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Dawn's Definition of Friendship

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Summary: Due to Dawn bleeding during a inopportune time and Willow trying to perform a teleportation spell, The Key finds herself in a world protected by the Grey Wardens. She’s made a new family for herself with just one little problem…

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Author’s note: I wanted to write about a Buffy character I don’t normally use. I’ve ignored Dawn for the most part so here go. Wrote this up months ago, thought about embellishing but I like as is. Since I’m trying to encourage video game xovers on TtH I thought I should post it.

Disclaimer: don’t own Dragon Age or Buffy.

Dawn’s Definition of Friendship

When Cousland and Zevran started sleeping together things had gotten awkward around camp… and not just because it was a gay relationship. For starters they were in a camp most nights, in tents. Nothing went unheard at camp unless you put effort into making it so. Zevran and their fearless leader were far from quiet. Everyone had their piece to say about the relationship with the exception of Sten but then trying to get opinions on such matters from the qunarri was like pulling teeth; a painful and drawn out process that was not really worth the effort.

No one was quite sure what Wynne said but it was clear to everyone whatever she had said hurt Aedan as much as it had pissed him off. If Cousland felt he did not need Wynne he often left her behind and took Morrigan for his team instead. That usually meant that Dawn was the final member of the ‘A team’ she had blithely called it once they had enough of a party to form a ‘B team’. Due to the shift of party dynamics no one was fighting as well as they could and it obviously bothered the new couple that Dawn had yet to say anything to them.

Naturally, Zevran decided to get to the heart of the matter. “Dawn, my young friend, what seems to be the problem?” The assassin elf stared in shock at the glare he received for his inquiry.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong!?” Dawn shouted incredulous halting the entire party. “I’ll tell you what’s wrong, my best friends finally decided they like each other enough to sleep together. They’ve been going at it like horny ex-vengence demons for weeks now and I. haven’t. heard. A single. Detail. Not one. The only thing I know is by the way you two moan, groan, and curse that it’s damn good sex but where are the details!?”

The three stared at Dawn stupefied but the dislocated key was far from done. “I mean I don’t expect Aedan to say anything since despite his choice of lovers he’s a private person and acts like my older brother but, you! You flirt with everyone, innuendo in almost every sentence but when you get laid you unexpectedly clam up! Why aren’t you bragging about the hot man sex you’re having with our steamy leader and more importantly, why haven’t you told me anything? I thought we were friends. I don’t care if you’re a guy, friends are obligated to tell each other about their sex lives and laugh loudly whenever they notice their significant others watching!”

“You done?” Aedan finally asked highly amused. Panting from the effort at speaking her frustrations, Dawn only glared at him and nodded. “Good. Dawn, Zevran hasn’t said anything because we were waiting for you to say something. We decided the best way to deal with everyone was to let them confront us in their own time. It’s not like we knew what any of you would think of Zevran and me for sure.”

Suddenly embarrassed, and blushing to show it, Dawn mumbled out a small ‘oh’.

“Well as fascinating as this little domestic drama has been, I believe we have some werewolves to find,” Morrigan snapped irritated though it was obvious she was suppressing her amusement.

Aedan nodded his agreement and the four continued to travel the woods as they searched for the culprits attacking the Dalish.

Zevran had dropped back from walking besides Aedan to walk beside Dawn as his fellow rogue. There was a comfortable silence between them now that the air had been cleared.

“So, we go at it like horny ex-vengeance demons?”

Dawn could not help but laugh.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's Definition of Friendship". This story is complete.

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