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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredpoetFR152929,96711913,88410 Mar 1220 Jun 14No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Chapter 17

The Island

Phoebe tried frantically to recall the spell she had seen the woman use in her premonition. This might be their one chance to get off this island and help the others. Part of her was apprehensive though. She wasn’t sure how she felt about connecting with another sister so soon after Prue. She still hadn’t fully dealt with Prue’s death. She had cried, but she forced herself to be strong for Piper, who was devastated. A tear streaked down her cheek and she wiped it away. She would have her time to grieve when she saved everyone.

Buffy awoke when she heard the door to her cage clang open. She opened her eyes expecting to see one of her demon jailors. They had dealt her some rather painful blows when they caught her unsuccessfully trying to pick the lock on her shackles. Instead, she saw a familiar blond stepping lithely toward her. “Hi!”

Buffy was excited to see Parker at first, but it quickly turned to worry, “What are you doing? If they catch you, they’ll kill you!”

“They’re a little too busy right now.” Just then Buffy heard an explosion coming from somewhere behind them. She heard a quiet clink sound and her left arm was free. Parker immediately went to work on her right.

Buffy saw something appear behind Parker. She used her free left arm to grab Parker around the waist and swing her out of reach of the demon. Her left leg came up and connected with the demon’s stomach causing him to double over. Parker moved before Buffy could grab her again and placed a taser to the demon’s neck. His body shook violently before collapsing at their feet. Parker smiled at Buffy and went back to work on the other shackle.

Buffy admired the way that Parker was able to take everything in stride, “You really are crazy, but it’s a good thing…I think.”

There was another faint clink sound and Buffy’s right arm fell free. Parker gave her one of those insane smiles that promised one of two things: Fun or Fear. “Let’s go.”

They left the cage and raced through the jungle. The sounds of fighting stopped behind them, forcing Buffy to wonder if whoever was over there had gotten away. She turned away and forced herself to keep moving. She would find out soon enough.

Sam, Dean, and Elliot sat stoically near the entrance of the caves. Sam and Dean had taken up guard positions after Peter, Faith, and Parker had left and were joined by Elliot after he found out that Parker was gone. Elliot was pissed that Parker had gone with Faith and Peter. He wouldn’t say it out loud, but he loved the little nut job like a sister. It was his job to protect her and Hardison.

All three men jumped at the sound of footsteps. They each grabbed for weapons and prepared to defend the others. They relaxed when they realized that it was John Locke. He had a bushel of bananas slung over his back and a bag with some other fruit in his other hand. “Hello boys.” He moved past them and into the caves without waiting for a response.

Dean watched the old man go, “Is it just me or is that guy not all there?”

Sam smacked his brother, “Be nice. He’s the one getting us all food.”

Elliot added, “I deal with Parker on a daily basis. He’s normal compared to her.” The men all laughed.

Their laughter was cut short when a fireball flew out of the jungle and hit Dean in the arm causing him to fly back into the caves. Sam and Elliot took cover and readied their weapons. Sam called out to his brother, “Dean!”

Parker stopped causing Buffy to almost run into her. “Why are we stopping?”

Parker sat down at the foot of a tree, “Peter and Faith are supposed to meet us here.”

“Oh…wait, supposed to?” Buffy started to get worried.

Parker on the other hand seemed completely at ease, “Yeah. They wanted to cause some real damage to the demons that killed Peter’s friend and took you.”

Buffy seemed to turn pouty, “I wouldn’t mind going back and causing some damage of my own.”

Parker’s face seemed to light up and she opened her mouth to speak, but was interrupted by Peter and Faith appearing out of nowhere. “Glad to see you’re okay B.”

Buffy smiled, “You too Faith. Thanks for the rescue.”

“My pleasure,” faith replied with a smile.

“Sorry to cut this reunion short, but we need to get moving before those demons go after the others.” Peter took Parker’s hand and held his other out to Faith who grabbed it. She then reached over and took Buffy’s and they disappeared.

Phoebe rushed to the entrance behind Dr. Brennan. They rounded the bend before the cave opening and nearly tripped over Dean’s body. Brennan caught herself on the opposite wall and Phoebe stopped before hitting him. There was a groan coming from him and Phoebe knelt down, relieved that he wasn’t dead. Brennan joined her and began tending to his wounds. With him in good hands Phoebe went to join the fight.

Sam and Elliot were flanking the opening and called for her to get down just as another fireball came whizzing past. She ended up crawling over to where Sam was crouched and placed her back against the wall. “Want some company?” She smiled.

He gave her a look like she was crazy and then smiled back, “Sure. Think you could freeze them?”

She laughed, “Wrong sister.”

“Right.” He stuck his head out to see if he could spot one of their attackers.

A scream resounded from the jungle followed by one of the demons flying toward the cave against his will. Elliot got to the downed demon before Sam and used a rock to smash it’s skull in. The next thing they knew Parker was running to Elliot and throwing her arms around him. She was followed by Peter, Faith, and Buffy. Faith looked at the demon whose head was now mush and laughed, “Can’t leave you people alone for a minute.”
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