?” he asked seriously.

“Well for one you’ve been out of your freaky groups loop. I would’ve told you this earlier, but I figured…” she trailed off.

“Cordelia, information. We’ll talk about that later.”

“Some police came to visit Giles the other day. I figured he would talk to you losers about it. I heard from Sharon who heard from Mark that some guy was killed and had Giles address in his pocket. From what I could tell he went way back with Giles and I don’t think he’s the only one dead. And…” she trailed off again.

“You think Giles is the next target.” He said.

He took Cordelia's silence as an answer.

“I had a late night, but I’ll be in school today. I’ve been out of the loop for a while due to the whole cheerleading thing. I’ll win over the girls today. I’ve put it off long enough. Thanks Cordy.”

“You aren’t quitting right? Because we won’t be able to replace you in time for the next basketball game.”

Xander chuckled.

“Nah. You’re stuck with me.”

“Great just what I needed.” She snarked, but Xander could hear the smile in her voice. “Be careful Xander. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

“Don’t worry I will.”

AN: I’m not going to lie. I think I’ve just chosen one of the most boring episodes ever, but I feel like it’ll be easier to integrate Xander back into the group with it. I can focus more on them and not trying to figure out how to kill Dracula or something like that.
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