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The Chicago Slayer

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The Unrevealed World.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The latest slayer in Chicago is a bit - different.

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Television > ShamelessLetomoFR1566,4780177,2539 Mar 1213 Apr 12Yes

The Chicago Slayer.

The Chicago Slayer.

A/N: I have no rights to either of the shows depicted in this fanfic. I own nothing about them. They have other owners, who have money. I have none, I'm a college student.

The phone rang in the house in Cleveland.

And rang.

"Someone get that!"

And rang.

Finally, it was picked up by a redheaded girl, almost a woman.

"Cleveland House, Vi speaking."

"Vi, this is Willow."

"Willow, Hi! How's Brazil? How are you doing? It's really snowy and cold here, I bet it's nice in Brazil right now!" Vi's voice was as always, incredibly cheerful.

"Wow, Vi, you babble almost as well as me!"

"Um, thanks?"

"Anyways, I called for a reason."

"An apocalypse?"

"Nope. A new slayer popped up."

"Oh? Is she nice? Where's she going?"

"I don't know. She isn't here. When I did scan of North America, I found a slayer that hadn't shown up before. She's in Chicago."

"Oh! A new slayer near here. How cool! Do you know anything about her? What she's like, anything?"

"Only a name."

"Oh, let me get a piece of paper." There was always supposed to be a bit of paper and a pen by the phone, but the paper was gone at present. So, after Vi scrounged some looseleaf, she get ready. "So, what's the name?"

"Fiona Gallegher. She's somewhere in the southside of Chicago. I wasn't able to get it any clearer, she kept moving around. That's capitol F-i-o-n-a, then capital G-a-l-l-e-g-h-e-r. "

"Okay, I'll let Robin know, I'm sure we'll have a group out to meet her soon!"

A/N: So, to make certain, I have no rights to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or to the TV show Shameless, in either of it's incarnations.

I'm not sure if there's more to this, there probably is, but this scene came to me nearly whole, and I just wanted to get it out.
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