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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Chapter 18

San Francisco

Willow was amazed at the collection of magical items that the charmed ones possessed. Their attic was filled with herbs, crystals, candles, vials of potions, and they even had an old spirit board. Leo stood over an old book that was perched on a stand. On the cover was an interlinked triquetra and the book itself was bound in green leather.

Leo opened the book and began flipping through pages. Willow and Paige watched over his shoulder as page after page illustrated spells and gave information on different demons. Willow had been reading books on magic and demons for a few years now, but she had never seen anything this comprehensive. Even Paige, who had no experience with magic or the paranormal, seemed to appreciate the amount of knowledge contained in this book.

“This is amazing! There’s so much information in here!” Willow exclaimed.

Leo smiled, “Many magical families have created their own books, but this is the most coveted magical tome in the world. It was started by Melinda Warren, the matriarch of the Halliwell line, and each generation has added to it over the years. The three abilities typically held by a Warren Witch are telekinesis, premonition, and the ability to freeze objects. A witch’s abilities can grow over the years to include new powers.”

Paige sucked in a deep breath, “So if I’m a witch too then what’s my ability?”

Leo didn’t have a chance to answer. Three demons appeared by the attic entrance brandishing fireballs. Willow screeched and ducked behind the nearby couch as a fireball came flying toward her. Another demon released his fireball toward Paige. She wasn’t fast enough to dodge so she threw her arms up so she wouldn’t have to see. When the fireball didn’t hit her she opened her eyes to see a foul look on the demons faces.

“Take my hand!” Willow and Paige reached for Leo at the same time. They both grabbed his left hand and were gone before the demons could react. They reappeared in the hanger. Paige was shaking so bad that it looked like she would collapse.

Leo stared at her for a minute, “You orbed.”

She looked up at him, “What?”

“When the demon threw that fireball at you, you orbed. That’s not a witch’s power, it’s a white lighter power.”

Willow scrunched up her face, confused she asked, “Does it matter? At least she’s alive. That was super scary and I’ve fought vampires.”

“I guess it doesn’t matter. Let’s find the spell and get the girls back.”

Willow’s eyes got really big, “What are you talking about? I thought we were going to get them all back?”

Leo placed his hand on her shoulder, “The spell won’t bring them all back at once, but maybe with the power of three we will be able to get everyone back.”

Willow nodded, “Fine.”

Leo led the way to where their friends were waiting while Willow continued to look for the spell they needed. Paige remained quiet. She wasn’t shaking anymore and the quiet walk through the hanger was helping to clear her head. She was getting used to the idea that she was a witch. It was still scary as hell, but if everything they said is true, then she would be able to help more people. She loved her job, but they still hadn’t made her a social worker yet. As a witch, she could help so many people. Plus, her sisters needed her. This would be her chance to find out about her family.

When they found the rest of their group Paige noticed that there was an Asian guy there that she hadn’t seen before. He was standing next to Noah Bennet and he had an obvious air of authority. Paige heard Leo talking to Mr. Giles, “We got the book, but demons attacked so we couldn’t do the spell yet. I think they’re after the Nexus. If they get it then we’re in big trouble.”

“How many were there?” Giles asked.

Leo answered quickly, “Three, but more will probably show up soon since there isn’t anyone there to protect the house.”

“Why don’t we move our group to the house and take out the demons? We can’t stay in this hanger forever and then this Nexus will be protected.” They all turned to regard Noah.

“There isn’t going to be much that a bunch of humans can do against these demons.” Leo was going to leave it at that when he remembered something, “If we can drive the demons away, then we can use the crystals to protect the house.”

Noah pulled out his gun and cocked it. Booth gave him a stern look, but followed suit. Leo shook his head, “Guns aren’t going to hurt them.” He turned to Willow, “We need you to make a few potions. The recipe is in the book. I’ll get the ingredients and we’ll use them to vanquish the demons in the house.”

“The last time I was told to make a potion it didn’t end well.” She looked to Oz.

Oz smiled and took her hand, “You can do it. I’ll help.”

She nodded and turned back to the group, “I’ll try.”

Paige raised her hand, “I’ll try and help. I don’t know what I’m doing, but it seems like a good time to learn.”

Leo took the book and found the page containing the potion. “Alright, I’ll go get everything we need and you two find a safe place that’s out of the way where you can make it. Try and find the spell we need if you can. I wanna get this done as soon as possible.” He handed the book to Paige and disappeared.
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