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Top Reason

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Hidden Secrets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Outtake. Students from Gotham Public High School discover the reason why you don’t mess with the Joker’s daughter.

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredLadyHealerFR1815352134,74010 Mar 1210 Mar 12Yes
Disclaimer: I don’t own Batman or Buffy.

Warnings: This take place in the Hidden Joke universe but it’s not an actual part of the story. The scene just wouldn’t leave my head. You may or may not be confused if you haven’t read Hidden Joke. Hopefully, I’ll now be able to focus on writing chapter six. I promise that I am working on it.

This scene was inspired by justapiranha’s review.


Outtake: Top Reason

Joker leaned against the wall as he stared at the two male students tied to the chairs in front of him. Kyle Westson and Collin Hunter were their names. They had been easy to capture. The foolish boys thought they could torment his brat. He grinned. They were about to learned just how wrong they were. She was not theirs to torment.

He approached the boys, checking that their gags were on tight. The gags were. Good. He slapped them gently across the face. “Rise and shine.” He said in a preppy voice before his voice became dark. “It is time to get up.”

They groaned for a moment before they opened their eyes. He grinned as he saw the fear in their eyes. “You’ve been giving my brat a hard time.” He walked around them and stopped at the table on their left. “Tsk, Tsk.”

His right hand briefly rested on the cloth covering the lesson materials. He glanced back at the boys from the corner of his eyes. They were afraid. It wasn’t enough. Not yet. He pulled his hand away as he circled his students. He ignored their muffled pleas.

He paused behind them and bent down to whisper in their ears. “See, Bats taught me a valuable lesson concerning parenthood. Someone hurts your brat, give them Hell.” They were starting to shake in fear. Better.

He laughed as he straightened. “I killed his kid. He put me into a six months body cast.” He snickered. “The good old days.”

He placed a hand on each of their shoulders. They jumped and his grin widened. Their heads jerked as they look around the room. They hope to find an escape, he bet, or more precisely a hero to save them. Not this time. “Oh, and Bats won’t be coming to the party. He’s busy. I blew up some fakes earlier today. They thought they could take my place as my brat’s parents.”

“They were wrong.” He stretched his arms over his head before sighing. “The new Bats is so boring. I want the old one back.” He grinned back at the boys and shrugged. “Oh well.”

He walked back towards the table, a bounce in his steps. “We have all night to come to terms with your mistakes.” He placed his hand on the cloth and glanced back at the boys. They were crying. They were ready. He laughed and ripped the cloth away revealing a variety of different tools. He picked up the scalpel.

They thought to teach his brat a lesson, to scare her. But she wasn’t theirs to teach. She was his and they were going to find out why it was unwise to mess with what is his. His grin grew wider as he walked towards them. “Let the lessons begin.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Top Reason". This story is complete.

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