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The Scooby School of Slayers & Watchers

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Summary: Both Draco and Harry are forced into a world that they had no idea existed. And there's a school for slayers? (Read inside for further details)

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The Scooby School of Slayers & Watchers

The Scooby School of Slayers and Watchers


This story is crossovered by four different verses, which are Harry Potter, Stargate, Highlander and West Wing, however it doesn't mean I'm going to introduce characters from these verses. My story mentions them in passing (except for Harry Potter). You don't need to know what seasons the crossovers starts because I won't be using anything from the various series or movies as reference. I'm just taking bits and pieces into my own making, so you don't need to worry about anything. Everything is pretty much AU, I've pretty much changed things to suit me.

All you need to know is that this starts years after season seven in BTVS.

I won’t be able to frequently update this story because I only write when the mood takes me but I promise that I won’t abandon it. If I abandon any story you’d know because I’d delete it and throw it in the trash. So what I’m saying is that it will be a while before I update.

Now with this story it is what the title says it is.

This is really big for me, a huge project that I’ve spent months thinking and planning on, a school for slayers and watchers, how cool is that?

I won’t state pairings, like my other stories because with this… it’s too much fun if I don’t say anything.

Anyways I hope you enjoy my story and please if you’re going to blow my head off or leave me a flame be prepared for returning fire.


All characters from the series of Buffy The Vampire Slayer are the sole ownership of Twentieth Century Fox Film, Josh Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

All character from the books Harry Potter belong to the sole ownership of Warner Brothers and J.K Rowling.

No infringement on any copyright of the owner of the series is knowingly intended.

This is published by the author for entertainment purposes only.

No monetary or personal gain was knowingly made by the author with the publication of this story, which was based on ideas and characters created by owner of the legal property.

No plagiarism of legal property or of any ideas of the owner of said legal property was knowingly intended by the author.

This statement is fully transferable and is legally held binding for all chapters of The Scooby School of Slayer & Watchers as they are presented under different chapter headings and titles for individual chapters.

Now that all the legal stuff is over and you know a little about the story... let the story begin!
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