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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Chapter 23

The Island

After hearing the news of her mother’s death, Buffy stormed off into the jungle. He knew! That bastard demon knew how to get off the island and he sent demons after her family and friends! Buffy found a piece of the wreckage and used it as a punching bag. Her anger was so intense that she had punched her way through the metal debris within minutes.

She looked down at her hands which were now covered in blood. She knew that they should hurt, but her anger wasn’t allowing her to feel the pain. “Are you alright?” She turned to see Peter leaning casually against a tree.

She considered answering him, but she honestly didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t quite put her feelings into words so she just answered, “No.”

He pushed himself off the tree and stepped toward her, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

She started to shake her head. The last thing that Buffy wanted to do was talk about it, but they needed to know what happened. If Buffy was right, then the demon was their way off this island. “My mom was killed by demons. Willow said that she thinks the demons knew where they would be. I think the demon knows how to get off the island and he sent those demons after our friends and family.”

Peter stood silently for what seemed like forever. Buffy didn’t even bother looking at him. He probably thought she was reaching, but she didn’t care. She wanted revenge. She would do it by herself if she had to. The silence was broken a few minutes later. Peter placed his hand on her shoulder, “I guess it’s time to stop waiting for the demons to come and kill us. I think we should pay them a visit.”

Buffy smiled up at him. She was grateful for his company and for the trust that he had shown in her since their crash. She nodded and slid closer to him, wrapping her arm around his back. He seemed apprehensive at first, but finally put his arm around her shoulders and held her.

Buffy and Peter returned to camp with a plan. They were going to wage an attack on the demons and get the information they needed. When they stepped out of the trees they were met by Faith, Jack, and Brennan. “Hey B, you okay?”

Buffy nodded, “Yeah, we need to gather everyone together. Peter and I have a plan to get us off this island.”

Faith smirked, “On it.”

“What’s the plan?” Jack asked.

“Buffy believes that the demons know how to get off the island. We need you to go through our supplies and gather everything you need. There will be wounded and you two are going to need to take care of them.”

Brennan interrupted Peter, “While I am incredibly brilliant, I’m not a surgeon like Dr. Shephard. I am a forensic anthropologist. My specialty is working with bones.”

Jack knew that Brennan wasn’t questioning her own skill, she was merely pointing out the facts, “You have more experience than anyone else on this island and I’ll help you.” She looked him in the eye and nodded.

Buffy left Peter to fill them in on what their roles were going to be. She needed to gather her thoughts before addressing everyone. If she was wrong, a lot of people were going to get hurt or even killed. If she was right, then they might have just found their way off the island. Either way, she was going to take her revenge out on that lead demon.

Faith searched all over the caves and finally found Piper. She was sitting with her back pressed against the cool cave wall. “Hey witchy woman, we got a meeting to attend.” Piper turned to look Faith in the eye, but she didn’t respond. “What’s the sitch?”

Piper wiped a tear that had fallen down her cheek, “I miss Prue. She was the strongest and the should have been me.”

Faith took a seat next to her, “Don’t talk like that. I’m sorry about your sister, and it sucks that she died, but you can’t let yourself give up because of it. The way I see it, she left you with a big responsibility and it’s up to you whether you’re going to honor her memory by completing it, or give up.”

Piper half smiled, “You kinda sounded like her just then.”

Faith stood up, “Well maybe she just used me as a tool to tell ya that you need to get up off your butt and take care of business.” Faith started to walk away, “You coming?”

Everyone gathered in the largest part of the caves. There wasn’t a whole lot of room, so people had to squeeze together. Buffy had to wait rather impatiently for everyone to calm down so that she could start. “Alright, here’s the deal. I think the demons might have a way off the island.” A loud murmur echoed throughout the caves, “I can’t be positive, but I think they have some information that we could use.”

Dean hollered out over the crowd, “What the hell are we doing waiting around here? Let’s go find out what they know so we can get off this damn island.”

“That’s why we called this meeting. I want to attack the demons and force them to tell us what they know. It’s a dangerous proposition, but it’s no more dangerous than waiting around for them to come kill us off. I’m not going to force anyone to come if they don’t want to, but we could use all the help we can get.” Several smaller conversations broke out amongst the group. Many were debating whether or not they should go and others were simply talking about what supplies they would need. “I won’t make you decide right now. You have until morning to decide if you’re coming or not. We leave tomorrow afternoon.” Buffy jumped down from her perch and approached Willow, “Hey Wills, ready for another battle?”

Willow laughed nervously, “When am I ever ready?”

Buffy laughed with her friend, “True.”

Willow grew serious, “I’ll be there though, right by your side like always.”

Buffy hugged her dear friend, “I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
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