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Back to the Beginning...Sort of

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean volunteers Sam to help Sarah on a hunt to get whatever information she may have on their dad while he stays behind and gets to know BUffy a little better. More than one old flame will ignite.

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Chapter 5

They reached Ada around 5:30 that night and checked into their motel. It was slightly nicer than Sam was used to because Sarah didn’t want to ‘sleep with fleas or rats’ as she put it. He suggested they get something to eat before starting research, so they went down to a diner they had passed on the way into town called the ‘Crossroads Diner’.

“Hey, you remember when we stopped in Salt Lake on our way to Sunnydale?”

She laughed, “Yeah we ate at that nasty Denny’s and Dean gave you crap about liking me when I went to take a shower. What about it?”

“I don’t know. Sitting here made me think of it. Although, the food is much better here.”

“I agree. Not only that, there’s no Dean to make you miserable this time.”

No there certainly was no Dean this time. He remembered all the times he wished Dean would disappear when they were in Sunnydale. It took six years but he finally got his wish.

“You okay there Sam?” She had placed her hand on his.

“Yeah I’m fine. We should go research this demon and figure out how to kill it.”

“Alright, I’m gonna go pay.”

He watched her walk over to the counter and pay their waitress, then followed out to the car. When they reached the motel room he began cross referencing the information she gave him concerning the victims to see if he could find a pattern. She was going through the book she brought when she looked up, “Feel like visiting a tomb?”


“If you place a nail from a tomb over your bedroom door it will prevent nightmare demons from entering. Also, if you block the hole where the nightmare enters a room, it will be trapped. I haven’t found how to kill it yet, but I think we should protect ourselves first. I really don’t wanna have to worry about it.”

“Alright.” He did a search of local cemeteries that contained mausoleums. The closest one was in Moorhead about 38 miles away. It was only 7 so they jumped in the car and headed for Moorhead.

They entered the first mausoleum they found. It had the name ‘Burns’ on it and contained several memorial plaques and a few caskets. They had just removed the nail they needed when they heard a loud crash followed by a woman screaming.

Sam emerged from the mausoleum with his gun cocked and ready. Sarah ran out behind him with twin silver daggers. They saw a man lying broken on top of an overturned headstone and a woman was being surrounded by three men.

Sam ran toward the men, but after spending so much time with slayers, Sarah had come to recognize vampires pretty easily. “Sam!” He didn’t turn around but the vampires did. As soon as they turned around he knew his gun would be useless. He tried to stop but had too much momentum behind him. The closest vamp took advantage of his inability to stop by slamming his fist into Sam’s face.

He hit the ground hard feeling blood trickling down his chin from his busted lip. He watched Sarah fly at the vamps beheading one. The other vamps changed their tactics when they realized that these two weren’t going to be such an easy kill. Sam got to his feet, put his gun away, and got back into the fight hoping to distract one of the vamps to give Sarah a chance to take them out since she was the only one who had weapons that would be effective.

When she saw Sam get back to his feet she tossed him one of her daggers. The vamp facing her tried to take advantage of this momentary distraction but failed when Sarah ducked his fist, spun around grabbing the back of his hand, and used his momentum to slam him into the mausoleum they had just exited.

Sam, thankful for the weapon, advanced on his vamp with renewed confidence. They exchanged blows for a few minutes before Sam kicked him in the chest causing him to flip over a headstone. Sam jumped the headstone, landed on the vamp, and lopped his head off before he could get up and continue the fight.

He turned to see that Sarah’s fight was not going very well. The vamp she was facing had her pinned to the ground with his teeth inches from her exposed neck. She was struggling to keep him off of her and slowly losing. Her struggle ended in a cloud of dust with Sam standing over her with his hand stretched out. She allowed him to help her to her feet and realized that she was hurt when pain shot through her leg.

“Aaahhh.” She slumped down grabbing Sam for support.

“What is it? Where are you hurt?”

“My leg. It got cut or something when I was fighting that vamp.”

“Should I take you to the hospital?”

“No, let’s get back to the motel. I don’t think it’s that bad…Ugh…We can bandage it up.” He helped her to the car and drove them back to Ada.

When they got there, he grabbed the first aid kit out of the trunk and helped her into the room. He went to set her down on the bed but she told him it would be better if they went into the bathroom. She cringed when she went to touch her leg. He tried to look at it but couldn’t see anything because her pants were in the way.

“We need to get these off so we can clean it.” She unbuttoned her pants and started to slide them off but stopped and took a sharp intake of breath. They were rubbing against her wound and causing it to hurt like hell. Sam tried to help her by pulling the fabric up as she slid them down. Once her pants were past her hip Sam pulled them the rest of the way off.

“This looks bad.” He grabbed a washcloth and wet it down.

“It’s not as bad as it looks. Hurts like hell though.” She gave a strained laugh.

He turned back toward her and knelt down between her legs. He put one hand under her leg and used the other to gently clean the wound. He started at the top of her hip and worked his way down. The cut was about six inches long and went from the bottom of her hip and curved down toward her inner thigh.

“You know what this reminds me of?”

He looked up into her eyes, “No. What?”

“When you got attacked by a vampire and I had to bandage you up.”

He laughed, “Yeah I still have that scar as a nice little reminder.”

“It’s funny, don’t you think?”

“What is?”

“This trip. It’s almost like we’re teenagers again. Déjà vu everywhere.”

“I hadn’t really thought about it, but you’re right.”

They went quiet while he finished bandaging her up. He had such a gentle touch. “So, am I going to live?”

He laughed at her, “It wasn’t as deep as it looked. You should be fine.”

“Good, now get out.”

“What?” His look was one of surprise.

“I need to put my pajamas on. You need to get out.” She pushed him out the door, grabbed her bag off of the dresser, and went back in the bathroom.

He laughed and put his sweats on. When she emerged out of the bathroom she was wearing a little nightie that went down just below her hips. It barely covered the bandage. “Nice pajamas.”

“Yeah, I was expecting to be sleeping alone tonight.”

“And now you’re not planning on sleeping alone?” he said raising his eyebrows.

“Okay I walked right into that one. What I meant was that I was planning to be alone in this room.”

“Aw, okay.”

“You have been spending way too much time with Dean.” There was a smile on her face as she said it.
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