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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredpoetFR152929,96711913,88410 Mar 1220 Jun 14No

Chapter 21

The Halliwell Manor

Their dwindling group occupied themselves with the task of placing crystals around the manor. There were a myriad of emotions going around, but even with all of the pain, anger, and fear, there was a fading glimmer of hope. They were determined to find their friends and restore order to their otherwise chaotic world. They refused to allow these demons to win.

Willow and Paige prepared to cast the ‘To Call a Lost Witch’ spell. Neither of them were fully comfortable with their ability to pull it off. Paige had just found out that she was a witch and the biggest spell that Willow had ever done was the spell to restore Angel’s soul. Even with Leo’s reassurances that they could do it, they were still nervous.

Once they had everything ready the two young witches stood around the table in the attic with their hands linked. Willow caught Paige’s eye and gave her a timid smile. The time had come. With one final look around, they began the spell that would hopefully bring the charmed ones to them and help them save their other friends.

Power of the witches rise.

Course unseen across the skies.

Come to us, we call you near.

Come to us, and settle here.

Blood to blood, we summon thee.

Blood to blood, return to me.

They waited anxiously for any sign that the spell had worked. After several tense minutes Xander broke the silence, “Was that it? A little disappointing if you ask me.”

Leo’s face fell, “That should have worked.”

“Maybe we did it wrong?” Willow hesitantly asked. “We could try again…if you want. Maybe we forgot something, or we did something in the wrong order. We can…”

Leo shook his head, “You didn’t do anything wrong. The spell just didn’t work.”

Xander didn’t like the way this conversation was going. He refused to let anyone give up after everything that had happened, “Then we try again. We find another way. We can’t just give up. Buffy and Faith are out there somewhere with the rest of your friends and we can’t stop until we find them.”

Bobby was surprised by Xander’s outburst. He realized that he was wrong about this kid. Yeah he was an annoying pain in the ass, but he had heart and there was something about him that Bobby just liked. “The kids got a point. Just because your hocus pocus didn’t work, doesn’t mean that we give up.”

Nate decided it was his turn to offer a suggestion, “Before we joined your little group, we were trying to find a way to triangulate their position using the information we received and the maps we ‘borrowed’. It’s a long shot, but we seem to be running out of other options.”

Giles removed his glasses and slowly began cleaning them. His worry for Buffy and Faith grew every time one of their ideas failed. Giles knew that he would never give up on them. They were his responsibility, even more so now that Joyce was gone, and he was not going to let them down, “I will do what I can to assist you in your search.”

White lights surrounded Willow and Paige who were still holding hands. With several gasps and a flash the two girls were gone. “Willow!” screamed Oz as he leapt to the spot where his girlfriend had been.

Xander looked to Leo for an explanation, “What happened? Where did they go?”

The look of utter shock and confusion did nothing to calm Xander’s nerves, “I don’t know. Maybe their spell backfired?”

Giles approached the white lighter and came within two inches of him. His voice was deadly calm, but his eyes betrayed the seething rage within, “Were you aware that this could happen?”

Xander grabbed Giles by the arm, “Yo, G man, did you see his face? I don’t think he had any clue that would happen.”

Giles took a step back from Leo, “I’m sorry.”

Leo nodded and closed his eyes trying to sense the two girls, “They have disappeared, just like the others. I can’t sense them.”

Giles contemplated what Leo said, “What if there is something blocking you from sensing them?”

“It’s possible. Whatever caused it though would have to be very powerful.” Leo put his hands on the table to steady himself.

“Then is it also possible that, rather than bringing the two girls you were trying to locate here, that it took Willow and Paige to wherever they are?” Giles knew a lot about magic, but many of the specifics were lost to him without his book there to consult.

“I don’t know,” Leo thought about it for a second, “I’m pretty sure that if it was a backfire from the spell it would have been immediate.”

Bobby had an idea, “Your girls, the ones that were missing in the first place, they were witches too right?”

Leo nodded. Bobby continued, “Couldn’t they have cast the same spell? Maybe they had the same idea that you did.”

You could practically see the light bulb go off in Leo’s head, “Phoebe!”

**Sorry about the large amount of time between updates, but I have been busy with school, kids, and writing a novel. I will try and get more updated soon. Also, may not be the best chapters of the story, but I hope they are okay**
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