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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Chapter 2

Everyone looked around. It appeared that no one wanted to go first. Finally, Peter stood up and addressed his fellow survivors. “About a year ago, there was this eclipse. Afterwards, myself and a few other people we found all realized that we had these…abilities.”

Buffy leaned closer, “Abilities? What kind of abilities?”

Hiro stood up next to Peter and answered, “I can control time and space.” She watched as he squinted his eyes. The next thing anyone knew he was standing behind her. “See?”

Several people screamed and moved away, but there was a large group of people who, though they were a little taken aback, didn’t seem as surprised. Buffy turned back to Peter, “And your ability is like super strength or something?”

“Mine is a little harder to explain. I’m empathic in a way. I absorb the abilities of others. My brother can fly, my niece is indestructible, and there are several others whose abilities I have absorbed including Hiro’s.”

Faith was interested in seeing this for herself. “Prove it. Fly for us.”

He shot up into the air leaving many scared and awed people below him. A few minutes later they saw him coming back down, but something was wrong. He wasn’t flying but falling. He hit the ground hard on a piece of debris from the plane. Jack rushed to his side, but he was already getting up pulling a piece of metal from his lower back.

Hiro looked worried, “What happened Peter Petrelli?”

“There’s something up there that stopped me. It was like some sort of force field around the island. I couldn’t see anything but it felt like I ran into a brick wall.” His back was already healed.

Hiro scrunched up his face again but nothing happened this time. “I cannot leave either. I am blocked.”

“You telling me there’s something trying to keep us here?” Faith looked around as if expecting to see whoever was doing it. That had everyone worried.

“Leo! Leo!” Buffy turned to see one of the brunette sisters standing up. She was having a hard time remembering what her name was though. It started with a P she knew that.

“Who’s Leo?” Jack asked her.

The oldest sister stood up and gave her sister a dirty look, “It looks like it’s our turn to explain. He’s our white lighter. It’s like a guardian angel for witches. He usually comes when we call unless whatever is blocking them is blocking our call too.”

“Witches!?” The guy in the leather jacket, his name was Dean, stood up followed by his giant of a brother. “Damn it!” They started backing away from the sisters.

“We’re not evil,” the youngest sister said rolling her eyes, “we protect innocents from demons and warlocks.”

His brother Sam stepped forward, “We’ve dealt with witches before. They’re all evil.”

“Not us. We fight evil. We didn’t sell our souls for our powers, we were born with them.”

“I have a friend who’s a witch. She’s not evil.”

Sam and Dean turned to regard Buffy with skeptical looks on their faces. The sisters also looked to her but their looks were ones of thanks. Peter addressed them, “You said you have powers. What are they?”

They exchanged looks. They obviously were not very comfortable with answering, but they finally did. “I have premonitions. My sister Prue can move things with her mind and Piper can freeze things.” Prue demonstrated by moving a log into the fire.

“Wicked. I wanna see Willow try that.” Everyone was looking at them again. Faith realized that it was their turn to talk, “B and I are slayers. Chosen to fight the good fight against vampires, demons, and whatever other baddies get in our way.”

“What do you mean by chosen?” Dean obviously wasn’t convinced.

Buffy took over since Faith wasn’t the explaining type, “A slayer is a girl who has super strength and fast reflexes. When the old slayer dies a new one is called. There is typically only one, but I technically died once for like a minute, and another slayer was called.”

“Yeah and when she bit the dust I got called to the fun. B and I have been together ever since.” She put her arm around Buffy who just rolled her eyes. “What about you tall, dark, and delicious? How do you know about witches and stuff?”

“We’re hunters. Our mom was killed by a demon when we were kids and we’ve been looking for the demon that did it ever since.”

“We kill as many evil things as we can along the way. We were actually on that plane because we believed there was a demon on it.” Sam added.

“And was there?” It was the woman doctor speaking now.

Dean looked her over once before answering, “No.”

“I must admit that I find this all fascinating. The Shaolin monks use meditation to harness their Qi which has been known to stop physical harm from occurring to their bodies, but I have never seen a person heal as quickly as you have.” She pointed at Peter’s back. “Logically, I know that everything I have seen is improbable, yet you have all demonstrated remarkable abilities.”

They all stared at her for a few minutes. “What, may I ask, do Shaolin monks have to do with what we have seen exactly?” Sayid asked.

“Dr. Brennan is a forensic anthropologist. She studies bones from ancient cultures to find out what she can about them. She has also lived among many tribes learning about their cultures and how they interact.” Zack explained. When he realized that many of them still didn’t understand he added, “It’s her way of understanding and putting it logically.”

Buffy nodded even though she still didn’t know what they were talking about. It seemed that everyone was doing the same thing. She turned to Sayid, “What’s your story?”

“Compared to everyone else here, I have no story.”

Elliot stepped forward, “It may not include demons and super powers, but everyone has a story. I’d say you’re from the republican guard.”

Sayid turned to face him. His visage had hardened, “And how would you know that?”

“The way you carry yourself. Also, your stance.” He was interrupted by Parker and Hardison saying, “It’s a very distinctive stance.” He gave them a dirty look and they just laughed.

Sayid was staring at Elliot hard not finding the fact that this man knew about him funny. “There are not many men in this world who could tell that about someone from a ‘stance’.”

“It’s my job. It’s what I do.”

Sawyer decided to enter the conversation, “That’s one heck of a talent you got there cowboy. What talent do your friends possess?”

“Well I’m a hacker and Parker here is a thief.”


“What? They admitted to being witches and super heroes.” They all laughed.

“What I don’t get is why, if you all have these amazing abilities, you didn’t stop the plane from crashing?” Kate was staring at all of them.

Piper spoke first, “I was sitting by the window when we hit turbulence. I hit my head and was knocked unconscious. I don’t remember the plane crashing.”

“I was asleep. I woke up when the plane lurched. When I realized what was happening the back half of the plane broke off. I couldn’t get out fast enough to stop it.” Peter hung his head like it was his fault.

“I was going to bathroom when plane broke. I fell and rolled out of plane into ocean.”

“Maybe the island wanted us here for a reason.” Everyone turned to regard John Locke.

“What do you mean the island wanted us here?” Jack was frustrated with all this talk about magic and demons.

Dr. Brennan added, “The island is inanimate. It doesn’t have feelings or thoughts. To say that the island wanted us here is highly illogical.”

Locke smiled, “I was paralyzed when I got on that plane. They said that I would never walk again. When that plane crashed here I moved my legs for the first time in years. How do you explain that?”

“It’s possible that when the plane crashed it released the pressure on your spinal column giving you feeling in your legs again. If it’s true that you were paralyzed, then this might be temporary and you could be causing yourself even greater damage.”

“My legs are fine, but let’s say you’re right. Then how do you explain that a plane carrying so many people with special abilities just happened to crash on this island that appears to have some sort of barrier around it that we cannot get through?”

Nobody had an answer to that one.
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