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Almost Me

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Summary: One of the Scoobies meets a certain Magus

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Comics > Surprise CrossoverDeBrabantFR1511,790041,8955 Jan 045 Jan 04Yes
Almost Me

by Danii

Summary: Conversations at a bar.

Pairing: mention of X/Anya

Note1: Post-Chosen

Note2: Crossover with...well, that would be telling, now, wouldn't


Note3: If I make any mistakes with the crossover...tell me but

don't beat me, k?

Disclaimer: I own absolutely nothing. Nothing. I don't even own

the barstools they're sitting on. I don't even own his SHOES...I

just wish I did. Whose? Well, either of them really...

Distribution: -falls over laughing- you WANT this? Okay...well,

I'm not responsible for your judgement, but if this really does

catch your fancy, just email me and tell me where you're putting it.

No permission needed...just my name on it and an address so I can

show all my friends that others find my literary dribblings at least

entertaining. Unless you already have some of my stuff on your site

already --blinkblink-- and then just go ahead.

Dedication: To all the people who remember my stories. Sorry I

haven't updated, but Buffy the show has beat me down and I'm still

having trouble getting back up. Not an excuse, just telling you.

But the fact that you remember my fics and still bug me (and I mean

that in the most endearing way possible because I LOVE it) to finish

things means that I'm still on the road instead of just giving up on

them all together. Much appreciated, folks. Much appreciated. And

to Jason --I still remember the fic I owe you...I'm just trying to

make it better then a drabble ^_^


One sits forlornly at the bar, his hand around the first bourbon

manhattan he ordered. Still hasn't finished it even though it's

been there so long that the ice is melting and the tumbler is almost

overflowing. There was one sip, and he's just stared at it since

then. His entire being would scream "beat" if it had the energy to

scream. Right now, it's more of a disgruntled mumble with a side of

tired sigh.

Another sits two seats down the bar, first drink gone along with the

second, third, and fourth. A still burning cigarette, bent, smokes

gently between his fingers and would catch his jacket if he just

moved one quarter of an inch to the left. Lucky for him and the

jacket that he's just too exhausted (among other things) to make

even that tiny adjustment. Well, one would assume it's lucky.

Doesn't look like asking him is a good idea.

A hand suddenly moves on the first to run through hair desperate for

a shower, the dark brown of the strands close to the dirt-stained

hands which glide over and through it. Nails bitten, calluses old

and hard, a finger catches and stops on the small satin band which

runs around his head connecting to the patch over his left eye.

Slowly, shaking...the hand returns to the bar.

For some reason, this action calls the attention of the other, his

light hair shining despite the dark of the bar and the dirt that he

hasn't had time to wash out. Cigarette twitches and moves with the

rest of his body to turn, once more just mising the jacket, as he

takes the man two seats over in with bleary eyes.

Tall, broad, young...but not overly so, and covered in occult

energies of some big happening not too long ago. Must have been in

America, he muses, or some other place 'cause even like this, he

woulda noticed something that big. He guesses America from the rest

of the package and something else he can't quite identify.

One eye notices the once over, turns himself, and looks at his

companion-by-chance. Blonde hair and blue eyes in a face that

probably twisted into a ner-do-well smile whenever it could. No

chance of a smile at the moment, but he can fell the "fuck the

world" attitude from here balanced with...ah, there's the guilt.

Another glance at the four glasses lined up next to the full one

he's holding confirm it.

Xander says the first thing on his mind.

"You remind me of Spike."

The actual speech seems to take the stranger by surprise, but he

recovers quick enough.


"" Whatever impulse has gotten him to speak has hidden

in a cave again, and the words feel stupid before they even reach

his mouth, "He was...well...not a stranger but certainly not a

friend. Can't fault him now though, can I?"

A blank stare greets him as his audience can't think of anything to

say, or even figure out if he wants to hear more. But the blonde's

mind is naturally curious about people like this, and no one's ever

accused him of being smart, so he doesn't turn either. Easiest to

leave the ball in his court, he thinks, and this one looks like a

talker. Not stupid, but a talker without any options, and that's just the

sort he deals with well.

"It just sucks!" the younger man growls out, "I mean, I

hate him, and he fucked up everything, everything, and then he goes

and saves the fricking world and I can't really hate him now, can I?"

"I 'spose not..." he enters in what he hopes is a helpful gesture.

Even though he feels it, feels the tendrils of this kid's life

reaching out to entwine him into some mess or another, he can't pull

away. On so little, even as bleary as he is...he can't pull away.

"I mean, the guy sleeps with my fiancee! I left her at

the alter, but it's not because I didn't love her. I still loved

her, but it wasn't the right time and I was so scared of becoming

like my father because that stupid demon-"

Blue eyes perk and the Xander notices it even through his ranting.

His own browns widen as he realizes his slip.


He figures he ought to help again.

"Just keep going, luv. Pretty sure I can handle whatever you toss

my way."

This gets him another stare.

"Jeez, I don't know if you really -do- sound like him or if just

coming to here just makes -everyone- sound alike."

"Who?" he asks again.

"Spike, the...vampire of a bastard--"

Now it's the blue eyes' turn to widen. "William the fucking

Bloody?" He waits for a nod. "You think I'm like -that- wanker?

Don't know if I'm insulted or complimented. Definitely surprised."

"Well, there's the hair and the eyes and the fact that previous to

coming to this country I knew all of two English people ever. Well,

four if you count the crazy lady and the asshole. Well, the

younger, non-vampire asshole. His name was Wesley, but apparently

he's been-"

Xander is stopped by frantic and not-entirely-sober hands swishing

in front of him in a request for clarity.

"Yean, can't you just FEEL the Californian oozing off of me."

"Think it's covered by the depression, mate."

The two sit and think on that before suspicion slides into the one


"Why do you care, anyway?"

He just roles his eyes at this. Bloody hell, he thinks, thought

only the gals had that kind of radar.

"Don't." More suspicion. "Okay, do. But nothing behind it. Just

figured since I've been where you seem to be right now, and not a

soul was there to hold my head over the toilet, so to say, I'd at

least talk to you. Doesn't cost nothing, does it, and s'better then

staring at my glass."

"Oh, so you've seen your entire home town swallowed by a closing

Hellmouth then?"

Bloody hell, -that's- what that's from. He'd heard rumors and felt

the same sorta shakes that had been going around the globe for a few

months, but he'd had no idea that it had really happened. That

kinda shit...that kinda shit is big. Uses the big players, people

he'd got no place with and didn't really feel comfortable discussing

let alone meeting let alone knowing. And this scrap of a man had

been there?

"Hadn't gotten the memo yet then, Mr. I-know-about-what-bumps-in-the-

night?" the dark-haired man says as he finally takes another sip of

his watered-down drink, "Sunnydale, the California

Hellmouth...closed for business."

He wonders how he missed that.

"And you-"

"And I got to see friends, memories, neighbors, and the corpse of

my...of..." He's having trouble, so the other holds him up with a

steady hand. "Anya. She was killed in the battle close it."

The cigarette is pulled from its exile towards his mouth and sucked

for its cancerous calm. As he pulls it from his mouth, the blonde

gestures to the patch.

"That how you lost that bit then?" he asks carefully. Could bring

up the girl, but that kinda shit is too close to his own heart for

him to stir it. Far too close.

A shake of the head.

"Nah," Xander responds, "Lost that before saving someone from this

wacked out preacher working for the bad guys. Woulda lost more if

it wasn't for that bastard..."

"The preacher?"

"Spike" the young man asserts while looking at his listener like he

didn't just switch topics out of the blue.


"Guess I can't be mad about the circumstances though, right?" he

continues, "I mean, guess the powers that be just pick who's going

to do what, and we just have to deal with it as best we can."


Suddenly, a hand is presented to the stranger, whipped back to be

scrubbed hastily against the man's pants, then presented again. He

stares at it.

"Name's Xander Harris. Figured, considering, I might as well get

that out, since...yeah, I suck. Good thing you know about this

crap. I can't keep my mouth closed to save my life. Well, I can


"Trouble for all of us, I 'spose." the other says as he reaches to

take the hand offered. God, this is the last step. He can stop

now, stop knowing this kid and leave things as they are, with him

only involved in 99% of the world's problems. He can push out those

tendrils, cut off this connection like it was nothing more then a

thread, even though he knows that thread is going to lead him like a

trail of breadcrumbs to even more trouble then he could have

imagined before.

But no one has ever accused him of being smart.

"John. John Constantine. Lovely to make your aquaintance."

The End...for now : )


John Constantine [I SOO John Constantine, by the way] is

from Hellblazer, one kickass set of comics [I Vertigo in

general since, well, Sandman, Hellblazer, Preacher (come on: Caleb

versus Jesse...anyone else want to see that matchup?), Transmet,

etc. so own my soul] that I recommend for anyone and everyone. John

always strikes me as an odd combination of Spike, Giles, and Xander,

so I figured "why not?" Might continue with this, might not. I

make no promises and will just wait till I see what people think.

The End

You have reached the end of "Almost Me". This story is complete.

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