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Enforcing Faith

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Summary: AU as of 'This Year's Girl', Faith is arrested almost immediately upon waking from her coma and sent to prison. Two months later she gets a visitor offering her a way out. BtVS/Angel/Wire xover.

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New Blood in Baltimore

Enforcing Faith

Summary: Faith gets a visitor in prison and is given an offer. BtVS/Angel/Wire Crossover, and a sh*tload of original characters. Dark, HBO-esque Faith and Gunn in the Wire-verse, but several ‘lesser’ BtVS/Angel characters will appear down the road, but that’s a surprise for another day.

Disclaimer: Joss owns BtVS and Angel, David Simon owns The Wire. I ain’t got shiiiiiiii*.

Timeline: Buffy: Goes AU with S4’s ‘This Years Girl’. Faith was arrested almost immediately upon waking from her coma, and sent to prison for her crimes.
Angel: S1, set prior to the first appearance of Gunn, who is vastly different than canon as well in this universe. He was an enforcer for a crew that has been wiped out, and is tempted into the employ of the Greek when offered the chance at revenge on the people responsible, who he summarily executed with Vondas and Sergei. Faith will also be known as ‘Raven’ in Baltimore and Gunn is ‘Snipes’.
The Wire: Pre-Series, will eventually go into the events of the series.

Warnings: Character Death, Language, Drug Use, Violence, Sexual Situations

Chapter One: New Blood in Baltimore

Friday, April 16th, 2000 – Los Angeles County Woman’s Correctional Facility

Faith still had a look of confusion as the guard led her into the ‘Visitation Room’, her mind trying to figure out who could possibly be visiting her. It had been two months since she’d awoken from her coma and viciously assaulted at least four of the hospital staff before she’d been tasered by a security guard and apprehended by the Sunnydale police before being summarily charged with the murders of the deputy mayor and the geology professor and sent off to prison, her file quickly slipping into the cracks of the LAPD old case archives following her farce of a trial.

She took a seat on the opposite side of the glass divider to an Italian looking man, who looked vaguely familiar to her as she studied him for a moment before picking up the phone, the Italian mirroring her actions on his end.

“You my new lawyer or something? ‘Cause the last one sucked.” Faith quips, a bitterness in her voice.

“No, I’m hardly a lawyer.” The man says, meeting her gaze from the other side of the glass. “But I do have an offer for you Miss Lehane, and a way to get you out if you choose to take it.”

Faith sat there in shocked silence for a couple moments, casting a glance over her shoulder to the guard posted by the door, before finally returning her gaze to the Italian once more.

“You have my undivided attention, and I can say off the bat that I would do pretty much anything if you could make that happen.” Faith tells him. “Unfortunately, the cops got me dead to rights, due to testimony of several old ‘friends’ of mine.”

“Testimony yes, but as you were pretty thorough in the clean-up of your two messes, there is no real evidence to fully support the claims.” The Italian informs her. “We have a man already up on multiple counts of Murder in the 1st Degree, and will take the two Sunnydale murders as his if you agree.”

Faith casts one more look over her shoulder at the guard, now pre-occupied with one of the other inmates having a disagreement with his visitor. She turns back to the man once more, now with a icy fire dancing in her chocolate orbs.

“What did you want me to do?” Faith questions, her hopes lifted at the thought of freedom being close at hand.

“Nothing that you haven’t already proven yourself quite skilled at.” The Italian replies easily. “I assume you have no problem in continuing on a more professional level.”

Faith’s eyes widen and she just barely remembers to keep her voice down so as to keep their discussion private from the guard on duty in the room, just in the off-chance that he was one of the honest ones.

“You want me to kill people?” She whispers, somewhat incredulously.

“Among other things, yes.” Her visitor says with a nod. “My employer is well aware of the supernatural world, including the legend of the slayer, which I believe you know well enough Miss Lehane. The Organization that I represent takes a special interest in employing ‘gifted’ individuals such as yourself.”

“Sounds like you’re making a team of x-men.” Faith comments dryly, holding in her surprise at the man’s casual acknowledgement of the things that went bump in the night.

The Italian gives a short laugh, letting Faith know he at least understood the reference,

“Nothing so epic, I’m afraid.” The Italian says after a moment. “You would be an enforcer for the organization.”

“Upholding the Injustice?” Faith quips, giving a short nod. “I ain’t got no problems with that.

“I thought as much.” The man replies, giving her a nod back.

“When can I get out of here?” Faith asks eagerly.

“As soon as I leave here, I will make the call to set things in motion.” The man informs her. “At the worst, you’ll be out by Tuesday.”

‘Always a damn Tuesday.’ Faith thinks to herself and gives the man a brief smile. “I think I can survive that long, Mr… uh?” Faith trails off.

“Vondas, Miss Lehane.” The Italian introduces himself finally. “Spiros Vondas.”

It was just about noon on Sunday that Faith took her first steps outside the mesh-wire fences that surrounded the prison, taking a look around the area outside and then letting a grin slide onto her face as a black SUV pulls off the main road and onto the dirt path leading up to the exit that she’d been brought out to. She hoisted the small duffel of her personal belongings up so she is holding it over her shoulder as she begins to walk in the direction of the approaching vehicle with a small grin on her face.

The SUV comes to a stop about ten feet from her current position and she takes the last few steps as the guy in the passenger seat gets out of the car and opens the back door for her as she walks up and gets into the back of the car, taking the open seat next to Spiros as the passenger seat guy reclaims his spot before the driver puts his foot on the gas pedal. Faith quickly buckles herself in, and then turns to Spiros with a grateful look on her face.

“You people work fast.” She comments, with appreciation at how quick it had gone down, getting her out of prison. She only wished she could have seen the looks on the faces of Buffy and her little friends.

“The man I represent, your new employer, is very well connected along both coastlines.” Spiros replies. “It may have taken a little longer had you been somewhere like Chicago or Dallas.”

Faith gives a small nod of understanding. “So where exactly are you bringing me anyways, you were kinda vague on the details when we spoke two days ago.”

“First we’re heading into the city to pick up the other three new hires, then we’re taking a plane to Newark, New Jersey.” Spiros tells her. “We have several cars there, and will be driving into Baltimore.

“Having a rush of applicants for your organization?” The dark slayer quips, the teasing lilt to her voice drawing a small smile out of Spiros, who shakes his head.

“Nah, we don’t get much in the way of on-paper applicants.” The Italian chuckles. “All three were recruited in much the same way as you. They’re waiting at our LA safehouse, which is where we’re heading first.”

“Word.” Faith settles into her seat and looks out the window for a few moments, before her stomach growls loudly and she gives a slightly embarrassed look around the car at Spiros and the other occupants. “Sorry about that.” She ducks her head slightly as she apologizes, and Spiros just gives a quick shake oif his head.

“Dominic, make a stop at one of those burger joints, first one you see.” Spiros tells the driver who gives a quick nod at the order as he turns onto Kinison Ave. Faith gives him another look of appreciation.

It was about a half hour later that the SUV finally pulled to a stop outside a boarded up building in the slums, and the passenger seat guy gets out of the car. Faith watches through the window as he makes his way up to where the door is boarded up and raps on the wood. A moment later, she sees the wood that is ‘boarding up’ the door move slightly and then slowly open. Two men and a young woman exit the building and follow the passenger over to the SUV, the three of them squeezing into the backseat of the vehicle on the bench behind where Faith and Spiros are sitting, and Faith takes the opportunity to take in their faces, subconsciously trying to see if she recognizes any of the three from where she’d been incarcerated.

The first man was clearly Irish, more likely than not an actual immigrant from overseas. Faith held in a wince as she took in the sight of the scar that ran down the entire length of the left side of his face, part of it awfully close to his eye.

The second man is a tall black man, sporting the typical look of the average LA gang member, and she doesn’t miss the haunted look that flashes in his eyes as he squeezes past her to get into the back. She recognizes it as almost the same as she’d seen in the mirror during the first couple weeks after losing Diana to Kakistos in Boston.

A brief look at the woman, who looks to be about her age, and Faith knows instantly that they would get along fine. The girl had vibrant red hair with strips of black dyed into it, and a wild aura about her that even a blind man would pick up on. The girl is the last one into the back and Faith pulls the door shut before the driver pulls away.

“Faith Lehane, this is James Foley, Anna Frost and Charles Gunn.” Spiros makes the introductions, glancing from Faith to the three in the backseat. “They are an ex-IRA werewolf, a self-proclaimed mutant, and one of the most-feared enforcers in California. She’s a slayer.” Spiros last words are directed at the three in the back, but only James gives any indication of knowing what that means as he throws a surprised look at Faith.

“Wait, I knew ye lass.” The werewolf reveals. “Ye’re the one that drew that prick Kakistos out of Boston bout two years ago. Saved my old employer a lot of hassle, not that it really mattered in the end.”

“Vampires?” Faith questions softly, unsure of the man’s meaning.

“Nah, feds took him down.” James replies with a casual shrug. “I was out on an errand when it happened or I’d be in the hole with him. So what’s your stance on wolves then?”

“S’long as you don’t start humping my leg, we’re five by five.” Faith quips back.

“Oh I like you.” Anna chirps up from her spot in the middle of the backseat, but then gets a look of confusion of her face. “Wait though, what the fucks a slayer?” She asks, with a expectant look on her face as she awaits an answer.

“Mystical warrior chosen to fight the vampires and demons.. blah blah.” Faith gives a condensed version of the speech that Giles had used when she’d first arrived in Sunnydale. “I’m considerably stronger and faster than a normal human as a bonus.”

“Handy, that’s why you got hired then?” Anna questions and Faith gives a nod.

“That and the fact that I’m apparently ‘gifted’ at assassination and clean-up.” Faith quips, glancing to Spiros for a moment. “That was the word you used right, ‘gifted’?”

Spiros chuckles as he gives a short nod and turns back to face the front as Faith continues to talk with the other new enforcers.

“So how’d you get hired then?” Faith questions the other girl, who gives her a wide grin in response. As the dark slayer watches, the girl moves her arms out in front of her and cups her hands together for a moment.

“Aside from my rather impressive resume, as our friend Mr. Vondas put it, I can do this.” Anna slowly starts to pull her hands apart and Faith sees a small sphere of crackling energy hovering in the middle of the space between the redhead’s hands, which grows as she pulls her hands further apart.

“Not in the car Ava.” Spiros comments without turning and Anna gives a sheepish look at the back of the Italian’s head, quickly drawing her hands back together and drawing the ball of energy back into her.

“Sorry Von.” ‘Ava’ rattles out, not looking all that apologetic really, but her respect of the man evident. Her gaze shifts back to Faith again. “Depending on how much energy I put into those little babies, they can be pretty destructive when they explode.

“That’s wicked.” Faith says with admiration and feels a thrill of the thought of how much fun this was turning out to be. “But I thought your name was Anna, why’d he call you Ava?”

“My street name, to keep the cops off my ass.” ‘Ava’ explains. “We all got one, James here is ‘Mick’ for obvious reason and the ever-silent Gunn is ‘Snipes’ cause he can shoot better than anyone else in the car, cept for maybe Spiros. You’re gonna need one too.”

’Hmmm..’ Faith thought over a few things for a moment before a good one popped into her head. “How’s Domino sound?”

“After the comic book character?” Ava asks sounding dubious. “I don’t think it fits.” The redhead says, chewing on the corner of her lip.

“What about Raven?” the up to now silent Gunn suggests, earning looks from Faith and Ava. “For her hair.” He adds after a moment, in way of explanation and both girls nod.

“I like that one.” Ava comments and Faith gives a nod, liking it as well.

“Me too. I’ll be Raven from now on.”

The group fell into silence as the drive to the airport continued.

The flight had gone by faster than Raven had expected, but then again her old fear of flying had her hitchhiking across the country a couple years earlier, so she couldn’t say she was the best judge of how fast it should have gone. The plane landed at 8 in the evening and the group of Raven, Spiros, Ava, Mick, Snipes and the passenger, who had been introduced formally as Sergei in the terminal back in Los Angeles when the group had been waiting to board the plane, stepped out of the south entrance into the night air.

“There’s our rides.” Sergei comments after a moment, pointing out two parked cars a little ways up the street, and the six begin walking towards the vehicles, arriving quickly. Spiros, Sergei and Snipes get into the first car, leaving Raven to get in the passenger seat of the second car, Ava and Mick taking the back as the small caravan pulls out from the airport and begins driving south out of Newark in the direction of Baltimore.

Faith allowed herself to nod off to sleep, having gotten none on the flight, and is awakened some time later by Ava shaking her by the shoulder as the redhead stands outside the open passenger door.

“Damn girl, you sleep like a fuckin bear.” Ava gibes playfully as Faith shakes off her fatigue and looks around.

“How long was I out?” The dark slayer questions the ‘mutant’, who shrugs unhelpfully.

“Wasn’t watching the clock, but you were under most of the trip so I’d say maybe an hour or so.” Ava replies. “The others already went inside, I don’t think we’re gonna be needed for anything tonight, but I figured it’s probably safer to sleep somewhere less out in the open, who knows what kind of psychos hang out around here at night.”

“You mean besides us?” Raven counters dryly as she gets out of the car and shuts the door.

“Touche.” Ava says, shrugging her shoulders as she turns and starts walking towards the door the other four went in. “Still wouldn’t want to be caught sleeping unawares.”

“True enough.” Raven concedes, following the shorter girl to the entrance of the building, the pair quickly make their way inside and Ava locks the door behind them.

“Spiros?” Ava calls out, not sure where in the building the rest of the group had headed to, and a moment later the Italian’s voice drifts down from the stairs leading up to the second floor on the west wall.

Raven takes the lead as the two women ascend to the top floor, finding Spiros and the other three inside a small lounge like room, complete with a couple of leather couches that are occupied by Mick, Snipes and Sergei, a large television that is currently tuned into ESPN, and several other expensive looking pieces of furniture and décor that has the dark slayer staring in awe.

“We have connections with the Dock Worker’s Union.” Spiros explains, seeing the look on Raven’s face, and she turns to look at him, her eyes admiring the craftsmanship of the desk the Italian is sitting at. “There are certain… perks.”

“I’d say.” Raven remarks as Ava joins the guys on the couches and she makes her way over to the desk that Spiros is sitting behind, falling into one the chairs on the other side. “So what are you up to?” She inquires curiously.

“Just going over a few numbers for the boss.” Spiros replies, looking down at the small notebook that lay open in front of him for a moment before meeting Raven’s gaze once more. “Apparently a couple of dealers that he supplies to on the south-east side have been holding back on payments.”

“Anyone need a lesson on business ethics?” Raven follows up with another question.

“Not just yet, no sense killing off profitable individuals if we’re wrong.” Spiros tells her, glancing back down at the notebook for a moment, his eyes scanning the list written out on the top sheet of paper. “Oh wait, there’s one guy here that can serve as an example.” He corrects himself as he looks up once more. “But not tonight, I want the four of you to meet the boss tomorrow before sending you off on any jobs.”

Raven nods in understanding, suddenly feeling the fatigue from her overall lack of sleep in the last couple days since she’d been offered a way out of her imprisonment, her excitement at the prospect of release making her wired and too anxious to sleep. She lets out a yawn, stifling it off with her hand halfway through and blinks a couple times to clear her head.

“Yeah, whatever works for ya.” Raven shrugs as she glances away for a moment, looking around the room quickly before looking back to Vondas. “I don’t suppose you got a place I could crash out for the night, jet lag and all that.”

Spiros gives a short nod of affirmation. “Second door on the right outside this room.”

Faith nods back as she rises from the chair and starts for the door. “Wake me up if you need anything.” She throws over her shoulder as she departs the room, following Spiros’ directions and entering a plain looking room with a few beds spread out along the walls. Raven stumbles a bit as she makes her way to the closest of the beds as the fatigue hits her full force and she is asleep almost as soon as her head hits the pillow.

To be continued…

Author Notes: So I think I have finally figured out a way to successfully write a somewhat acceptable injection of certain buffy-angel characters into the Wire-verse proper, Faith and Gunn being the first 2 of 8 Buffy-verse chars that will be in this fic, the others being a principal, a watcher, 3 potential slayers, and a premiere thief. Certain characters in the canon series Wire will be saved from death and certain others may be killed when they survived the series.
Enforcing Faith will cover the four year period between the start of this story and the docks investigation from season 2 of the Wire, before moving on to the sequel I have planned.
Original Character portrayals: James ‘Mick’ Foley (Norman Reedus); Anna ‘Ava’ Frost (Katharine Isabelle)

Hope you’ve enjoyed my drivel, at least enough to leave a review and feed my muse…
and as always much love from the Stoner Guru.
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