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The Hellmouth Amazon Chronicles. Book 1

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Themyscrian Chronicles". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Follows immediately after ‘Gypsy Amazon Princess!'

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: BtVS is owned by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Wonder Woman is owned by DC Comics. I own nothing.

Chapter One

Jenny Calendar, or Janna Kalderash, depending on who you talked to, closed the door to her apartment and sighed. Halloween was over and thanks to an ‘Old Friend’ of Giles’ who had a taste for Chaos magic, it was a night that she would remember for a very long time.

She remembered the walk back to the school from Ethan’s store and Giles explaining who Ethan Rayne was and the history they’d shared in their youth. Jenny had always suspected the Giles hadn’t always been the quiet, reserved, scholarly Englishman he was today. But to find out that in his younger days he had run with a gang that had used magic to fuel their pursuit of pleasure and an easy life had been a real eye opener.

Giles had said that the group had split up after the accidental death of one of them when a spell had gone wrong. Most of the survivors had moved on with their lives, staying well away from magic and the supernatural. But in the case of Giles he had returned to his family and the tradition of service with the Watcher’s Council while Ethan on the other hand seemed to delve deeper into Chaos Magic. It was only happenstance that Ethan had decided to set up his shop in Sunnydale and once more the two former confederates had come into contact.

After Giles had told her about who Ethan was and the history they shared Jenny had been sorely tempted to reveal her own secrets. That she wasn’t just a graduate of Cal-Tech who had taken a sabbatical from the IT industry to teach computer science in a high school. That she was sent to this town by the Tribal Elders of her Clan to keep watch over Angel and ensure that he still suffered for the crime of killing the Kalderash Tribe’s Favoured Daughter over a century ago.

Taking another slip from her glass she thought about what had happened to her that night. It had been exhilarating to be Wonder Woman, even if it was just for a few hours. Toying with her glass she let herself smile at the memory of Rupert’s face when Dianna flew him to Ethan’s shop. The smile grew wider as she remembered how Dianna had inadvertently used her powers of empathy to find out how Rupert truly felt about her.

She sighed in satisfaction. Now she knew that the attraction she felt for the Englishman was indeed returned. Jenny decided that by the time that the school year finished Rupert would be hers and she would be his.

Finishing her wine she went to her bedroom, frowning when she saw the unlit, scented candles on her dresser and the powder blue, ‘Baby-Doll’ nightie on her bed. Jenny had hoped that she would have some company with her tonight. Shrugging she put the items away, there would be another time for her to consummate her relationship with Rupert.

Changing out of her costume she donned her favourite pair of PJ’s, worn flannel covered with ‘Smiley Faces’ and got into bed. “I should talk to Uncle Enyos about enlisting Rupert’s help in dealing with Angel.” She thought before sleep claimed her. Soon the room was silent apart from the soft breathing of the Techno-Pagan.

Jenny opened her eyes and looked around. Instead of her apartment she was standing in a green and pleasant meadow, covered in wild flowers. She looked down at herself and saw that her PJ’s had been replaced by a simple tunic that left her arms bear and ended at mid thigh. “This isn’t my bedroom.” She thought.

“No it isn’t.” A voice said behind her, causing her spin around. Sitting cross legged on the grass was a young woman who was busily weaving the flowers gathered in her lap into a chain. At first glance she could easily pass as a high school student until you saw her eyes. The dark, almond shaped eyes were filled with ancient knowledge and experience.

“Who are you?” Jenny asked noticing that the girl was dressed in the same tunic as she was and that there was a belted knife around her waist. Laying on the grass next to her was a quiver of arrows and a silver bow.

“I think you know Jana of the Kalderash.” The girl said, weaving another flower into the chain.

Jenny nodded and swallowed. “You’’re the Goddess Artemis aren’t you?” She said in awe.

Artemis nodded and smiled. “Indeed I am.” She got to her feet and regarded the Gypsy. “Welcome child. Welcome to my home.” She said, the rope of flowers was now a garland which Artemis placed on Jenny’s head before kissing her on the cheek.

“How is this possible?”

Artemis gently took Jenny’s hand in her own. “It is all thanks to a foolish man not realising what Chaos truly is.” The Goddess explained. “When the former friend of your paramour cast his spell for a few hours you were Dianna, Princess of Themyscira.”

“Is Wonder Woman alright?”

“She’s fine. Already she is trying to find a way to return to your world. To defend the Gate of Hell and aid the Slayer in her duty.” Artemis sighed. “Unfortunately she will not be able to do so. She has duties and responsibilities that she must meet in this world.

Jenny nodded. “So why am I here?”

“When Janus granted his follower’s request and Dianna was in your body I was able to see your world.” Artemis said. “The Princess is right. The Hellmouth needs more defenders than just the Slayer and her Watcher.” The Greek Goddess of the hunt and childhood sighed. “I truly wish I could send my Amazons to the Hellmouth but that is forbidden by powers even greater than myself.”

She looked at Jenny. “I want you to take up that burden instead.”

“Me? Jenny asked in surprise. “But why me? Surely there is someone better suited. Buffy would be a better choice”

Artemis smiled. “No you are my choice. You could have ignored the instructions of your tribe. The Kalderash didn’t do much for you in life but when they ordered you to keep watch on that vampire you left a life and career you enjoyed to do your duty. You have the soul of an Amazon, and if you are willing you will have the strength to match it.” The Goddess paused. “Are you ready to defend your world and your people from the horrors of Hell?”

Slowly Jenny took a deep breath before nodding. “Yes... Yes I am!”

Artemis smiled. “Then Jana of the Kalderash, kneel before me!” Jenny felt her knees buckle and she sank to the green sward. Artemis leant forward and gently kissed her on both cheeks and her forehead. “Now rise my daughter, Jana no longer. You are Janta of the Amazons from this moment forth!”

The newest member of the Amazon Nation shakily got to her feet. Even though Jenny thought this was just a dream she had never felt more content than she did right now. “How can I ever thank you?” She asked.

Artemis looked at her new daughter. “By doing what your heart tells you is right.” The Goddess said. “And ensuring that the Legions of Hell never escape to the mortal realms.”

Reaching down she plucked the sheathed knife from her belt. “Normally when an Amazon goes forth to battle her sisters will gift her with arms to protect herself with.” She pushed the knife into Jenny’s hands. “Take this with my blessings and know that whilst ever you wield it I shall be watching over you.”

Artemis kissed her once more. “And now it is time for you to leave.” Jenny nodded and the dream began to fade. Just before she disappeared she heard the Goddess speak once more.

“I approve of your choice of consort.”

Back in her apartment Jenny woke up with a start. Outside her window birds were singing to herald the new day. “What are strange dream!” She thought. She was startled when she ran her fingers through her hair and found a garland of flowers.

“What the..?” She asked, looking at the garland in her hands. Her eyes drifted over to her nightstand and saw the knife that was resting there. “It wasn’t a dream!” She breathed.

Sunnydale High School

Buffy, Willow and Xander were just hanging out in the quadrangle waiting for the new day of school to start. Around them other students walked, some talking about the gas leak that had happened last night. Xander couldn’t help but smirk as Larry, surrounded by his fellow Jocks, talked about being attacked by a gang of hoods and how he’d been the last man standing though they’d gotten a few good hits on him before the fight was over.

“So anything left over from last night?” He asked his two best friends.

“I’m going to have no trouble with French today.” Buffy said confidently. Though she kept quiet by her sudden desire to do embroidery and that she had brewed a pot of Tea this morning instead of coffee.

“I tried to walk through my bathroom door this morning without opening it.” Willow confessed. “What about you Xander?”

“I think I could strip and re-assemble an M-16 blindfolded.” Xander proudly said. In the parking lot he saw a small sports car come to a halt and Miss Calendar step out. He watched as the computer teacher hurried into the school.

“I can’t believe that Miss Calendar dressed as Wonder Woman and I didn’t get a chance to see it.” He moaned before shooting a mock glare at Willow. “As for you Missy. Why didn’t you take any pictures?”

“How could I?” Willow shot back. “I didn’t have a camera and I was a ghost. I couldn’t touch anything.”

“A likely story.” Xander grumbled. Last night he had seen Miss Calendar several times after they’d gotten all the kids back to their parents but the entire time the computer teacher had been wearing G-man’s jacket which covered everything up.

Buffy and Willow just exchanged glances and rolled their eyes at Xander’s antics. Suddenly the bell rang to warn them they had five minutes to get to class. Xander got to his feet and gave Willow a quick hug and murmured that he was glad that she was back in her body, causing the hacker to blush slightly before heading for the wood shop, one of the few classes that he didn’t share with Buffy and Willow.

The two girls made their own way to their first class of the day. “So what did Angel think of your costume?” Willow asked her friend.

Buffy pouted, her good mood souring slightly. “He told me that he’d always hated the women who dressed like that when he was alive.” Maybe she should have taken Xander’s advice and gone as ‘Supergirl’. It would have been great to be able to fly and incinerate vampires with her heat vision, even if only for a few hours, instead of being a spoilt aristocrat who was scared of her own shadow.

Willow made soothing noises as the two walked down the corridor, ignoring Cordelia and her sheep who simply glared at the Slayer and her friend. It was just another normal day in the school built above the mouth of Hell.


The sound of the main doors swinging open made Giles look up from the report he was writing on last night’s events. He was surprised when Jenny walked in.

“Miss Calendar... Um I mean Jenny. How are you this morning?” He asked.

Jenny gave the librarian/Watcher a small smile. “I’m fine Rupert, but we need to talk!”

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