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Summary: After bingeing on fanfiction Xander decided to go as Naruto for Halloween instead of a soldier. After being turning back into his self he has the strangest urge to create his own village...and for ramen. yaoi/het Pairings not decided

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Chapter One

I do not own Naruto or buffy the vampire slayer



Chapter one

Xander blamed it on fanfiction. They always made him seem so cool, loveable and very powerful. No, he wasn't talking about himself. I mean, why would people write fanfiction about him? He was talking about Naruto, Konoha's number one unpredictable ninja. Xander had OD'ed on Naruto fanfiction for the last three weeks. All of his time was spent reading various Naruto-centered fanfics. Some well written, and some not. Some were memorable, while others were very forgettable. Now you may ask exactly what he was blaming Naruto fanfiction for. It's simple really. Xander had been planning to go as a soldier for Halloween. He even had the fatigues for it and all he needed was a toy gun. He was ready and the last piece of his costume was going to be really cheap. He had barely taken three steps in Ethan's, a really cool new costume shop, when he saw it. Ninja gear. Amazingly life like, well kept and very expensive ninja gear. Every single fiber of Xander's being screamed for him to buy it.

"Xander. Xander. Buy me." even the costume talked to him.

Xander would have resisted. He would have prevailed! Except...he had this dream last night. A Naruto fanfiction inspired dream. He, Xander, was Naruto! He could use rasengan and rasenshuriken. He could make, like a gazillion clones of himself and best of all he knew, absolutely knew, that if he put some effort into it and worked hard that he could learn everything and I mean everything from every single last fanfic that Xander had ever read.

Okay, so it was just a dream. It shouldn't have influenced him so much, but Xander was weak. He couldn't help himself. He ended up leaving the costume shop with the ninja gear and a few fake weapons. His pocket mourned, but Xander was going to survive the loss, he had to. He couldn't dwell on the past it only led to bad things. Instead he was going to look forward to the future because tonight, for Halloween, he was going to be Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

-time skip-

Xander grinned at himself in the mirror. It had taken all day, but his costume was finally perfect! He had taken most of his fashion choices from fanfics. Xander knew an orange jumpsuit would be incredibly ugly. Hell, they might even think he escaped from a prison and try to throw him back in. His decision had nothing to do with the fact that he couldn't find an orange jumpsuit. He had only looked through a few stores (5 and the mall) before giving up. So, instead of the traditional brightly colored jumpsuit he wore black cargo pants, combat boots and a burnt orange tank top with Naruto's infamous swirl on the back in black. The ninja gear he bought included two dark gray arm guards that stretched from his wrist and halfway to his elbows, a dark gray pouch that was tied around his left upper thigh and a black

hitai-ate with a blank metal plate. Xander had painstakingly carved the swirl into that as well. He had debated for all of ten minutes whether or not he wanted to go blonde for the night. He decided against it. He rather liked his brown hair and some of the Naruto's in fanfics had brown hair too. Instead he donned whisker marks and a pair of plastic fangs to mimic Naruto's sharp canines.

His outfit was decidedly unninjaish in the traditional sense, but not for a Naruto world. The most powerful ninja always wore the weirdest stuff and Xander was pretty tame compared to them.

Xander's ensemble was completed with a few pocketed throwing stars and Ninja wire. A few stars were stringed along the wire and it hung from his belt loop from his back right pocket to the loop of his from right pocket. The wire rested comfortably on his hip. The last piece of weaponry was what caused his now near empty wallet to cry out in pain. A dull, but very much real kodachi with a black handle and sheath. He had strapped the sheath on his left side above his pouch. He had drawn the swirl on the blade and sheath with an orange sharpie marker. The arm/wrist guards got the same treatment.

All in all it was a pretty great outfit and Xander felt pretty damn good about it. The only bad thing about it was...well...he couldn't decide which Naruto he wanted to be. There were so many of them! He debated with himself the whole time he was prepping his costume. Should he be uber powerful and know everything about everybody, should he be the loveable knucklehead from the series, should he be emo or a closet hentai or evil? He wasn't quite sure. He ruled out some of the worse choices. He didn't want to be emo like Deadboy and Sasuke and he didn't want to be all powerful. The Naruto from the series was a tad bit...hyperactive and dense so that was a no go as well. Time was almost up and he needed to pick up the girls and the kids soon. What was he going to do?

Xander narrowed his eyes at the mirror in thought before grinning widely, exposing cheap plastic fangs. Who said he had to be any of those? I mean hello Naruto was unpredictable he could be anything! Xander finger one of the dull stars on his hip. Kyuubi induced high senses were a must...chunin level medic skills...mid jounin kenjutsu skills...High jounin taijutsu...seal master( Xander had a soft spot for seal master Naruto fics)'s keep the horrible genjutsu. He needed to have some drawbacks after all and perhaps...oh this was a big one. No regular ninjutsu. So no shadow clones, no giant fireballs nothing like that.

'Bleh that's boring.' Xander thought 'I'd feel bad if I take ALL his ninjutsu skills away. How about I still be able to use the affinities. Yeah, that should work.'

Xander would miss the rasengan and rasenshuriken, but he figured that he had deviated from the original enough. Shit he had even given his Naruto character skills as a medic nin. Wait doesn't medic jutsus count as ninjutsu? Oh well, this was his strange character. He could have conflicting traits if he wanted!

Hm personality next. Well he was good of course, loyal, er...outspoken, but not extremely loud. Intuitive, sometimes clueless, but not brainless. There was a big difference there. Creative as always.

'Anything else?' he thought to himself.

Oh! Oh! Lucky! He needed to be lucky! Luck was always good in every situation.

Xander's mind wandered for a few minutes, this was almost worth the money. Wait, was he putting too much thought in this? With all this effort he should have just written his own fanfiction. It’s not like he was going to actually turn into the character he was creating.

He shrugged to himself on the mirror.

Oh well, on to the back story next. Xander grinned. Widely into the mirror and pointed to it dramatically.

"I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze! I have survived those Akatsuki bastards, Sasuke-teme and that snake Orochimaru! I have been named the next Hokage of Konoha. I'm going to make Konoha great again!"

Good enough for now. Xander looked at the clock before cursing and running out of the room. He was going to be late.

AN. Wow. I've been trying to start this fic for a long time. I hope you guys enjoy it. It seems like it's going to be another long one! Any suggestions on what I should do? Let me know. Oh and last thing…this fic will probably include yaoi.
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