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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredpoetFR152929,96711913,98010 Mar 1220 Jun 14No

Chapter 11


Buffy, Parker, and Hurley heard screaming as they approached the beach. They nearly ran over Faith and Locke in their rush to get to the others. “What’s going on B?” Buffy just shrugged. She had a feeling that whatever happened, it wouldn’t be good.

As they broke through the trees they saw Piper push Peter, “You have to save her!”

“Don’t you think I wanna save my friend too!? I can’t! Time travel is hard to control and I’ve never done it before! If I tried to save them it could cost the rest of us our lives!”

“I don’t care! I need her!” Piper broke down.

“Piper, he’s right. I want her back too, but we can’t take the risk of it causing even worse problems.”

“What happened?” Buffy looked around and saw three more bodies.

Dean answered, “Demons attacked while you were gone. They killed the Chinese guy and the older witch.”

Peter shot Dean a dirty look, “He was Japanese and they had names. Hiro and Prue.”

“Right, sorry. Anyway they’re dead.”

“What about that spell you put up to warn us if any demons came around?” Faith asked.

Phoebe looked at her with blood shot eyes, “It worked. It just didn’t give us a lot of time.”

Jack and Brennan walked up with their hands covered in blood, “We have stabilized the injured, but they will be more susceptible to infection here on the beach.” She walked up to Buffy, “Were you able to find a suitable location?”

Buffy didn’t realize that Brennan was talking to her until Hurley answered, “We found some caves that have a water supply. There’s enough room for everyone.”

She added, “They’re more defensible than staying here on the beach.”

Piper spoke up, “I won’t leave my sister.”

“We can bury her. We can bury them all.” She looked up into Peter’s eyes and nodded.

Peter had used his telekinetic ability to make the burial easier. After an hour, the survivors all stood in front of the graves of their friends, family, and fellows from Oceanic flight 815. For a while there was no sound except the quiet weeping from those who knew the dead. Dean approached Piper and Phoebe, “I’m sorry about your sister. I don’t know what I’d do if I had lost Sammy.”

Piper nodded and Phoebe replied, “Thanks.” He turned to leave but Phoebe put her hand on his arm, “I know you don’t like us, and we can’t change that, but thank you.” He nodded and walked away.

“My brother’s not as cold as he seems.” The sisters turned to see Sam, “We’ve had some bad experiences with witches. He’ll warm up and be hitting on you in no time.” He gave them a smile which faded, “I’m sorry about your sister.”

Piper went to answer but was interrupted by Buffy, “It’s time to go. We need to get everyone moved to the caves before dark so we can get our defenses set up.”

Buffy led the way to the caves. Locke and Faith retrieved the boar they had killed earlier and trailed the group. Peter was flying overhead to keep a lookout for any trouble. Piper and Phoebe were standing protectively over the humans. Everyone seemed to be locked fierce awareness. They were all so on edge that the slightest sound had everyone readying defenses. It took them an hour and a half to reach their new camp. Normally, it would have been about a forty-five minute walk.

Sam and Dean got to work preparing holy water while Hurley, Sayid, and Kate filled up water bottles. Piper and Phoebe put their spells in place to warn them in case demons came near and to block them from shimmering in. Locke skinned and prepared the boar. Jack and Brennan set up an infirmary with the supplies they brought.

Buffy was in full slayer mode. She was already setting up ways to defend the caves better. “I need a couple of volunteers to help me get some stuff from the beach. I wanna use some of the debris to block a few of the entrances.” Peter, Faith, Sam, Dean, Elliot, and Hardison all volunteered. “Alright we can’t have all of our good fighters going. We need a few of you to stay behind and protect everyone.” She looked around, “Okay Faith, Hardison, and Dean you guys stay here and get defenses set up. I’ll take Peter, Sam, and Elliot with me to get what we need.”

Brennan approached Buffy, “We need to see if there are anymore medical supplies at the crash site as well. You should take Zack with you. He could check in the fusil lodge.”

“Isn’t that where all of the bodies are?”

“Yes. He is studying to become an anthropologist and has no qualms about working around corpses.”

“Alright we’ll take him.” Buffy wasn’t up to babysitting, but she also didn’t want to worry about looking through baggage to find medicine.

They finished gathering the supplies they needed just as Zack emerged from the fusil lodge carrying a bag. “I think I got all of the medicine there was in there.”

“Good. That’s one less thing we have to worry about.”

“Yes with all of the injuries suffered since we have arrived, this medicine will…”

Buffy watched his expression change from indifference to confusion. “Zack? You okay?”

He looked down to his chest and her eyes followed. There was a stain on his shirt that was slowly spreading. She realized it was blood just as he slumped down. Behind him a demon was standing with his hand out. In it was Zack’s heart. “Demon!”

Peter slammed into the demon throwing it about ten feet. Sam and Elliot were fighting another demon off to the side. Trusting in her new friends, she scoured the beach for any other demons. She found none and turned to help Sam and Elliot when a very powerful fist slammed into the side of her head knocking her unconscious.

Peter rushed to get to Buffy but the demon disappeared taking her with him. He changed course and phased right through Elliot to slam his fist into the demon they were fighting. It flew back into a tree splitting its head open and felling the tree. It died instantly. “We need to go now!”

Sam looked around, “What about Buffy and Zack?”

“Zack is dead and Buffy is gone. They took her.”

“We’re not leaving him.” Elliot walked over to where Zack’s body lay. He picked it up and started walking toward the caves.
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