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In the Name

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hidden Secrets". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Missing scene. It was bound to happen. He had expected it to come from Dick first, but he wasn’t surprised that it came from her. She could, after all, give Dick a run for his money in the art of talking.

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DC Universe > Batman > Buffy-CenteredLadyHealerFR1533,5911259,19314 Mar 1219 Jul 13Yes

The Scare

Disclaimer: Don’t own Batman. Don’t own Buffy.

Author Notes: Hi. Chapter five is being stubborn and then this scene pop up in my head and wouldn’t go away. The scene is partially inspired by a couple previous reviews from ConstanceTruggle and Eset. It takes place after Hidden Joke. Enjoy.

The Scare

“I had a thought.” Elizabeth stated as she walked through the door of his apartment.

Tim leaned against the left wall. “And what would that be?” It had been one week since the Joker had been returned to Arkham and everything seem to return to normal. Elizabeth, at least, had stopped her late night hunts. Now, if he could just convince her to do something about the situation building up at the school.

“You.” Elizabeth stopped in front of him and crossed her arms.

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Me.”

Elizabeth stared at him for several seconds, before stating flatly. “Red Robin.”

Crap. Tim barely managed to not react to her statement. How did she figure it out? When? He looked into her hazel eyes. There was no doubt in her eyes. What type of evidence did she have that made her so confident in her conclusion and how was he going to refute it? He raised another eyebrow. “Liz, I think you have the wrong idea….”

“Oh, I don’t think so.” She interrupted. “I have it worked out perfectly.” She smirked as she pulled out a small envelope from her purse.

The proof. Tim eyed the small envelope as she waved it through the air. Crap square. “Let—May I see?” He said barely able to make it sound like a request rather than an order. There was still hope that he could prove her wrong, but if he switched to his Red Robin’s voice he would be screwed. So far, so good. Now if he could just find out what she had, he thought, as he reached for the damning evidence.

“Hang on.” Elizabeth stated as she yanked the envelope away from him as he was inches away from grabbing it. “You can analyze it for weak points later. Right now, you can hear me out.”

Damn. Tim crossed his arms. “What do you want Elizabeth?”

“Someone’s grumpy.” Elizabeth’s lips twitched slightly upward before she frowned. “Did you get enough sleep last night? I know you were probably busy, but…”


“Fine, fine.” She briefly held her hands up in surrender before handing the envelope over. She shrugged. “Just a thought, but I figured maybe if you backed the letter of request to the Red Robin chain of restaurants that they might put more consideration about building one here in Gotham.”

This was about the restaurant? Tim stared at the letter in his hand. Not his alter ego? Elizabeth was trying to kill him wasn’t she? He withheld the sigh of relief that wanted to come out and looked over the request. It was well thought out. She did her homework. He glanced up at Elizabeth. “Liz, why do you want a Red Robin’s restaurant built here? There are plenty of other places that serve excellent burgers. I could show you a few.”

“Oh I know.” She replied. “But it’s not fair that we have Boy Mascot and not the restaurant he represents.”

Tim bit back a groan. She was never going to let him live that down was she? She even managed to tease him with it in his civilian identity, though luckily she was unaware of that fact. He shook his head in amusement. “Somehow, I doubt there is a link between the two.”

Elizabeth shrugged. “Probably.” She took back the letter and stuffed it into her purse. “It’s probably better that they’re not here, otherwise it would likely get attacked all the time.”

“Probably.” Tim agreed before gesturing towards the living room. “Would you like to watch a movie? We could finish our homework while we’re at it.”

“Love to, but can’t. I busy for the rest of the day.” Elizabeth answered. “First I have bonding time with Jeannie and then I’m hunting for Boy Mascot.”

Tim raised an eyebrow. “Do I want to know why you need to hunt him down?”

Elizabeth turned back towards the door and paused slightly before it.” I still owe him a punch for faking my parents’ death but not informing me when he had a perfect opportunity to do so.”

Tim barely withheld a wince. Elizabeth was still livid with him, well, Red Robin. She had good reason to be. But if the punching bag was any evidence, he really didn’t want to get hit by her when she was angry.

Elizabeth opened the door and stepped out before pausing, biting her bottom lip slightly. “Still, if he ever became a delivery boy for the restaurant, they really would have their commercial correct.” She smirked as she turned and walked down the street, singing lightly. “Red Robin. Yum...”

Tim chuckled after the door closed and turned towards his lair. She was never going to let him live it down in either identity whether she knew it or not. He paused and glimpsed back at the front door. But he could work with that.
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