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The Scooby School of Slayers & Watchers

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Summary: Both Draco and Harry are forced into a world that they had no idea existed. And there's a school for slayers? (Read inside for further details)

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Harry Potter > General > Alternate UniverseSeakFR18511,0700127,5875 Jan 0428 Feb 04No

A Fresh Start

The Scooby School Of Slayers & Watchers

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward for this faith is to see what you believe”
ST. AUGUSTINE, Sermons (5th c)

A Fresh Start
Chapter Four

“I don’t believe this!”

Harry glared at him from his side of the room and crossed his arms. “Don’t look at me! I’m not the one who decided we should be roommates!”

Draco transferred his glare to the people standing at the doorway. “Why are you doing this to me! Isn’t it bad enough that I had to save his life?!” he shouted, waving his finger at Harry’s direction.

Harry straightened up and bristled, his glare intensifying at the blonde who was almost throwing a tantrum, which Harry knew was very undignified of a Malfoy.

“Don’t look at me, I simply work here” Buffy injected smirking at the people next to her and promptly vanished with Spike’s “Same here mate” fast on her heels.

Draco growled and stamped his feet.

Harry’s eyes widened and a grin grew on his lips. Very undignified.

Willow giggled as she exchanged glances with Harry before changing her expression into a serious one. “You have to learn to get along.”

“Yes,” Draco practically sneered, “We must all get along and learn to love each other, play nice and live happily ever after – how disgustingly sweeet.”

Willow’s eyes narrowed, “Now see here mister,” she said wagging a finger in his direction, “Don’t think I can’t see the sarcasm in your words, you have to get along, not because it’s a nice sweet thing but because you have to trust him to watch your back.”

Draco snorted. “Why would I want him to watch my back anyway?”

“Because there might not be anyone else to watch your back and then where would you be?”

Draco glared but had no answer except for the obvious one, which was dead. He turned and sat on the large carved wooden bed and crossed his arms, a petulant expression on his face.

Harry’s eyes sparkled with gleeful laughter, this was better then TV any day.

Draco glared at him, “What are you looking at Potter, you’re stuck in this as well you know!”

Harry’s laughter promptly vanished maybe not better then TV.

“Well you like your room, don’t you?” Willow asked excitedly, an earnest expression on her face as she glanced around the room. “I know sharing a room is not very much fun but once you get along, you can get your own rooms.”

Draco rolled his eyes. “How exciting.”

Harry frowned, “Are we going to be here that long?” he asked quietly, a worried look in his eyes.

Willow giggled before smiling encouragingly. “Harry, I know you don’t like Draco that much but please understand that it is important you trust each other. And when your school term starts you can always go back to Hogwarts, I heard it was a very safe school. And we’re not going to stop you from going.”

Draco snorted at the ‘safe school’ bit.

Harry brightened, he had never had many choices in his life, Dumbledore seemingly the most dominant decision maker in his life, but here, he had the choice to stay or leave and that gave him more freedom then he ever had.

“And we certainly won’t stop you from leaving the castle, you can visit the village anytime, it’s a sanctuary for the Slayer’s family to live without one of its members being kidnapped and used as a leverage against the Slayers. It’s also a place for families to live and be close to the castle. Not all Slayers live in the castle you know.”

Harry and Draco straightened in surprise. “Really?” They said in union, glaring at each other when they realized what they’ve done.

Willow smothered a smile and nodded. “Slayers need the freedom, if they begin to feel restricted and not see their families for a long time it could lead to bad things. We want to give them all the support they need.”

“Just to make things clear,” Harry said carefully, “We can go down to the village any time.”

“Yes,” She said nodding, “Just as long as you tell someone with authority, it’s fine, you can go to the movies or the night club or any of the other fun activities that are available.”

“Wow” Harry muttered.

Willow frowned, “I take it, you never got out much.”

Harry shook his head, what with living under his aunt and uncle’s authority and then Professor Dumbledore’s… no, he had never gotten further then Diagon Alley and that was only once a year to buy school supplies.

“Oh,” Willow said frowning before brightening, “Well don’t worry if you stay here long enough you can go to many different places. We believe in freedom and fun.”

“That sounds brilliant.” Harry exclaimed.

Draco rolled his eyes and fell back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, wandering what this place was that they wouldn’t worry about the safety of so many families. He decided he might as well voice the question and got up leaning on his elbows.

“So why aren’t you worried that the bad people might come in and kidnap or kill the families?”

Willow beamed at him as if he asked a very good and important question. “We’re on an island not far outside England, but what makes this island such a safe place is because technically it doesn’t exist.”

“Doesn’t exist?” Draco asked, an incredulous expression on his face.

“Yep,” She said nodding her head.

“But how?”

She smiled mysteriously, “Magic” and turned, giving them a last glance. “Get settled in your new room and I’ll send you someone to show you around and you can ask all the question you want. But now I have some things to do, namely go teach my classes.” She said flashing them a smile and she turned back but stopped suddenly as if she had forgotten something. “Oh and you’ll be meeting the Head of the school soon, so be good.” And she was gone, closing the door behind her.

Draco flopped back on his bed, “Great” he muttered, “Just great.”

Who’d have thought that when Willow had told them that they would be getting their own rooms, she had meant that they would be sharing? Bloody hell, nothing had gone right for him and it was all Potter’s fault. And now he was going to have to share a room with Potter the Golden boy, how much more humiliating can this get?

Probably much more humiliating and he scowled at the ceiling.

Harry stared at the blank door for moment before glancing around him and examining the room. It was a beautiful and a comfortable room, with two couches and a large coffee table in the middle, separating the room. On either side of the room were two large queen sized wooden carved beds that he knew for a fact from sitting on one was very comfortable. They had heaps of space between them and he smirked, the bathroom door was on his side of the room.

Draco glared at the ceiling, Willow's words echoing in his mind, what was there to settle? It wasn’t like he brought his entire belongings with him; he hadn’t even had time to bring anything with him. Other then the clothes and his wand he had nothing, absolutely nothing. His father had already probably disowned him and if he felt a clenching feeling of terror, he ignored it. He had never disobeyed his father, never done anything to earn his fathers disapproval; he had always believed in being the good son, so what had happened? What had made him give up his wealth, power and position to become this? Hiding from his family, living in a Muggle school (It was still a Muggle’s school no matter how much magic they used as far as he was concerned) and saving Harry’s worthless life? Why had he done it? Why?

His reasons had seemed so clear and now he wasn’t sure, he wasn’t sure at all.

Harry’s smirk disappeared as he realized where he was finally crashed into him, it wasn’t right, that he was here, at a place that he barely even knew, where he didn’t even know if these people were trust worthy. Who were they? He frowned at the multi colored, patterned, quilt covering on the bed and felt a fission of fear run down his spine. He reached in his pocket and almost sighed with relief when he felt his wand before pulling out his hand and staring at it. So many people dead, and it was all because of him, they were keeping him safe and for what? To fight against Voldemort? So that he could die fighting that monster? Was that it? Were they saving his life so that he could die saving theirs? A hero, he thought, this is what it means to be a hero.

He didn’t want to be hero.

A knock on the door startled them and they both stared at it, no one moving so much as an inch towards it. The knob turned and the door opened slowly and a small head popped out.

“Hello,” said a little boy of ten, he had sandy blond hair and the biggest blue eyes Harry had ever seen.

He smiled shyly and stepped into the room. “My name is Sam but everyone calls me Sammy and I’m your guide.” He piped, rocking slightly on his feet, his hands grasped behind his back, his eyes sparkling with mischief.

Cute was the word that ran through Harry’s mind, the boy looked like a cherub, with rosy cheeks and bright blue eyes, except for the fact that he wasn’t so chubby; in fact the boy was very thin.

“You? Our guide?” Draco sneered. Great, they send us children to be our guide.

Sammy took a step back, his blue eyes growing wide, “Is something wrong?” he asked quietly glancing uncertainty at Harry.

Harry shook his head and smiled, “No, don’t worry about him, his the snobbish type.”

“Oh” Sammy uttered before swinging another glance at Draco and shrugged, not really bothered by his behavior and quickly forgetting it. Sammy brightened. “Okay, well do you want to see the school?”

Harry smiled, “Why not?”

Sammy practically beamed at him, excitement shining in his eyes. “I’m not supposed to be out of class, but mom said that I can show you around since you’re new.”

“Great,” Draco scowled, “It’s a mummy’s boy.”

Harry glared at him, “And your not?” he snapped.

Draco flashed him an incensed look, “No I am not Potter! Or I wouldn’t be here, now would I?”

Harry opened his mouth to shoot back a reply but Sammy cut in before him.

“I don’t mind being a mommy’s boy, especially with a mom like mine, she can get pretty scary when I get into trouble but somehow dad manages to get me in trouble anyway.” He said earnestly, his eyes wide with shining innocence.

“Well good for you.” Draco sneered.

Sammy tilted his head in curiosity. “Mom said that you looked a lot like dad, I wasn’t sure if I believed her or not but man, you sure do look a lot like my dad.”

Draco tilted his head, as he stared at Sammy curiously. “Have I met your parents?” he asked.

Harry blinked and blinked again, unable to believe what he was seeing, for a moment they looked so much like each other that he swore he was seeing double. He rubbed his eyes and blinked harder, when the scene still didn’t change, he quickly took his glasses off and rubbed them furiously with the bottom of his shirt before popping them back on. Nope, still the same.

Sammy nodded, “Yep.”

Draco’s eyes narrowed, “Your mother wouldn’t happen to be a slayer, would she?”

Sammy smiled with pride, “Yep,” as his chest puffed out.

“And she wouldn’t happen to go by that ridiculous name Buffy, would she?”

“Hey!” Sammy said indigently, “I happen to like my mom’s name! Thank you very much!”

Draco sneered, “It’s a stupid name and your father’s name, what type of name is Spike?”

Sammy’s eyes narrowed and he sneered, as he took on an arrogant posture.

Harry gaped; if that wasn’t a Malfoy pose then he was going mad.

“And what type of name is Draco?” he asked, running eyes over Draco’s lazy sprawl on the bed, a sneer playing on his lips. “What did your parents do, decided you were freakish as a dragon and named you that?”

Draco straightened and sat up stiffly and looked down his aristocrat nose at him. “It happens to stand for Draconian and my parents named me that because yes I am freakishly powerful,” he smiled nastily, “Like a dragon.”

Harry snorted and rolled his eyes.

Sammy’s eyes widened, and an innocent look entered his eyes, “Oh dear,” he said, doing an exaggerated shocked, gasped pose with his hand over his mouth, “You are freakishly powerful aren’t you?” he asked wide eyed, before a sudden sneer spread across his face, “Too bad you needed a girl to save your ass.”

Harry quickly covered the laughter that erupted from him, as he saw the look of horror and indignation come over Draco’s face.

“I was not saved by a girl!” He snapped.

Sammy stared at him disbelief, “Yeah, right, and I am big feet.”

Draco growled and he stood up, he stalked towards the boy, a nasty smile on his lips. “I am going to make you regret that kid.”

Sammy took a step back, startled and then jumped, running towards Harry and climbing on his bed. “Harry! Stop him! His gonna kill me!” And quickly ducked behind him.

Harry quickly stood up and spread his arms, keeping Draco away from Sammy.

“Move aside Potter! I am going to rip that little brat apart!”

“Now Draco, play nice… after all that kid did just state the truth.” Harry said, his eyes sparkling with laughter.

Draco face darkened in a red shade and his eyes narrowed dangerously “Potter! You are so dead!” He snarled and lunged.

Harry leaped out of the way and grabbed Sammy off the bed before making a run towards the door. “Sammy run!” Harry shouted laughing as Sammy’s peal of laughter rang in the room.

They shot out of the room, Draco’s heavy footsteps pounding behind them as they ran down the long corridors. “Come back here! You dumb stinking pieces of troll shit!”

For a little boy with short legs Sammy sure ran fast, Harry thought his legs pumping furiously as he tried to evade Draco who was fast on their heals. He peaked behind him, flashing a cheeky grin at Draco that further incensed him and turned – only to find himself slamming into something, with a bit of luck and a lot Quidditch training he managed not to fall and bring down whomever he crashed into, instead he fell on his back.

A whispered “Uh oh, “ from Sammy said they were in big trouble.

Draco had by then reached them but he was smirking and he pointed at them. “They started it.”

Harry slowly got up and looked at the person that Draco had addressed.

It was a man, who appeared to be in his sixties and yet he had an authority and intelligence about him that made him seem younger, he took off his glasses and rubbed them with a piece of cloth that he took out off his breast pocket. “I see.” He said quietly and put his glasses back on and arching an eyebrow. “I take it they are the new students?” he asked looking down at Sammy, his British accent very evident in his speech.

Sammy flushed and looked down, “Yes,”

“And I also take it that you’ve been causing trouble again?”

Sammy quickly looked up and said indignantly, “I did not!” And pointed to Draco, “He started it! He said mom’s name was stupid!”

“And you retaliated by saying his name was ridiculous as well?” he asked calmly.

“Yes,” Sammy said in a small voice.

“I see,” the man sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose. “I really should punish you three for this, but really, you are children just having fun and I can’t very well punish you for that, now can I?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

All three of them shook their head, “Oh no,” “Just having fun,” “Yeah”

The man nodded, “Good, now run along,” and waved them off. As they quickly skirted around him, relief evident on their features, he stopped them. “If I hear of any maiming and killing from the three of you, you’d be assured that there are going be consequences for your actions, is that understood?” he asked, a dangerous gleam in his eyes that had them almost cowering before him.

“Yes sir,” was muttered by all three of them.

He nodded and turned his back to them, leaving them to their fun.

Harry turned to Sammy. “Who was that?” he asked.

Sammy grinned and casually shrugged, his hands in his jeans pockets. “Oh, my uncle Giles,”

Both Draco and Harry stared blankly at him.

“The Headmaster,” Sammy clarified.



The End?

You have reached the end of "The Scooby School of Slayers & Watchers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 28 Feb 04.

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