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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredpoetFR152929,96711913,88710 Mar 1220 Jun 14No

Chapter 7

Buffy watched the waves crash to shore. It was peaceful sitting there with Jacob. She felt safe and happy. On the horizon she saw clouds forming. “Do you think the storm will hit us?”

“Storms are inevitable.”

She turned to face him, “Will it be bad?”

He smiled at her, “That depends on you.”

Buffy was about to ask him what he meant by that when she heard the whispers. It was faint and she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. “Do you hear that?”

“Yes, they enjoy the fear it evokes in people.”

“Who are ‘they’?”

“The demons. He began drawing them in because he believed that they could free him. Instead they were trapped too.”

“Who is he?”

Jacob just smiled. Buffy was surprised to see a man in black hand-stitched clothing standing behind Jacob leering at her. Buffy wasn’t sure why, but she got an overwhelming sense of fear while looking at the man. He scared her. He moved toward her and she turned to run. She only made it a few feet when she tripped and fell into an open grave. She clawed her way out of the grave and saw Sawyers body on the sand in front of her. His blood was seeping out of his chest spelling out ‘I’m coming for you’ in the sand. Buffy screamed.

When she sat up she realized that Faith, Hardison, and Sayid were standing over her. Her face flushed when she realized that she must have been screaming in her sleep. “You okay there Buffy?” Hardison asked.

She wasn’t sure how to answer. Was she okay? When she didn’t answer Faith asked her, “Was it a slayer dream?”

“I don’t know.”

“What is a slayer dream?” Sayid asked.

Buffy still wasn’t speaking so Faith answered, “Slayers sometimes have these dreams that are prophetic.” She turned back to Buffy, “What was it about?”

Buffy realized that she hadn’t told Faith about her first dream so she recounted both dreams. It took her a few minutes to get it out. She was having a hard time describing the man in black and the message spelled out in Sawyer’s blood. When she finished they all sat staring at her.

The sun peaked over the horizon. For a moment the light was blinding. Around them people were starting to wake up which caused their little group to stir. Buffy and Faith shared a look, “What do we do if it was a slayer dream and some big bad demon is controlling the others?”

Faith smiled, “We do what we do best B. We hunt it down and kill it.”

Buffy wanted to smile, but the fear she felt in her dream would not leave her. Hardison and Sayid didn’t look like they were too confident either.

When they were all finally awake Hurley and Hiro began passing out food. Buffy took the food she was given and sat next to Parker. She didn’t feel like talking to anyone, but knew that they expected her to be there to help make decisions. Jack and Faith began sorting everyone out into groups. Buffy remained silent until she heard them say that Jack would be one of the people with Brennan fighting the demons. “You don’t want both doctors together. What if something happens to their group and they both get killed?”

When they took her suggestion she sank back into silence. Dean and Sam walked up followed by Brennan and Zack each holding a piece of paper. “We’ve got them covered. You figure out who’s gonna be with who?”

“Yeah, we’ve got Kate, Elliot, and Hurley with Zack; Charlie, Locke, and Parker are with Brennan; and Sayid, Jack, and Hardison are going to be with Sam.”

“What about me?”

“You’re gonna be fighting with us. That way if we need to exorcise a demon then we’ll have you.” Faith smiled at him.

Claire cleared her throat, “What am I going to be doing?”

“You should stick with us. My sisters and I can keep you safe.” Dean rolled his eyes but didn’t comment.

“Now that we got that all squared away, we need to worry about finding water and somewhere we can stay that can be easily defended.”

“That’s not all we need to find.”

“What are you talking about Hurley?”

“The food that we passed out this morning was the last of it.”

“I can take care of the food. There are wild boar on this island. We can hunt.”

Everyone turned to regard Locke. “How are you planning on killing them when you find them?”

He placed a large metal suitcase on the ground in front of them. He opened it to reveal an array of hunting knives. “With these.”

Hardison looked over at Locke, “Who are you man?”
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