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Buffy and Faith get Lost

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Summary: After their plane crashes, Buffy and Faith find themselves surrounded by strange and extraordinarty people on an island that is quite unusual itself.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-CenteredpoetFR152929,96711913,88710 Mar 1220 Jun 14No

Chapter 8

Buffy was beginning to relax finally. She was enjoying walking through the woods with Parker and Hurley. They had yet to find anywhere that would work for their new camp, but her companions were interesting. Hurley had a very upbeat attitude that seemed to rub off on the two women. Parker was, in Buffy’s opinion, insane but it was comforting. She said what was on her mind no matter how crazy anyone thought it was.

“You said you were a thief right?” Parker looked at Hurley and nodded, “What kind of stuff do you steal?”

“I stole the Hope Diamond once because I was bored. I used to steal all kinds of things, but that was before we started working with Nate. Now I steal to help people.”

Buffy looked at her confused, “Who’s Nate? Was he on the plane?”

“No. He and Sophie are still in Boston. We went to do some recon on our next mark. The guy was a real creep.”

“What did he do to make him such a creep?”

“He stole almost two hundred thousand dollars from our clients, not to mention, stealing money from hundreds of other people over the years. We also found out he tried to kill his own son after he saved the creeps life.”

“See this is why I prefer demons. Most of the time there is no middle ground, they just wanna kill you. You have the occasional demon that isn’t evil, but for the most part they are.”

Parker smiled, “I prefer money.”

“Yeah…I prefer good, human people.” Buffy and Parker laughed followed by Hurley. Hurley pointed over Parker’s shoulder, “Look, caves.”

They turned around and saw what Hurley was pointing at. There were caves that were somewhat sheltered by trees. Buffy led the way in case there was anything in there. Between the polar bear that Faith saw, the demons that attacked them, and her dreams she wasn’t going to take any chances.

Faith held the knife with cool familiarity. There was a point in time that she considered giving in and becoming evil. If it hadn’t been for Angel and Buffy she would have. Now, she was trekking through the jungle with an eccentric old man. She laughed at the turn her life had taken. Locke turned to regard her but she just shook her head.

Locke raised a hand to stop her. He bent down to look at something on the ground and ushered her forward. She knelt down beside him, “Tracks. They should be around here.” He gestured to her and pointed to a tree. He moved off in the opposite direction leaving her wondering what it was she was supposed to be doing.

She was standing there alone for about ten minutes when she heard a rustling coming from the right. She crouched down ready to attack whatever it was when something came at her from behind. She turned to see a large boar bearing down on her. She cocked her arm to throw her knife but the boar grunted and fell to the side with a knife sticking out of its neck.

She turned and saw Locke step out from behind a tree. “I was bait?”

He smiled, “I knew you could take care of yourself.”

She considered walking over and breaking his jaw, but decided not to. Yeah she had come a long way.

Peter woke up to a loud screeching noise causing his head to throb. At first he wasn’t sure what could be making that sound, but then he remembered the witch’s spell. He jumped up and ran for the nearest demon. Before he could attack he was hit from behind with a fireball. His back was healing even as he was getting up to unleash a fireball of his own. When he turned to release it he watched the demon explode instead. The Halliwell sisters were standing protectively over the human survivors casting spells and using their abilities to fight off the demons.

He went invisible and walked into the middle of a group of demons. He released the fireball he had planned to use on the other demon. They were all incinerated in the blast. He turned to see Hiro appear about twenty-five feet away. Hiro smiled at Peter and waved. That was when Peter saw black smoke come out of the jungle and form into a man dressed in all black and an evil look on his face. He tried to call out to Hiro, but was too late. The man turned back into the smoke and surrounded him. When the smoke disappeared again Hiro was standing there with his back to Peter.

“Hiro!” Peter grabbed him and turned him around. He jumped back when he looked at what had been Hiro’s face. The flesh had been ripped off of the left half of his face exposing bone and muscle and blood was covering the front of him. Peter caught his friend as he fell. Behind him a woman screamed. He turned to see Prue looking at him, but there was something wrong. Her head was completely twisted around and she was looking at him over her back. Her body fell in the sand at her sister’s feet. Around him the demons began disappearing. It was like they had gotten what they came for.
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