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The Hellmouth Amazon Chronicles. Book 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Themyscrian Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follows immediately after ‘Gypsy Amazon Princess!'

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Wonder Woman is owned by DC Comics. I own nothing.


Buffy, Willow, Xander and Angel sat in silence as Jenny finished her story. Sitting beside the now outed Gypsy Giles placed a hand on hers to show his support.

“So when the Elders found out that Angel was here in Sunnydale they sent me to keep an eye on him. To ensure that the curse is still in effect after all these years and Angelus suffers for his crimes.” She finished and it felt as though a great weight had been lifted from her soul.

The room was silent as everyone thought about what Jenny had just told them.

Finally the silence was broken by Buffy.

“You lied to me. To all of us!” She glared at the computer teacher. “What was your plan? To gain our confidence so you could betray me?”

Jenny sighed. She’d hoped that when she told them who she was and why she was here there would be a bit more understanding. However the Slayer didn’t see it that way.

“Buffy, you must realise that having a Slayer was on the Hellmouth has no bearing on my being sent here. As far as the Kalderash Elders are concerned it is only Angelus and vengeance that matters.” She took a deep breath before continuing. “And I never lied to you, nor to any of you. I simply didn’t tell you everything about myself when we met.”

“I still count that as lying!” Buffy huffed, wondering why she was so upset that Miss Calendar was really a Gypsy.

“And you were completely forthcoming with me when we met weren’t you Buffy.” Jenny countered. “You made no mention that you are a mystical warrior. In fact if Rupert hadn’t enlisted my help to deal with Moloch you wouldn’t have told me anything about what you do in the night.”

Buffy had no answer for that so she just glared at the woman silently.

Angel spoke next. “So your clan has been watching me ever since I was cursed?” He asked softly, finding it hard to believe that no matter where he had wandered in the world a member of the Kalderash had been with him.

Jenny shook her head. “No, not always. You have a talent for disappearing. The clan knew that you had travelled to China with the Scourge but it wasn’t till the 1920’s that we found you again.” Angel nodded, thinking of the decade and a half he had spent in a monastery in Tibet, trying to come to terms with what he had done as Angelus.

Xander raised his hand as if this was a class. “Miss Calendar, not to sound cold or anything but why is your tribe still after Deadboy? From what I’ve read Angelus did far worse things than killing one girl. Why didn’t they just dust him then and there?”

“Because the girl he killed was our ‘Most Favoured Daughter’.” Jenny replied. “To the Kalderash and most of the tribes of Romany that wasn’t a title they gave out on a whim. She was our Princess, a gifted child who was destined to unite the tribes and forge the Gypsy Nation.” She paused and took a deep breath. “And for the Gypsies...”

“Vengeance is forever.” Angel finished for her. Jenny nodded.

“I guess I should thank your tribe then.” Buffy said. Everyone else in the library just looked at her. “If they hadn’t cursed Angel then I wouldn’t have met him and he wouldn’t have saved my life when I faced the Master!” She missed the hurt look that appeared then disappeared on Xander’s face when she mentioned the night when he had found her face down in a pool of water in the Master’s lair after forcing Angel to lead him through the tunnels.

“Buffy.” Jenny said, for a second she had the almost irresistible urge to pinch the bridge of her nose the same way that Giles had done on many occasion. “Angel was not cursed to give you aid in your battles. He was cursed in order to punish the demon that is inside him for the crimes it committed.”

The Slayer was silent. Yes Angelus had done terrible things but as far as she was concerned, Angel was not Angelus and her soul mate should not be punished for what the demon had done all those years ago. She was about to something more but Willow interrupted.

“Miss Calendar? If Angel is cursed, what can break the curse?” Ever since the girl had found out that magic was real she had been studying it. Willow found it almost as much fun as hacking into a secure database.

“I honestly don’t know Willow.” Jenny admitted. “When I was sent here all I was told was that he was cursed, not the specifics. But you are right, for every curse there must be a way to break it. I’ve already sent word to my Uncle Enyos, asking for all information on the curse.”

“And if the curse can be broken, will that mean that Angel won’t have a demon inside him anymore?” Buffy asked hopefully.

Jenny shook her head. “No Buffy. Please understand it was not Angel who was cursed but Angelus. If the curse can be broken and it happens, Angel’s soul will be freed, leaving one of the worst vampires in history behind. One that revelled in pain and death as it carved a bloody path through Europe for over a century!”

The Slayer looked over at the vampire with a soul with wide eyes. “Is this true?” She asked.

Angel nodded. Even now he could feel Angelus, locked away in the prison created by his soul, screaming that he take and torture everyone in the room, especially Buffy, Willow and the Gypsy.

“Soo.” Xander said, sensing the tension in the room and realising he had to break it before someone said something that they’d later regret. “Am I the only person without a secret identity?”

“Xander!” Willow said.

“C’mon Will-O-Wisp.” He replied, using the on-line name that Willow used. “Am I going to go home tonight and find out that my parents are actually in the Witness Protection Program, hiding out from the Mob? Or maybe Harmony will tell us she’s actually a secret agent or something.”

Despite themselves Buffy and Willow had to giggle at the thought of Harmony Kendal, one of Cordelia Chase’s hangers on being anything more than a ‘Ditzy Blonde’. Even Angel cracked rare smile.

Finally the two girls got themselves under control but not before Willow snorted something that sounded like “Harmony Kendal, licensed to be a slut!”

Still with a grin on her face Buffy looked at Jenny. “So what do we call you now? Miss Calendar or Miss Kalderash?”

“I’m still Jenny Calendar Buffy, that hasn’t changed. I’m still your teacher and I’m still willing to help you in your duty anyway I can. It’s just that now you know a little more about my past.”

Giles then stood up. “Now that’s out of the way I think it’s time to do some patrolling.

Buffy nodded and the gang started preparing for a patrol as Xander handed out the new stakes he’d made that day. Buffy hefted one to gauge the balance and nodded approvingly. As far as she was concerned Xander made the best stakes, well balanced with a sharp point, he even took the time to smooth down the handle so she didn’t get splinters which she appreciated.

Kitted up the gang left the library, leaving Giles alone with Jenny.

“Jenny.” Giles said. “Why didn’t you tell them everything?”

The newest member of the Amazon Nation looked at the man she was falling in love with.

“I wanted to Rupert. But after I told you this morning I decided that now wasn’t the time to reveal all my secrets.” She didn’t say that even though Angel had saved her life she still didn’t trust him completely. One of the stories that her clan told was the time back in the Fifties when Angel had fed the inhabitants of a hotel to a demon and walked away without a backwards glance.

Giles nodded in understanding though he doubted that Jenny would keep her new identity secret for long. Before Halloween Jenny had been fit and toned but now, even after just one day, he was starting to see that her musculature was becoming better defined and she moved with an almost feline grace. He just hoped that ‘The Sunnydale Syndrome’ would be enough to stop other people from noticing.

“So Rupert are you going to stay here in the library for much longer?” Jenny asked.

For a moment Giles was about to say yes he was till he realised something. Buffy and her friends would most likely patrol several graveyards before heading to The Bronze for a time. Then Buffy would walk Willow and Xander to their respective homes before doing another patrol, probably with Angel and return to her home a little after midnight. His Slayer might call him at his apartment to let him know that she had made it home safely but she would probably wait till the following day and talk to him before school started.

“Actually I believe that we were supposed to have a drink together last night.” He said. “So my lady Amazon. May I have the pleasure of your company this evening?” He asked with the charming smile that had served him well in the pubs and clubs of London nearly twenty years ago.

“I would be delighted too Mr Giles.” Jenny replied with a smile of her own.

Together the two adults walked out of the library and out into the early evening.

Abandoned factory, Sunnydale industrial area

Spike, a master vampire and self-proclaimed ‘Big Bad’ of Sunnydale was dreaming. In his dream he healed his beloved Dru then went on to kill the Slayer. Then he and his beloved danced in the sunlight while his poof of a grandsire burned to ash in front of them.

“NOOOO!!” Spike was jolted awake by the scream of Drusilla who was sitting bolt upright in the bed they shared.

“Wha... what’s wrong Dru?” He slurred, still slightly drunk from the whiskey he’d drank last night.

“No no no no no!” Dru ranted. “The Huntress has found a new daughter she has, and the daughter has allied with the Naughty Slayer!” She grabbed Spike, despite the fact that Drusilla was a slender woman she was also a vampire and Spike felt his ribs creak as Dru hugged him with all her strength. “Spike please don’t let them touch me! The daughter, she will burn me with her Holy Blade and the Slayer will stake me with a smile on her face!” Dru took a shuddering breath. “Please Spike Please! Take me away from this awful town before they find me!”

Spike shook his head to clear it slightly. “Calm down pet.” He said as he gently prised her arms away from him. “The Slayer will never touch you I promise.” He said, trying to calm his sire.

“It’s not the Slayer who will be the end of us my precious Spike but the Lady Killer! Her new Mummy has given her the strength to do what must be done! She will send us to see Grand mummy yes she will, and we shall know pain for all eternity!” Drusilla gave a little hiccup. “Miss Edith will have no one to share tea and cakes with.”

She slipped out of the bed and walked over to where a china faced doll was sitting on a chair. Picking up Miss Edith, the only item that she kept from when she was alive, she cuddled it to her chest and started whispering to it.

Spike got out of bed himself and walked behind his sire and lover.

“Don’t fret now luv.” He said, as he enfolded her in his arms. “We have to be here to make you strong, you know that.” Spike spun Drusilla around till they were face to face. He put his finger under her chin so that she was looking into his eyes. “And if anyone tries to stop us, be it the Slayer, Angel or this ‘Huntress’, I’ll feed you their eyes on a silver platter.”

“You promise?” Drusilla asked with a hitch in her voice.

“I do luv, now let’s get you back into bed.” He said, leading her across the room. “Once you’re healed we’ll go on a tour, just like we did in the good old days.”

Despite herself Drusilla felt herself smile as she remembered what fun she’d had when she, Spike, Darla and Angelus had rampaged the length and breadth of Europe.

“Can we visit orphanages? I like orphanages.” She said as she slipped under the stained sheets.

“Of course Pet, maybe even a few nunneries as well.” Spike knew exactly what Drusilla liked to do to orphans and nuns and it was always good for a laugh. Especially when some fat, old Mother Superior was on her knees praying to a God that wouldn’t help her as her Sisters were slaughtered in front of her.

Once Drusilla was asleep Spike left the room. Ever since Prague Dru had become increasingly erratic. Spike thought that unless he healed her soon Drusilla would lose it completely and do something stupid like going for a walk in the middle of the day. There was no way that he was going to let that happen and if he had to he’d burn this town to the ground to find her cure.

As he mixed his preferred hangover cure, one part blood, four parts whiskey he thought about what she had said. “The daughter of the Huntress?” He mused as he tasted his breakfast before adding half a bottle of Tabasco sauce to the mix. “Probably some sprog of a hunter who decided to take up the family business.”

Taking a seat he flicked on the telly and settled back to enjoy the morning soaps. “Maybe I’ll spread the word at Willy’s tonight. If there is a new female demon hunter in town he’d be the first to know.” He decided before sitting back as the opening credits of Passions came on.

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