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Three Wishes, Many Headaches

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This story is No. 2 in the series "WKX". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: A WKX sequel. Wishes made, time spins backwards, add in a new female, simmer for a few seconds and add in a kiss for good luck.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-CenteredAnimeRoninFR181021,6651011739,3356 Mar 128 May 12Yes



AN: Maybe a little less Xander and Kennedy in this chapter and a little more of something else…

AN2: Warning, short chapter.

(Summers Home)

“He asked you out on a date?!”

Buffy grimaced and instantly looked at her door, knowing her parents were both home. “Please, Willow, a little louder. I think there are some penguins at the South Pole that didn’t hear you.”

Willow grimaced and her voice was barely a whisper as she said, “Sorry. I mean… its Jesse we’re talking about here.”

“I know.”

“He’s a pervert.”

“So are most guys his age.” Buffy said quickly, defending her best male friend and date in a few hours.

“You’re the one who said it first.” Willow said defensively. “Besides, Xander’s not a pervert.”

“Did you see the way he and Kennedy were both looking at that waitress at Gino’s the other night? Trust me, he’s a pervert,” Buffy told the redhead, grimacing at the memories of the pair when they were perving on some unfortunate female. What made it worse, though, was when they came across a woman that didn’t mind it and, indeed, encouraged them. Thankfully they were few and far between.

“If you say so,” Willow said, uncertain. She then brightened a little, smiling, “Oz isn’t a pervert.”

Buffy nodded in concession of this fact, having met the taciturn musician. He looked, of course, but he knew where to draw the line. “So, how are things going between you two?”

Willow’s smile grew a little and she was about to gush on and on about Oz when Joyce Summers’ voice came up from the first floor of the house, “Honey? Jesse’s here. So is your father.”

Buffy was, understandably, out of her room like she’d been shot out of a cannon and Willow was hot on her heels. After the way that Xander had been grilled heedlessly by Hank about his ‘little girl’ and ‘defending her honor’, Buffy and Willow had decided that the less that Hank interacted with any potential boyfriends, the better. Especially when Xander had laughed in his face about it.

Downstairs, Jesse was quietly sweating as Hank idly ran a cloth over what looked to be a very, very sharp knife. Joyce, he knew, did not allow guns in the house, so apparently he was forced to improvise. ‘Damn it, bro, why aren’t you here?”

Joyce, beautiful woman and goddess that she was, took mercy on him as she called upstairs, “Honey? Jesse’s here. So is your father.”

Jesse had to smile as he heard the thunder of feet. Salvation in the form of his best female friend and his date for the night. ‘And one of your best friends, dumbass, so don’t screw it up,’ he reminded himself. Xander had, of course, had a chat with him earlier about it, talking about this and that, how to treat a lady ‘correctly’, and there had been a few subtle threats involved; normal stuff, actually. Kennedy, though, had been less subtle about it and had threatened to rip _it_ off and feed it to him if he screwed this up; not so normal stuff. At least he hoped it wasn’t normal…

“Jesse! Um… hi,” Buffy said, slightly winded, as she noticed her mother reach out and nab her father by the ear. …Was that a kitchen knife?

“Hi, Buffy. Ah, how’s it going?”

“Good.” Buffy chirped.

“Very good,” Willow added. “Um… how about we take this upstairs?”

“Ah, that might not be the best idea…” Jesse hedged as he saw Mr. Summers’ head snake around the corner and then get drug back by his ear. “How about we… um… go to the library?” ‘You know, where it’s safe?’

The girls were apparently telepathic in this respect and Buffy told Joyce where they were going, “Willow needs help with a project she’s doing.” Willow elbowed Buffy with a glare for dragging her into the lie.

“Alright, honey, just be back before dark. We’re having lasagna tonight. And Xander and Kennedy are invited, too, of course.”

“Ah, thanks, Mrs. S. I’ll be sure to let them know that if we see them.” The trio quickly left but not before they clearly heard Joyce Summers admonishing her husband about trying to ruin her kitchen knives.

(Ford Residence)

Xander looked up at the ceiling for a second and chuckled for no apparent reason, which made Kennedy pause the movie that they were watching instead of doing their homework, “What is it?”

“There is a disturbance in the Force, Kennedy, as if a husband is getting verbally reamed by his wife for doing something silly.”

Kennedy arched an eyebrow at him, “Okay, when did you become all Jedi-like and are you using these powers for good?”

“Hmmm…” was all Xander said in reply as he reached for the remote.

“I didn’t think so.” Kennedy said as the antics of Bill Murray v. gopher made them both smile. It was nights like this that made them both thankful that Kennedy had not been Called and, as such, they could take the occasional night off.

Naturally that was when there was a knock on the door and her father walked in, an envelope in his hands. “Children.”

“Daddy.” “Sir.” They replied.

“Good, you’re both not doing anything. We need to talk.”

A frown marred Kennedy’s face as she sat up, tucking her feet under her, “About?”

“A family function that we are required to attend.” Michael said with a slight smile as he looked between the pair.

Kennedy’s frown was joined by a gnawing worry in her stomach. Was Xander’s ‘disturbance in the Force’ thing spreading?




Jesse was understandably nervous. First date with a friend, who happened to be a Slayer, and somehow Willow had been asked to go along with them. ‘Awkward’ did not begin to describe it all.

He shot Buffy a look and she shrugged helplessly for a second before her eyes lit up. Jesse knew that look; she had a plan. Buffy’s planning abilities were, at best, hit or miss, so he was not exactly elated. “Hey, Willow? Isn’t Oz playing at the Bronze tonight?”

“Oh!” Willow gasped, her eyes wide and her hands going to her mouth, “I forgot. I’vegottago.”

“Try to not hit anything on your way, Wills,” Jesse said as the redhead bailed out. After she was gone, he looked over at Buffy and the nervousness ratcheted up a little bit, “Should I feel bad that that was so easy to do?”

“Hmm… maybe just a little,” Buffy said, holding her thumb and forefinger apart by an inch or so. “I’m more worried about what she’s going to say if Oz’s gig is already up.”

“Don’t even think that. She’ll get all guilty and mope. We do not want to deal with a moping Willow.”

“That sounds like a tree.”

“It does, doesn’t it?” Jesse said after a second.


“So…” Jesse parroted. “Um… that’s a nice skirt.”

“Thanks,” Buffy said with a smile. “That’s a nice shirt.”

AN: And the dance begins. Yes, I’m cutting it off here. It’s a first date and, well, you know how they go. R&R, please.
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