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Back to the Beginning...Sort of

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Long road ahead". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dean volunteers Sam to help Sarah on a hunt to get whatever information she may have on their dad while he stays behind and gets to know BUffy a little better. More than one old flame will ignite.

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Chapter 7

From the moment he had seen Willow, he had thought of her as his. It wasn’t that he was possessive of her, it was more like she was his soul mate. No matter what had happened in college, they belonged together. He knew she was probably confused right now and vowed to give her whatever time she needed.

Willow wasn’t as confused as she should have been. Yeah, okay, she was supposed to be gay, but this was Oz. Her Oz. To be honest, the only woman she had ever loved was Tara. She tried with Kennedy, but it wasn’t the same. It felt wrong. Being around Oz again it felt natural to let him hold her hand or to be close to him. Whether that made her Bi or not she didn’t know or care. She only knew that she wasn’t going to let Oz go again.

They had been dancing around the issue all that morning when Willow finally brought it up, “Oz, what are we doing here?”

Oz’s heart started to sink, “What do you mean?”

“I mean, are we friends? Are we trying for something more?” Being gay had definitely made her less shy.

“I don’t know. I would like there to be more, but I don’t want you to feel pushed. I guess we are friends.”

“I don’t like that answer.”

He was confused, “What answer would you like?”

She didn’t bother answering him with words. She was done being afraid. She kissed him lightly then pulled away to judge his reaction. He smiled at her, wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her tight. He had his Willow back.

Buffy watched the exchange from the training ground. Willow was happy again which made her happy. She turned her focus back toward Dean who she hoodwinked into recounting some of his recent hunts to the girls. At first he wasn’t very happy about it but he really got into it after he realized that he had the girls’ attention.

“And that’s how we took down the scarecrow.”

One of the girls raised their hands. Dean inclined his head towards her, “So you guys don’t have any powers?”

The cocky smile he had on his face disappeared. “No we don’t.”

“So why not leave the hunting to us? It’s what we were built for right?” she asked in a snotty tone.

Buffy saw anger flash on Dean’s face and went to answer for him, but he got there first, “For us, it’s about something more than being ‘built for it’. We choose to fight these things. We may not have super strength or any of that crap, but we’re out there every day hunting these things down so that nobody else has to go through what we did.”

Buffy stepped forward, “Dean and his brother Sam have been raised to fight demons and vampires. They have more experience than all of you put together.” That shut them up. “Partner up ladies it’s time for hand to hand training.”

Giles walked out of the school and approached Buffy. “I’ve just been on the phone with Dawn. Apparently has been some demonic activity on campus. “

“And she wants us to check it out?” Dawnie was studying at Cleveland State University majoring in teaching with a minor in psychology.

“She wanted me to ask you to send Kennedy and Rona. Since she is working towards becoming a watcher she wants the opportunity to lead a couple of girls on her own.”

She looked uneasy, “What do you think Giles?”

“I think she is quite capable of taking point. She has been acting as watcher since she was fifteen. I think she can handle it.”

“Alright, Send Xander with them. Make sure they all know that he is there as backup and nothing more. I’ll let Dawnie take the lead on this one, but I want Xander there in case she needs him.”

Giles nodded and walked away. Dean put his arm around Buffy, “She’s a tough kid. She can handle it.”

“She’s not a kid anymore.”

The snotty little slayer interrupted them, “So Dean, what about a sparring match? I wanna see what you’re made of.”

All morning they had been researching patterns and they now believed that they knew where the nightmare demon would strike next. They approached the family and explained that they were from the FBI working with the local sheriff’s department to catch a possible serial killer. They asked the family to leave their home for the night so that they could stake out and hopefully catch the killer. After much debate they finally agreed.

That night, Sarah lay in the bed of the family’s teenage daughter. Sam was hidden in the closet with the door open enough to keep an eye on her. Around midnight, Sam noticed a mist coming through the key hole into the room. When it formed fully, it was in the shape of a woman. She strode over to the bed and started to climb on top of Sarah.

Sam burst out of the closet and filled the key hole with putty to prevent the demon from escaping. It jumped off the bed and slammed Sam into the door. Sarah threw the covers off and went for the silver dagger hidden behind her back. The demon realized what was happening and flung Sam at the bed knocking Sarah to the floor. It tried to remove the putty to escape but Sam was up and grabbed the demon around the waist. It struggled to get away but Sarah got up and shoved the dagger into its heart.

The demon’s body grew very warm very quickly. Sam let go just in time, because the demon exploded releasing the souls of its victims. They removed the putty from the key hole and cleaned up the mess in the room. When they were done, they told the family that it was safe to return home.

The next morning they packed up and got in the car to return to the school. “We don’t have to go back. We could just disappear.” He was only half joking. The thought of disappearing didn’t sound like such a bad idea.

“We could try but you know that Dean would hunt us down.” They both laughed, “Maybe someday we can disappear together, but that day isn’t today.”

He lifted her hand and kissed it. “Sounds good to me.”

They got back to the school around three. They could see the girls gathered around in a large circle cheering. Curious, they approached the crowd and saw two figures fighting in the center. They pushed their way through to stand next to Willow and Oz. What they saw surprised them. Dean was fighting one of the slayer girls and getting his butt kicked.

“This is the greatest thing I think I have ever seen.”

Sarah slapped him, “Shouldn’t you be cheering your brother on?”

“Are you kidding? I wish I had a camera.”

“Way ahead of you.” Oz showed him the video camera he was using to tape the fight.

They all laughed. The fight only lasted for another minute. Dean landed a few good hits but was flattened by a kick to the face. She offered him her hand but he refused. “You got lucky that’s all.”

“I’ve got slayer strength. I’ve gotta admit though, you’re pretty good for a human.”


Sam was clapping his hands. He loved any opportunity to tease Dean. “Way to go Dean. Letting a little girl flatten you like that. Beautiful.”

“Shut up Sammy. Why don’t you go fight her?”

“I’m not stupid enough.” He laughed followed by Buffy and the rest of the girls.

Faith put her arm around Sam’s shoulders, “I always knew your brother was the smart one.”
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