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Not Nearly All

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This story is No. 4 in the series "The Quest". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: All the Sarmatian ladies have their knights, and their pasts to contend with. (Set post Sarmatian Ladies).

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Movies > King Arthur (2004)JmariaFR1542,983153,32214 Mar 1211 Apr 13Yes

The Fourth Fracture

Title: The Fourth Fracture
Author: Jmaria
Rating: FR-13
Disclaimer: Joss owns the Buffy crew, Bruckheimer, Franzoni, & Fuqua own this incarnation of Arthur & his knights. I own the modernized names and situations, kinda.
Summary: Dawn’s not the only one to share a past history with her knights. The second time her heart‘s been made to break…
A/N: The last installment! Up next is Once & Future the last big arc piece of The Quest.

Pairing: Vi/Garrett, Viviane & Galahad.

The Fourth Fracture

It was the not knowing - yet still feeling - the connection to this crazy thing that had Vi following Garrett out to the clearing that morning. It was huge and engulfing, this past that was and wasn’t hers to own.

Sure, she could blame it on slayer-ness. Maybe it was a Slayer memory. Or maybe she just really was the Viviane from legend. Either way, the ugly truth would get pulled out and she’d be held accountable for the mess her former life had made.


She should have never left Isolde alone. Never let Elaine stoke the fires of doubt against their brethren. Never concealed Elaine’s secret for her. No matter that it was her sister who’d begged so prettily.

“Where do you go now, fox?”

Viviane was yanked back against the solid form of Galahad. He was meant to be an ideal for the court, and instead he was everything that was not. Viviane drove her elbow back into his stomach, hoping to knock herself loose from his grasp. He only cinched on tighter to her.

“None of your concern, milord,” she spat out, driving her heel down into his foot. It had as much effect on him as her elbow had.

“Everything about you concerns me, little fox.”

“I am not now, nor ever will be your concern,” Viviane bucked her head back against his face. He reeked of grog, and she had assumed he’d crawled inside a vat again. Yet he ducked her move.

“When my Queen calls for you, it is.”

“Guinevere called for me?” Viviane ceased struggling.

“The Raven is off tracking down the Lioness, and she insists the Fox comes to her aid.”

“Is it the babe?”

“Why else would she call for you?”

She let herself be dragged off to Guinevere’s chambers. The Queen’s second pregnancy had been so difficult, Morgana and Viviane had been beside the Queen constantly. The first girl had been born easily, but still born a girl child. The people were anxiously awaiting an heir to Arthur’s throne. Morgana’s ability to heal had been instinctual, and Viviane had trained with her people’s priestesses before her capture by Romans.

When hours later the second daughter of Arthur and Guinevere had fought her way into the land of the living, only then did Viviane leave her side. She sought out Morgana and found Galahad again.

“Is the Lioness happy?”

“I am too tired to follow your inane question,” she muttered, trying to sidestep him again.

“With her bastard son? Our only heir?”

“Guinevere is young,” Viviane ignored the question, not knowing what he was speaking of. “She has many years left to give Arthur a son.”

“Not with you feeding her poison -”

Viviane slammed her fist into his face. But for one time, back when they had earned their freedom in the arena, did she use her knowledge of herbs and healing to harm another. She had lived amongst their people for five years now.

“I have done nothing of the sort!”

“Would you not kill for your people? Not betray?” Galahad advanced, cornering her.

“Guinevere has done me no harm -”

“Can any of your people say the same?”

“Can you? You
are one of the last of my people. Is this tenderness?” Viviane pushed back at him. “Is this not harm?”

“Will I die at the end of your blade


Vi’s head jerked up at the touch of Garrett’s hand on her shoulder. Panic and guilt ran a gamut in her eyes. She could see him, as he was then and feel the weight of his body, the heat of his glare. Galahad had died on her blade, and both of them knew it.

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Nearly All". This story is complete.

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