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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Chapter 14

Los Angeles, CA

Sophie knew that she should have left the FBI agent outside, but he had known someone on that plane too so she knew how he felt. “So, who did you know on the plane?”

He turned to regard her, “Dr. Temperance Brennan. I worked with her once on a case and was hoping to get her help on another case when she came back. I came with her boss, Dr. Goodman, to find out what I could.”

“That’s very kind of you.”

“Kind is my middle name.” He shuffled through the evidence and kept coming back to the report stating the last known position of flight 815. “According to everything I’ve seen, flight 815 drifted steadily off course.”

She walked over to him and he handed her the papers in his hand. He was right. The last time they heard from flight 815 it was about 200 miles off course. “Apparently we are looking in the wrong area for the wreckage. Could you inform them out in the hall that we have another area for them to begin searching?”

He didn’t seem to appreciate the order, but he complied because he knew that he had no say. As soon as Agent Booth was gone she rushed to the office and made copies of the papers he had found. She returned to the main room and replaced the papers. She heard Nate’s voice coming through her earpiece, “What did you find?”

“They were at least 200 miles off course the last time they checked in. They could be anywhere within 1000 miles of their flight path.”

Another voice joined in the conversation, this one came from Bobby and was rougher than Nate’s, “Can you get us a copy of the flight path?”

“Already done,” the door swung open signaling the return of Agent Booth so she whispered, “I’ll be out in a minute.” She smiled at Booth, “I have to report our findings. If you’ll excuse me.”

He didn’t return the smile. Instead he shut the door behind him. When he turned back to face her she noticed that his face seemed conflicted. “Who are you?”

She decided to play dumb for a minute until she could find a way out, “Excuse me?”

“You’re not Homeland Security. It’s my job to shift through the crap people tell me to find the truth.” She gave no indication that she knew what he was talking about, “I gotta admit, you’re good. I would’ve believed you myself if I wasn’t familiar with grifters.”

Sophie decided to drop the charade, “Are you planning on arresting me now?”

He seemed taken aback by her accent, but hid it quickly, “Impersonating a federal officer is a serious offense. Why do it?”

She noticed that he didn’t go straight for his cuffs and told the truth, hoping that he would let her go, “My friends were on that plane. I was hoping to figure out where the plane came down so that we could find them.”

“We?” he asked. She nodded. “You do understand that they’ll most likely be found dead right?”

“Is that stopping you from looking?”

He knew the likelihood that everyone on that plane would be dead when they found the crash site, but here he was searching for Bones, “Is that the only reason you were pretending to be Homeland Security?”


He took a deep breath. He was probably going to regret this, but since he was technically off duty, he wouldn’t get into too much trouble, “I won’t arrest you on one condition, we work together to find out what happened to the plane. If you’re telling me the truth, then I’ll let you walk when it’s done.”

She could practically hear Nate thinking. He told her to accept Booth’s offer, “Agreed, but on the condition that your offer extends to my other associates as well.”

“Are you talking about your friends on the plane or are there other people helping you look for the plane?” He seemed confused.

“Both, but in this case the latter.”

He mulled it over for a minute, “Fine. Gather your associates and meet me on the west side of the hanger next to the exit.” Before she could make it to the door he called out to her, “What’s your name by the way?”

She contemplated lying to him, instead she gave him the alias that had become her identity, “Sophie.” She left before he could ask her anything else.

Claire had seen some amazing things over the last year, not the least of which was her own freaky ability to heal from anything, and now she was face to face with a witch. Her life was definitely not normal. “So…how long have you been a witch? Is it something that just happened or what?”

Willow and the others laughed with the exception of Paige who still had not accepted the fact that she was a witch. “I’ve been practicing for a couple of years. I read spell books and stuff, but it wasn’t until I did the spell to restore Angel’s soul that I really got into it.”

“You restored someone’s soul?” Now Claire was confused.

“Yeah, our friend Angel, who’s a vampire, lost his soul and tried to end the world, but I was able to do the spell and put it back. Of course by then it was too late and Buffy had to kill him to stop the world from ending, but at least the spell worked.”

“Vampire!?” Claire and her dad both said at the same time. Even Paige’s eyes seemed to pop out of her head at the word.

Before anyone could answer, a man in a flannel and jeans appeared from within the hanger with a look that was teetering between shock and anger. Behind him came another man, this one in a suit jacket and a woman with black slacks and a white blouse who both looked confused. The man in the flannel shirt scrutinized them in a way that made Claire feel uncomfortable. The man in the suit jacket tried to get his attention by waving his hand in front of his friend’s face, “What’s wrong?” He turned to see what was so fascinating about this group.

Giles approached the newcomers, “Can I help you?”

“You can start by telling me why the hell you’re hanging around a witch and vampire.”

Willow looked offended, “I’m a good witch. I helped Buffy stop the world from ending a couple of times and Angel had a soul.”

“There’s no such thing as a good witch.” The man replied.

Leo answered for them, “Actually there are a lot of good witches. I’m a white lighter, which is a guardian angel for good witches. It’s my job to protect them and give them guidance.”

“What are you all talking about? Witches and vampires don’t exist.” The woman who had come in with the two men said.

“Actually they do.” Willow demonstrated by conjuring a ball of light in front of her. The woman gasped and the men with her seemed to prepare themselves for a fight.

Claire smiled, “That’s cool.”

Willow got excited, “I know right! I use it to find people. It won’t work to find the plane though. It’s too far away.”

The woman seemed to get over her fear quickly. “You’re looking for the plane as well?”

“Yeah, our friends were on it.” Oz said, speaking for the first time.

The woman turned to her companions, “They could help us.” Before they could comment she faced Willow and said, “We know that the plane was off course when it went down. We have the flight maps, but it would probably take months to search all the possible areas where the plane could have crashed. Could you use your magic and narrow the search area?”

“I’m not working with that witch.”

Giles was getting angry that this man was insulting Willow, “And how exactly do you know about witches or vampires? Who are you to pass judgment?”

“I’m a hunter.”

“What does being a hunter have to do with witches or vampires? Did you find a blood sucking Bambi out there or something?” Xander laughed.

Giles smacked Xander on the back of the head, “Hunters are humans that go after demons, usually for revenge.” It was obvious Giles didn’t approve.

“So is he like Buffy and Faith?” Joyce asked.

Giles shook his head, “Buffy and Faith are slayers. It’s their destiny to fight demons and vampires. Hunters are humans who have stumbled onto the supernatural world.”

“I don’t care who is what at this point. We all seem to have the same goal which is to find our friends so why don’t we put our differences aside and work together?” There was a round of nodding heads answering her question. “Good, now that’s settled, I’m Sophie. This is Nate and that is Bobby.”

“I’m Xander. This is Willow, Oz, Leo, Paige, Joyce, Claire, Noah, and the stuffy British guy is Giles.”

Leo looked up for a second, “I’m being called. I’ll be right back.”

They all watched as Leo orbed out. There were surprised faces all around, but none were more surprised than those of Agent Booth and Dr. Goodman who had walked out just in time to see the disappearing act. Eleven heads turned to regard the two men. Booth made a cross over his chest and kissed his hand. Dr. Goodman simply said, “Amazing.”

**I'm not sure if I like this chapter the way it is. I may have to re-write it, but I would like your opinions first.**
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