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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Chapter 6

Later that night, Buffy pulled Faith and Dr. Brennan aside to tell them about the handcuffs that were found. “The marshal that had the shrapnel in his chest was transporting a female prisoner. I think that might be who killed that guy Zack found. What do you think Dr. Brennan?”

“You can call me Brennan. To assume that the prisoner is the murderer is conjecture and I only deal in facts. It is just as possible that we are not alone on this island and that those native to this island killed that man. With everything that has happened since our crash I wouldn’t rule out any possibilities as of yet.”

“Well I for one am not about to lower my guard. You and I should switch off watching over the camp. If anything funny goes down, I want someone I trust watching my back.”

Buffy agreed, “I’ll take the first watch.”

Buffy was surprised to find Parker sitting at the edge of the camp with her taser in her lap. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

“Can’t sleep. Too many people.” She looked up at Buffy, “I’m not good with people.”

“Have you seen anything out there?”

“Nothing. There had been some noises from animals for a while, but I haven’t heard anything for the last few minutes. It just got really quiet.” She leaned toward Buffy, “Eerily quiet.”

Buffy sat there listening for a few minutes but heard nothing. She was about to ask Parker a question when she heard whispering. She couldn’t understand what was being said but she definitely heard something. “Did you hear that?”

“Yeah. What is it?”

“I don’t know. It sounds like people whispering.” All of a sudden there was a scream from the other side of the camp. Buffy ran as fast as she could followed by Parker. Forms were emerging from the trees and grabbing people. Buffy slammed her fist into the nearest attackers face but didn’t stop to finish him. She saw a huge fireball come from Peter’s fist and incinerate a small group. How did they sneak up on us?

Someone slammed into Buffy knocking her to the ground. She got up and faced a man wearing hand stitched clothing. She did a roundhouse kick to his face and went to punch him when he looked up. His eyes turned jet black and he smiled. She heard Sam Winchester yell “Demons!” but they didn’t look like any demons she was used to.

The man she was facing took a step towards her and seemed to freeze in place. She turned to see Piper by one of the fires they had lit. Her sister Phoebe was fighting with a woman a little ways down the beach, but Prue was nowhere to be seen. She turned back towards the man in front of her, grabbed his neck, and twisted until it snapped. Next to her Parker was putting her taser to work on anyone who got too close.

She saw one of the demons approaching Brennan and went to help her, but soon realized the doctor didn’t need any help. Brennan kicked the demon in the stomach, grabbed it’s head, and slammed it into her knee. Dean was holding one of the demons down on the ground while Sam read from a book. Black smoke flew out of him and he went limp.

Buffy turned to see a demon plunge their hand into Sawyer’s chest and pull out his heart. When the demon’s hand emerged from his chest she saw that it was actually a wicked looking claw. She ran toward the demon but it disappeared. It was like it just shimmered out of existence. All around her the demons were disappearing left and right. She saw the demon whose neck she snapped get up and disappear too.

The fight had only lasted a few minutes but several people were dead. Elliot was hunched over clutching at his side where you could see blood seeping through his fingers. It took a few minutes for everyone to get moving again because they were all in shock. Jack and Brennan rounded up the wounded to take them to the infirmary while Peter and Hiro gathered the newest casualties and piled them up.

“Well that was fun.” Buffy looked at Parker. She would have been surprised if it had been anyone else who said it, but she was beginning to understand that that was just how Parker was.

After Jack patched up the wounded he called everyone together for a meeting. “Somebody wanna explain what happened tonight?”

Phoebe was the first one to respond, “I had a premonition that we were going to be attacked. I barely had enough time to let out a scream before they were here.”

Prue added, “They were demons.”

Dean got up in her face, “And where were you while we were being attacked? I didn’t see you fighting.”

“She was protecting us.” Claire was sitting off to the side with Hardison and Zack. “She’s the reason I’m not dead.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“How are we supposed to fight off demons? I know I’m not superman. I don’t have super strength, I can’t fly.” Hardison turned to Zack, “Can you fly?”

“We’re not super heroes but we still fight demons.” Sam answered.

“How, as humans, do you fight demons?” Kate asked.

“Have you ever seen the exorcist?” She nodded. “That’s how, but it didn’t work on all of them.”

Phoebe joined the conversation, “That’s because not all of them were demons possessing humans. Some of them were actual demons. There’s a difference.”

Sayid was standing with his arms crossed next to Jack, “And how are we supposed to tell the difference?”

“Yeah, because slayer strength only seems to work on the real demons.” Buffy added.

“Holy water is an easy way to tell the difference. If someone is possessed it will burn their skin.”

Faith put her arm on Dean’s shoulder, “You got a supply of holy water there cutie cause I left mine at home.”

“No but we can make some if we can get some fresh water. Salt water won’t work.”

“Our water supply is limited and we need it for people to drink or they will die from dehydration.” Sayid pointed out.

“Then we’ll have to find some water that we can use on the island.” Jack stepped toward Dean, “If we can find a water supply that’s useable will that be enough to stop them?”

Sam answered instead, “No, but it will help stop them long enough for you to perform an exorcism.”

Faith snorted, “Yeah, because we all know how to do that.”

“I have the exorcism ritual in this journal. I can teach it to a few people. It’s in Latin so it might take some time to learn.”

“I speak Latin. And while I don’t believe in exorcism, or religion as a whole, I would be willing to learn if it will help.”

“I will help as well, but unlike Dr. Brennan I am not physically capable of repelling a normal person let alone a demon so I would need help keeping it away from me.”

Buffy had a plan, “What we can do is separate all of the humans without abilities into groups around you guys. They can help keep the demons that are possessing people at bay with the holy water while you exorcise them. The pure demons you can leave to the rest of us.” She turned to the witches, “Is there a spell you guys can do that will warn us if they come back. I don’t want us to be caught with our pants down again.”

“Yeah we can work something out.” The sisters separated themselves to work out a spell.

“Good. We need to find some water that we can use, not just for the holy water, but that we can drink. Sayid made a good point; it will be useless to fight off these demons just to die of thirst. Also, we need to find a more defensible spot. I don’t like being out in the open.”

The sisters returned, “We should be okay now. We cast a spell that will block any demons from shimmering in. If they do come back a loud noise will sound.”

Jack stood up, “Alright, I want everyone to get some sleep. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow.”

Faith joined Jack, “I’m gonna take over watching the perimeter. I need a couple of volunteers to join me.” Sayid and Hardison volunteered to keep watch. Buffy went to the piece of debris that her and Faith were using as a make-shift bed and laid down. She knew she was going to have a hard time getting to sleep, but felt better that Faith was watching over things.

*There are several characters who are going to be dying over the course of the story, but if there are any death requests just leave a review and let me know. All requests will be taken under consideration.*
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