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Asher's Doll

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Summary: She was special, she was gorgeous, she needed protection...All together she was like a precious doll. Rated FR21 for later chapters.

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Anita Blake > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: AsherXeeliaFR2111,157021,0995 Mar 125 Mar 12No

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DISCLAIMER: The characters herein are not mine, they are the property of Mutant Enemy and Laurell K Hamilton.

Asher was breathless when the Angelus and his human servant, the Slayer, entered with their group. It wasn’t due to the power emanating from Angelus and Buffy, though that was impressive, it was at the sight of one of the women in the entourage.

She was gorgeous with long dark brown hair that was slightly curled and held back with a wide black ribbon, and almost luminous blue eyes line expertly in black. Around her neck was a platinum chain holding a platinum pendant with a thumbnail size garnet. The dress she wore was simple; a sweetheart neckline, blood red silk, short puffy sleeves, a wide shiny black leather belt, and black lace at the hem. Her long legs were covered with black nylons and her shoes were leather ankle boots with low heals.

All together she looked like a precious doll.

Asher was pulled from his thoughts as Jean Claude and Angelus introduced their respective groups to one another. He waited patiently as Angelus introduced Buffy Summers his human servant and the Slayer, Oz and Willow the Ulfric and Lupa of the LA wolf pack, Charles Gunn Nimraj for their leopard pard, Xander Harris and Tara McClay the leaders of the Hyena pack, and finally his and Buffy’s charge, Buffy’s half sister Dawn. The girl smiled politely but there was a deep sense of mistrust in her eyes as she met the Master of the city.

It seemed that mistrust extended to Anita as well but not to anyone else in Jean Claude’s entourage.

When Jean Claude finished his side of introductions he cleared his voice, “Well why don’t we come to the point of this meeting Angelus,” he nodded then looked at Buffy, “Bethany.”

Buffy nearly growled. “I had my name changed when I was fourteen to Buffy, no one knew me as Bethany and I didn’t see a point it keeping the name.”

Jean Claude nodded and to anyone else he would have seemed nonplussed, but to Asher it was obvious that the comment stung him, though he went on. “I see, well then Buffy, what is the reason that we are meeting and so urgently?”

Asher watched as both Buffy and her half sister’s eyes narrowed but neither girl spoke. Angelus instead began. “Thank you for accepting this meeting on such short notice Jean Claude, and yes the matter is urgent. As you know blood ties are the most important ties of all in our world. As Belle Mort…”

Suddenly he was cut off by a very annoyed looking Slayer. “For crying out loud Angel! We don’t need a friggin history lesson or rule book!”

Angelus turned to Buffy with a scowl. “There ARE rules Buffy and we can’t just skip steps!”

Dawn giggled and stepped forward. “Sure we can! Look JC, and yeah don’t care if you don’t like the nickname, you remember Joyce Summers? Well you abandoned her pretty damn fast when you learned you could move up faster in Nikolaos' little click so maybe not. Anyway point is you knocked her up and that batshit crazy Belle Mort chick is all sorts of wanting to snag said protege AKA me, so you need to relinquish your blood tie to me so Angelus can official take it over so psycho bitch can’t do shit.”

She finished with an innocent smile that would have looked much more sincere if not for the sparkle in those gorgeous blue eyes, Jean Claude’s eyes.

Instantly Anita was claiming the girl must have misinformation and Buffy was telling her that no, it was all correct. Jean Claude stopped the argument between the two women and spoke, “I had no idea when I left that Joyce was expecting, I wouldn’t have left if I had known. I understand your anger mon infant but please, let us speak privately. I have just learned of your existence, I would like to know you.”

Buffy glared at Jean Claude. “You promised mom you would come back, to let her know you were ok, and she believed you, trusted you, I trusted you!”

With that Asher understood, it wasn’t merely her sister and mother she was angry for, it was herself as well.

Anita made some quip about the Slayer’s name which opened another can of worms. Buffy’s anger showed plainly. “Actually my birth name WAS Bethany, but it always sounded like Buffy when Jean Claude said it so that’s what my mom and others started calling me so you can blame HIM.”

It was then that Dawn was fed up with the conversation. “OK everybody listen up!! This is a FAMILY conversation, if you are not a relative by blood or marriage or by vampire clan you need to leave, period.”

Angelus’ entourage left quietly, to where Asher wasn’t sure. Jean Claude’s left more slowly leaving only Jean Claude, Asher and Anita.

Dawn glared at Anita and shook her head. “Uh huh you leave to, you are not married to Jean Claude and you are not part of his clan.”

Anita’s eyes narrowed. “You do not get to order me around, you’re just a kid.”

Buffy smirked. “No but I can Marshall Blake. As your boss it is a conflict of interest for you to be present, so leave, now.”

Anita was shocked. “You are B.Summers! How can you be head of the Federal Marshalls in charge of vampires and be a human servant?!”

This time Dawn smirked. “Because she’s also a Slayer and the strongest of the Slayers so if you want your job and to not have to deal with nasty consequences you should leave MS. Blake.

Asher had to hide the smirk that appeared on his face at Anita stormed out.

Angelus spoke once Anita had left. “I have helped Buffy raise Dawn since their mother died when Dawn was eleven and Buffy was seventeen. She is like my own, though as you know because of blood ties she is not and cannot be until you relinquish your tie.”

Jean Claude shook his head. “Non, I want to spend time with my daughter. I want to know her. You could have informed me years ago about her and you did not. I will consider your request but for three months I want her to stay with me so we can learn about one another.”

Buffy looked as if she was about to explode but Dawn cut in then. “I turn eighteen in six weeks, I will stay until then and make a choice then about staying the other six weeks. After that we can discuss the blood tie further.”

The next thing that happened caught Asher totally by surprise. Dawn turned to him with a smile and pushed back his hair. “Scars show you survived, that you are stronger than your past, you shouldn’t hide them.” When she kissed his scarred cheek she also whispered. “Besides they’re kinda kickass.”

It would be a very interesting six weeks.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Asher's Doll" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Mar 12.

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